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So today it was time to take my 2010 Tucson in for it's first service/Oil change (6000km), and of course I had a list of things I wanted corrected or looked at.

One of the issues I wanted fixed was the left hand License plate light lens. I don't know if you noticed but the lens is only held in with a plastic clip and when I pushed on the clip with my thumb it broke off (left side only, the right side was fine). So I stuck a piece of tape on it to hold it in and told the dealer I wanted it fixed. So when I go to get my car the dealer says the light is not under warranty as it is broken...

I respond with: "yes your right it broke when I tried to remove it" and they said well since it broken we can't replace it, but if it was defective we could have. So when I say the reason it broke was OBVIOUSLY due to it being defective they say no sorry if it was a defect it would have leaked and then we could have replaced it.

So being more then a little annoyed I told them I wanted to talk to Hyundai Canada and I was given the number. So guess what? They told me the same thing.

Is it just me or this a little stupid? It is not under warranty because it broke, but didn't it break because it was defective?

So in the end I had to buy the lens myself. Really not a good first impression with Hyundai, since this is the first Hyundai that I have owned.

Think Twice before you purchase a Hyundai for it's warrenty, if the part is "broken" it is not covered.

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  • Bh
      Oct 21, 2010
    Hyundai Canada - Lack of Air Back deployment
    South Town Hyundai

    I was involved in an accident with my 2007 Santa Fe. I was traveling 60 Kms/per hour when another vehicle crossed my line of travel and I hit her. The crash also pushed me into another vehicle in another lane of traffic.
    None of the 6 air bags in my Santa Fe deployed.
    Everyone with a Hyundai should check to see if their airbags are truly working.

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  • Jo
      Jun 26, 2011
    Hyundai Canada - Paint wear off, rusting
    Hyundai Canada

    Bought a new Hyundai Elentra in 2010 September . By the end op 2011 April my car was loosing its paint on both sides from the front to the back . By begining of June it started to rust .
    I have complained to the dealer, Hyundai Canada, BBB. I wastold all this problem was from normal wear and use . You are kidding me !! Driving on pawed roads is wearing the paint off ? I should have put my car in the garage and leave it there .
    I am stuck wit a rusting away car and will have to make paiments on it for another 6 years and 3 months. It sucks to be me .

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