Ic Auto Nissanpoor service

I have been visiting IC Auto Nissan on Saturday 17/01/2015 to get a part for my Nissan. Alfie helped me and said that he did not have the parts and will get them from Germiston branch and will have them ready for collection by Monday 19/01/2015 afternoon.
I visit them on Tuesday 20/01/2015 afternoon to make sure the parts would be there already. Johan phoned Alfie asking him where the parts are and Johan handed me the phone to speak with Alfie. Alfie explained that the Germiston branch is taking stock and that it will be there on Wednesday 21/01/2015 afternoon. I believed that he did not ordered the parts and Johan could not verify it because the system was offline.I phoned them on Thursday 22/01/2015 to confirm if my part have arrived. Johan ensured my that the part have arrived. Going there for the third time for the same part already made my annoyed. Upon arrival I saw my parts lying on the counter and another sale person helped me and explaining what i need he looked very confused. He then looked for Johan to help me out. I showed the sales person and Johan that my part is lying on the counter. He then said that he ordered it this morning for his client that have already paid for it and will collect it any minute now. Johan phoned Alfie and again the phone was passed to me for explanation. At that point i was furious. He explained that there was a problem at the warehouse for the delivery. I did not except his explanation and told him that he do not know how to do his work and that this is unexceptionable.
How can other customers order the morning and collect the afternoon and I have to wait almost a week? I feel that Alfie need to be addressed and his attitude against customers because after i told him that i will report this was his answer"do what ever you want to do, i dont care!"
This i call poor service

Jan 23, 2015

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