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IBSN Tax / Not trust worthy

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tax filing
United States
IBSN is a tax filing company based in India. These guys will file u r taxxes with some tricky and riskyway.
will tell you that if a query comes from federal or state govt. they will support you for 7 yrs.
they chagred my more than 400USD . for getting more money as a tax return.
I got query from state ..and theese guys r simply ignoring my emails and calls.
i called more than 20 times everytime i get a answer that we'l get back to you shortly !!

this company is not trust worth .
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N  6th of Jun, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes
Dear IBSN_Sufferer -

I seriously don't understand why you are trying to pass the message that "IBSN is No #1 Fraud Company in USA"...

All of us here are well aware that the US Govt. will not process Green Card unless it makes enough enquiries on the nationality, tax compliance and other security compliances because of the territorial challenges that it is facing today from some counterparts. And getting a query from IRS/State is just like seeking clarification. People should be worried only when they are asked to PAY ADDITIONAL TAX, INTEREST AND PENALTIES...AND THEY RECEIVED NO RESPONSE FROM ITS TAX CONSULTANT...SAY IBSN HERE!!!

Friends - I only request please do not go by these false indictments. Give us an opportunity and if no response from our end, you can sure inform to this world that we are a fraudulent company!!!

Dear ALL -

I once again assure - WHAT EVER TAX PROBLEM YOU MAY HAVE please write into us and it will sure be resolved. If each taxpayer has to receive a query from IRS or State, then all our 30000+ customers should get notices from these revenue departments.

Further, I am one among those who is also heading the Tax Representation Services Unit in IBSN and I shall be glad if you can forward any such notice to my email id: nandakumar.kannavaradharaj@ibsnus.com, and I promise that your grievance will sure have a happy closure.

If we have to called "FRAUD", there is no need for us to come on to this escalation board, admit our mistakes and request for an opportunity to solve the grievances of our precious clientele.

There are many clients on this escalation board, whose grievances I had to resolve personally, I shall be glad if they can testify my assurance when ever a negative message is passed against the blood drawn effort put by IBSN in helping its clients.

WE ARE HERE TO SERVE YOU AND WE CAN GROW ONLY THROUGH YOUR SUPPORT...We beg our clients to please understand this assurance...

Nanda Kumar K V
N  9th of Jun, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes
I am writing this to thank Mr. Nanda Kumar KV for looking into the matter and resolving the issue for me. It was pending since April beginning. Just yesterday i was refunded the excess amount. Thanks once again. But please make sure for the coming year take more reliable and efficient team. I have filed with IBSN the previous year with no such issues and so decided to go for IBSN again. But then after this experience and reading this blog, to be frank, i am a little nervous to file with IBSN again.
N  9th of Jun, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes
Thank you Sanjeev. We have already initiated the resurgence practice with all our concentrated efforts and we are positive that this will not reiterate with any other client in IBSN henceforth.

I once again thank you for endowing me with an opportunity to resolve your grievance and am grateful for the patience and business.

Looking forward to have you as an esteemed client of this IBSN Family for the prospective tax seasons as well...

Nanda Kumar K V
A  22nd of Jun, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes
I totally Agree with all client complaints. I wasemployee of IBSN but I resigned because of their selfishness. This co. needs to be close as they are not following IRS policies and this is true Delhi branch running three four offices under one roof no security no camera and anybody can access othersW2 by URL as IT dept. is alo in same condition. LaxmePalaypu Hire employees on season they are simple gradutates and file wrong return only to earn money and stop their employees to entertain client after receiving money...

Most of people communication is really bad and Its a LALA co. they torture thir employee also not pay the salary and run away and always said this is their business and they will always do in this way.

Never file your return they also loose their client INfosys and they will also loose coginzant and GE as their is no Security I can proof this by providing all the SSN no. and client detail but I will not do it as for me client is god and I really concerned about their security detail...

But be sure they can do anything with your bank detail they withdraw more amount when they needed and never return it and said that was an error...Lots of people and Ex employees filed case against Laxmi and IBSN and Hope everybody will get Justice soon...
N  22nd of Jun, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes
I do not know who this guy is but by posting it shows how insane is his attitude. Evidence indeed matters and I would challenge if anyone could access tax details from an URL outside of the company's permitted work locations.

Employing seasonal employees is common for US Tax Practice as business itself is seasonal. Most of the Compensation offered for US Tax Preparers is fixed plus variable. Unfortunately, we have a system which makes people to loose career focus adopting surmounting laziness in delivering productivity, which if delivered these many complaints would not have cropped here.

It does not matter if the person who is preparing a tax return is a graduate - It more matters how much intake is possible for the person to deliver. It brings shame to me being a qualified Chartered Accountant to state that some of the members who are qualified do not even know how to sentence a single line. Communication has never been of importance and in today's global parlance, this is the most disturbing factor this company is facing today or for that matter any company.

Working under common roof, I am not sure if this junk knows that IBSN is operating from a listed company address that it is acquiring; entire space is specifically demarcated including network security and placement of equipment that controls dedicated bandwidth & VOIP.

On staff retrenchment - We did terminate staff for it was unbearable to have them with so much of poor communication skills and service level. If one see my previous responses - I was very open in my comments that we would be initiating blunt steps to restructure this company from its grass root elements and one such execution is plucking out unproductive staff elements. Definitely, retrenchment causes resentment and this coupled with performance based pay is what is the result of it

As to the security levels of bank details and Client Tax Details, we are adhering to 7216 compliance; have successfully completed our audit from IRS on this aspect with 1 case (that too that client had no SSN printed on W2 and we had to rely on his personal interview notes) reported out of 52, 000 client registrations. We are in this business for so many years, filing at least 25K - 50K tax returns every year and we would not have grown if we were not trustworthy as to the security level of our client details.

I am also not sure of any case or incidence against me in my 20 years of profession or in the history of IBSN, but we will for sure investigate against this Imposter and reserve all claimable damages.

Anyone who has any apprehensions may reach us anytime on laxmi.palaypu@ibsnus.com or write to Nandakumar.Kannavaradharaj@ibsnus.com or Ravishankar.Vishnubhotla@ibsnus.com.

Laxmi Palaypu, CPA ACA
Chief Business Architect
(309) 749 7181
A  26th of Jun, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes
I agree to the complient.

Ravindran Rajarathinam
N  27th of Jun, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes
Dear Laxmi sir,

I am feeling bad about the thing that you are replying regarding the complaints. If our IBSN is in this way I believe most of the time you are before complaints.

I think the mistake is in some norms and policies of the company. I heard bad about the company not only from the clients but also your employees. Try to analyze the mistakes/faults and resolve as soon as possible.

IBSN who introduces more tax benefits to the Indian people through their services. IBSN is inspiration for more people to start tax services.

But I feel more of the people starts Tax services by not inspiring IBSN buy for getting clients from IBSN.

Try to recognize the talented people in your firm. Every time thinking in commercial way may not give more return. The so called main team you are mentioned in above postings should know the facts. They should agree fact if other member corrected their mistakes. Like so many people are there in IBSN.

I feel employees are utmost important to any organization rather than client. Because if employee believes the company surely he love & live in work. Then automatically client may satisfy. I am observing from last couple of months nobody is ready to reply the questions what the people are asking here except you. Stand with the employees who are stand with the clients.

Finally, About myself I am ex-employee of IBSN, got well recognisd in the company. And got promotion (But Krishna Prasad Sir tells that its not a promotion because I asked him my arrear salary) as Tax Reviewer among 300tax preparers. I got many more compliments from many more client of course you are also appreciated me at that time after see those compliments from clients. Ravi Kumar Dharba also feels happy because clients are appreciating company... the entire scene is before payment of my salary...last month when I am asking my salary arrears those people (acting as consultants to IBSN) irritate me more and more. Till that date from CEO(you only) to my manager appreciate me but those consultants tells that it is action for working more. They insult me many more and discourage those compliments which i got from clients. Finally matter was settled after I lost my patiency and they lost their abuse words.

So finally whats I am requesting is recognize the people and don't change colors while working and while paying. Employee is only the god, If he believes the company he will run the company even you are less bother about the clients.

Lastly now I am pursuing IRS Enrolled Agent(last section) and writing my CA final exams for providing better services to the clients in future...this is my burning desire. I feel surely I may achieve because I am 100% doing work about that...this decision I decided from my tears which came on that insult day(while taking salary).

All the best sir,
Your well wisher.

One among more which I received from clients...
Sent: Friday, March 16, 2007 2:50 PM
Hi ****,
> Thanks a lot for quick turn around. I really appreciate the way you explain things and help me understanding the process.
> It was a real nice experience to work with you. I would definitely work with you in in future.
> I am sure you are a great contributor to your organization.
> Regards,
> Rahul
N  27th of Jun, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes
Dear ********,

Thank you for your candid response here. I definitely know some efficient are being burnt in the hard stance that this company is attempting to resurrect the habit and mentality of 90% others. We are plagued with Customer Response and customer forefront is the team that we place with so much of confidence and trust. As the head of Process Management and Global Implementation, I have ambitiously set a road map for this company to halt our customer torture and in this process lot of terminations have happened or are happening. Persist with Quality or Perish will be our approach and cross front many layers are restructured - Of course, in this process - I do admit I may loose some very efficient hands as I am depending on the feedback of some seniors assisting me. However, I promise even there, I am attempting best practice to be adopted.

IBSN and personally I would be very unfortunate if there have been issues with settling your account or relieving - however we have some ground formalities to check and this is taking considerable time. On dues, we are verifying if the ex-staff has not joined our competition as there is a binding agreement of non-compete. Any delay or settlement difference might have existed probably for this reason but I am not sure. If I could have your personal details through a direct email to my id: laxmi.palaypu@ibsnus.com, I will ensure that you will have an appropriate answer that is justifiable.

Before concluding, I wish to thank you for terming IBSN as an inspiration to many aspiring professionals to start tax preparation as their career. Indeed, I am pleased and I am not calling it a pride but for many Indians residing here in the US, UK and elsewhere - we are indeed their tax breathe. It is unfortunate that of late our customer service turned sour but we would not let this bad phase continue on us.

Laxmi Palaypu, CPA ACA
Chief Business Architect
(309) 749 7181
D  2nd of Jul, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes
Dear Laxmi,

I strongly object this comment as being the chief mentor and chief architect of the company, can't you just pay attention on what is happening on the floor. moreover, do you think that this is only because of employees "you recruited" to "your Company"? I feel this is simply throwing the mud on somebody. Can't you ensure that all the intake should be professionally capable enough to meet the Tax challenges? at least to satisfy a customer? It clearly shows that the company is not aiming to get a quality resource.

My dear friend, please remember that"HIRE AND FIRE IS NOT ALWAYS A SOLUTION".

I am trying to hurt you but trying to bring to brings facts before you. Hope this will serve as feedback to you.

With Regards,
Your welwisher.
N  2nd of Jul, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes
My dear Wellwisher -

I absolute respect your constructive criticism. You are not at all hurting me but speaking out the bare truth. However, Please note my comments are always upon those who failed in their responsibility with gross negligence. Also, no company desires to fire a person hired as company spends lot of material resources in training in its business intelligence. Including me, I opine that every member as a trustee of the company and hold an equal responsibility for everything, including our need to address the company need while expecting that it serves our needs. In the changed economic condition - whether an individual or a corporate - the rule of survival is Persist with Quality or Perish.

However, I admit - for survival of a Knowledge Process Organization like ours - It is the qualitative intake that matters and I certainly accept we had a lackluster recruitment approach. But it is certainly not that the company is wishing for an inappropriate resource to work for it customer base. I believe there have been mishaps in our recruitment this time, for which I do not wish to blame anyone but the founding members (i.e. me and Geetha Darbha) for assuming this responsibility to have been entrusted properly into safe hands. Again, none to blame - If there is a system failure, it is not the "down below" to be blamed but right at the top. And as a measure, lot of restructuring is indeed happening. Definitely, as you were suggesting, that caliber focus is our high priority. Secondly - Process Knowledge and Communication building effort. We are certain to implement a 3-4M tax school training program for whoever joins IBSN Tax Process Center and they will essentially undergo sufficient training as that would be needed for an Enrolled Agent Level, it is despite their inability to actually become an Enrolled Agent because of laws and rules of IRS upon the eligibility of a foreign person to take this exam from outside of US.

The other main issue is gap in chain of command. There is at least a layer gap that every growing organization feels between the Founders (top management) and the next managerial level. We are putting a very candid effort here recruiting top notch IIM, XLRI and ISB candidates to fill this vaccum that we have today in handling critical managerial decisions - like process, service and deliverable challenges.

Stating so, I once again reiterate of our sincere effort to resurrect this organization from Gross Root Level. I should be honest with you ...we were 600+. With lot of heart burn (Please do not think that I am comfortable terminating enmass), I have inked 500 pink slips. This means, we have to not only fill these 500 positions, we should also add another 500+ to handle next year business volume. Putting 1, 200 on road map is our requirement for 2009-10 business process and I promise, we will not compromise on our quality need in recruitment hereafter anymore. We will hire extremely energetic and professional quality that cares for business with equal sense to personal expectations and I am all set to do this.

Thanking you again for your feedback, I earnestly welcome these suggestions hearing upon which actually takes this company's growth to the next level.


Laxmi Palaypu, CPA ACA
Chief Business Architect
(309) 749 7181
A  2nd of Jul, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes
Hi, I have been trying to IBSN for income tax issue. Not reachable or no one is calling me. I called above no. it is not reachable, no voice mail box.

I sent a message thro web page, No one called me for more a 2 weeks.

I am really not happy.

N  2nd of Jul, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes
Nanda, please immediately attend Ravindran Rajarathinam, resolve his escalation and report back.

Laxmi Palaypu
N  2nd of Jul, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes
Laxmi Palayapu,
What nonsense you guys are doing...How many times should I rquest you guys about my payment reversal. Enough boss..I lost my patience. Are you guys going to pay my money or not? Just answer this. I dont want to listen any other from you.

See below mail from Nandakumar

"Dear Ravi – Your reversal request has been raised and I shall post you the reversal confirmation number on Thursday, June 18, 2009. Request you to please extend your cooperation until such time. Thanks!

Best Regards,

Nanda Kumar K V

Senior Tax Practice Manager - US Taxation & Representation Services

Assistant Director - Knowledge Management, Training & Compliance

IBSN Tax Planners, Inc.

Phone: US: 1-866-393-2757 (Extension – 193); INDIA: +91-040-3243 6936/37

Email: nandakumar.kannavaradharaj@ibsnus.com

Experience our new home page at: http://www.myibsn.com/"

After the above e-mail I have communicated many times but no response.
D  3rd of Jul, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes
Dear Laxmi,

What is your say on this!! why you guy's are not remitting the customer money on time? do you think that this will help your organization to grow? remember that one positive word will have greater impact on getting new clients. Also, again i am not satisfied with your answer that you are recruiting the IIM's etc.. do you thing that by recruiting IIM's will solve all the problems. I certainly say at this movement that it is not a fault of employees but it is a complete failure of Management.

Also, as you said out 600+ candidates you have recruited, 500 you have terminated. That means there is a big flaw in the recruitment process itself.

I also, say that there are lot of quality people in your organization who struggled a lot for the betterment of the company and giving maximum to the client but all of them just shut their mouths with helpless situation.

Again, i really don't accept your word that you have 600+. If you have 600+ i don't think that the quality will be this much worst.

So my sincere suggestion to you is : Identify the potentially in each and every body, make a team don't just rely on two people ( Nanda & Ravi) don't rely on gossips and mockeries around you and finally don't think that the business is only for 3 months. it is indeed on going.

Value the employees concerns. you must you read about the Infosys chief mentors words who strongly believes that the employees are the assets of the company.

Once again this is my earnest feedback.

With Regards,
Your Well Wisher
N  3rd of Jul, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes
Dear laxmi,

I know how u r giving training for ur people. I don't know why you are 100s of times telling that we are recruiting IIMs & from ISB. Do you think is it right solution for solving all these escalations?

IIM guy is equal to normal gruaduate intelligent. because both don't know about US taxation, You people only trained them after come to your organisation. After training both are same. Manytimes, only graduate only do error free returns because he work with cautious and care. Till you are doing the same mistake and understand that you are mainly giving priority to highly qualified people even they are doing blunders instead of people who are doing extordinary for clients. So for all these things selection of IIMs & from ISb is not solution.

You organisation should form a system in such a way that you-I happy manner. Client is more priority that all other things. I think among all these messages you referred many more times to NANDA, but after see the above mail do you think that depending on small team is your growth.

You only telling that "I am listening senior managers because of that I loose more intellectuals" but you are still in that way. First see howmany customers are gave compliments for your services and extremely satified with these services. Then you can analyse how best your services are?

You are telling that we are making your employees like Enrolled Agents. Really if it so happended, all where are all those EAs for resolving all these issues? Only NANDA and RAVI are your team?

So call one manager is there in your company, one day his team member oppose the issue of one tax provision with him. Finally the provision was settled after referring publications, some sources and by other senior manages. The result is come in favour of team member. From that day onwards that manager tried more than 15days to find mistake for scolding him. He has eligible to see the mistakes of member because he is manager and then we may think that he is working for error free returns. But bad thing that his focus is for getting revenge on him.
Y I am telling this is professionals are everyday learners, they try to get things from members also if that is right. But more observed all the managers you have in your organisation have the same mind mentality.

Please think all these I am noticing to you. I don't have any personal gudge on you/your organisation.

You should analyse each and every root of your organisation for making clean. My suggetion is that even in that big organisation you are replying personally to all these complaints is sending wrong signals to others. Try to solve the problems internally.
Everybosy thinking that the compliants are seviourly with IBSN because CEO directly entered.

Make one seperate team which is focus only on these compalints with genuinely. That team should have knowledge on everything morethan EA's. Make think yourself about these rennvation towards the IBSN future?

Hope you will clean all the dust things which are going from last couple of years.

thank u
ur's friend...
N  3rd of Jul, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes
Dear Ravi - I apologize if you did not receive any correspondence from our Accounts Department. I shall personally investigate the current scenario and post you the reversal confirmation number by EOD.

Nanda Kumar K V
N  3rd of Jul, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes
Dear Wellwisher & Friend -

I appreciate your response, but permit me to politely refuse your comments this time. While my fingers always tempt to answer any posting and I believe in openness - I would like you to note of my incapacity to put further notes as we go indepth on each of the subject lines you questioned - not that I am unable to answer but for confidentiality reasons and as this is open forum. It is the internal matter of the company on which I am forced to put my notes here. I will still write on some.

a) Knoweledge Process and Management are independent lines and I would like to frankly opine we should have brought management layers sometime back itself and better used our practice seniors in real value Practice. It was definitely incorrect on our (decision room) end to have put Management Governance into the hands of Practicing Seniors. We should have better utilized their resource for Knowledge Governance - Training; Certification; Conversion; Knowledge Quality and Compliance. Customer Response & Service Quality; Return Conversion - Pre & Post Payment; Return Output & Deliverability; Profit Optimization factors should have become the responsibilities of Management Staff.

b) Whether it is fault of the Employees or that of the Governance - I do not concur with your opinion; Manytimes, if you have read my notes properly in these forums, I have accepted that we had system failure - which means it is not just anyone's fault - Failure erupts out of a combination of both.

c) Recruitment of IIMs, ISBs and XLRIs - It dismays me and I negate your comments on their recruitment. I am not feeling that my problem is solved just by recruiting them. However, I am feeling, I am attempting a solution with their intake - Improving on Management Governance; Service Quality; Customer Response Management and Profit Optimization - which is what they are trained for. I am attempting their intake for Segregating Knowledge Practice & Management Governance.

(i) I have not stated they are the only world for us. They are one part of the puzzle, which piece was missing all these days.
(ii) Most of them are recruited for IBSN to have additional service lines - Financial Planning, Investment Planning & Stock Broking, Business Feasibility Analysis, Risk Mitigation Planning, IFRS and Retail Practice Sales - that would build multiple revenue channels for the company

d) Payments - I think you would certainly agree that no company would be in a position to face a run-on. Recent example is ICICI Bank itself. However the only difference between ICICI and IBSN - Government was discretely able to come to its rescue but at IBSN, it is company's internal adjustments to adress the issue of refunds. My statement may not be taken as an alarming note that we have a run on situation. However we do have a situation to plan very cautiously on multiple cash outflows that we have on hand. Above all, It is not company's intent at all to defraud and benefit upon the money that the client deserves to receive. With no ifs and buts, we have to refund back what has to be refunded back. Making payments all at one-shot vs. staggered payments will keep this company live and help it have time and relief to plan in multiple angles to resolve issues. The other crucial aspect is the Practice Liability Report that we should all the time update to our insurance carriers that offer us professional liability insurance. Unless we receive each claim as out of professional malpractice, there is a threat for insurance company to rate us if we do not wait on this clearance. It is extremely important to check an issue from multiple angles. We have been running this company for several years now but we dont carry past pending payments to feel concerned. Lastly, we are also planning to reduce our cash outflow burden but requesting some acceptable clients with various service options matching their refund monies. To conclude, we are not at all shying away from our payments.

e) Recruitment - Please note, Termination is not anyone's flavor. I admit we have to make a structural change in our recruitment effort and this is what would happen this time. One of the road blocks that many customers complain on IBSN - too many process layers. In the proposed restructuring, I would like to address this as a key issue by taking off multiple process layers and in turn put just 1 or 2 layers for handling the entire process by placing quick graspers (I am not defining this team as IIMs or ISBs or CAs, CWAs, CSs or Graduates but anyone with a quick learning ability) and thouroughly train them as practice managers.

Further, US Tax Season is a seasonal business and it is very important for us to address this business as seasonal requirement when placing the staff, except the staff we should have year long for servicing advance planning requirements of our clients and representing them on IRS / State queries. Otherwise, it is burdening the company to handle year long payroll while the revenue resource is not so. To plug this, we would be focussing to have couple of accounting firms' alliance to partly meet our staffing needs on revenue sharing/contractual basis.

Lastly, I definitely believe Human Resource is the most valuable Asset for any Knowledge Process Corporation and if Infosys has implemented human resource valuation after very many years of its its existence, IBSN is proud to acclaim this effort in its 5th year of existence.

Training: Responding to the TrueFriend, Please note I have said we will be implementing EA Level Training Program and never said, it is in existence. Not only process level training, it is important for IBSN to put a condition to its member staff to improve upon communication levels (written & Spoken) as length and breadth we find this as a major issue.

Separate Compliance Team - We would definitely be placing a battery of compliance team. If one reads my previous responses, it was one of the promises that I made to the customer community of IBSN. We would be working on having our own Client Forum who would be serviced by Senior Practice managers / Practice Managers based on the level of case ticket.

My responses - I believe in stratight interaction; want to know customer end-to-end issues (now even internal staff) and their feelings, explain our position and improve upon critical matters suggested. As IBSN Chief Business Architect, it becomes very important for me to know directly from the customer as in today's world strength for any company is not how shareholder value is protecting but that of a customer. Learning staff concerns is equally important and I think I am justifiably responding to every query received from the staff though some issues do pain me to as my thinking is not truly what the staff is opining about me.

From my end, I request that some internal issues if that have to further discussed, I may be approached on my personal email ID: laxmi.palaypu@ibsnus.com and I will definitely address all concerns in prompt.

Thanking you Wellwisher & Truefriend for your time and valuable input to explain the concerns you have. I take criticism in equal merit as I take appreciation and I thank you for helping me know on some concerns from this corner piece.


Laxmi Palaypu, CPA ACA
Chief Business Architect
(309) 749 7181
D  4th of Jul, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes
The following comment is from the employee OF ibsn the link is


This Co. is a big cheater and they hier employees on tax season and filing returns without any fear and breaking all rules of IRS as all e-filing is done by simple graduates not CPA just taking signature for formality bases. Lots of error on return and not refunding client money. I am employee of IBSN and suffering badly as they are not paying salary on time and if any one ask for delay in salary they will terminate them. No polices of co. all employees are suffering not paying overtime people working for 20-20 hours on tax season not allowing people to go home and normal shift hours of 10 hours and never pay salary on time.
ANd before receiving money from clients they call them daily but after receiving money they never respond to client and give instruction to employees no need to follow after TAx season. All employees are suffering but not speaking as if somebody will speak they will terminate the employees.

I dont know how license were alloted for these co. CLient information URL can be open anywhere . No security. And on delhi branch 3 office are running on same floor no cameras easily information can lickout.
Provind wrong info. to client not assisting them after receiving money from them and never return any excess amount received from client. This is my advise to all Indian citizen who working in US never file your return this is a fraud co. and never assist after receiving money ask any old client. And return filing with new employees every season as they hire on contract bases on season time or hire people having hire degree and terminate them after season.
DOnt file return for Indian Taxation as the SARAL software they have for Indian taxation is having few problems but they will hide all the things.
BE Aware, Cant disclose name as they will terminate me but I am lookng for JOB and WHen I will find new I will expose them as I have lots of proof
N  4th of Jul, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes
I normally respond to any posting but I would not want to waste my time and energy replying to this insane and immature posting.

Evidence matters and prevails and this company will certainly take up necessary action as it prevails.

Laxmi Palaypu, CPA ACA
Chief Business Architect
(309) 749 7181
N  5th of Jul, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes
Dear Laxmi,

Thank you very much for your detailed response. I am appreciating your efforts to rebuild this organization and i hope you will achieve this soon and no doubt IBSN will become a brand. But please don't loose the quality employees you have. This is my sincere advice. In my openion, "old patient is more knowledged than a new doctor" Set upa team for complete research on tax matters no matter whether they are IIM's CA'a CPA's or Just graduates.

Keep rocking all way's

With Regards,
Your Well Wisher

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