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Hydroxatone Owned By Bellezza, LLC / False Advertising and Fraud

1 P.O. Box 1366Hoboken, NJ, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 1,800.672.2259

I was given an advertisement by my 74 year old mother requesting that I order the products advertised by hydroxatone. My mother did not have a credit or debit card. I have the advertisements. The advertisement states a 30 day risk free trial. I called the number and spoke to Mark. Mark informed me that I just had to pay the shipping fee and that I was not enrolled in any program or under any obligation to buy the product. I ordered the product on behalf of my mother. When the product came, I gave the product to my mother unopened.

I cancelled my debit card due to losing it. I received a letter in November indicating that I owed a balance for the product purchased through Hydroxatone. I called them and indicated that I did not order their product. (I had to wait 5 minutes on the phone which was my cell phone) The representative told me that I was obligated to return the product in 30 days if not satisfied. I kept the advertisements that my mother gave me. There is no such statement, plus I made sure that I had asked Mark to make sure that I was not enrolled in any program. I told the representative that his company totally misrepresented their intent and that I was going to report them and that I did not want to be billed for their product.

On December 22, 2008, I picked up my mail and I had a past due notice from Hydroxatone. I spoke to James at extension 511. I again repeated my claim against his company. He stated that he I was obligated to return the product. I once again stated that my mother did not see any disclosure in the package and that his company was false advertising. I also stated that I have a copy of the advertisement and notes stating what was said and done. I have stated that I have contacted consumer affairs as well as the attorney generals office. I have made them aware that I have PTSD which this action is causing me physical distress as well as his company is taking advantage of the elderly. I asked to speak to Jane Manning, whose name appeared on the past due notice. James indicated that she was not available and could not speak to me. James indicated that the previous customer service person would be calling me back to resolve the issue. James took my phone number.

I visited their website as their message that their voice mail has concerning customer service states that you will get faster results in communication. I visited their site. There is not any contact number for customer service. I looked under private policy...the company is owned by Bellezza, LLC and there is a click here email address which when I click my computer does not recognize as a legitimate address.

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  • Pc
      24th of Apr, 2009
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    I read your complaint -- and it seems VERY familiar, because a similar thing happened to me. I realized Hydroxatone was a scam as soon as it arrived, and I called to cancel -- but no one from customer service would call me back. So I took the bold step of canceling my credit card before they could charge it!

    They eventually sent me a $139.90 bill for a 2-month supply. Still unable to reach anyone at the company, I shredded each bill that came. Now, a year later, a collection agency called me for this amount! I point-blank told the collection agent that Hydroxatone was fraudelent, and that I would NOT be paying ANY of the money they claimed I owed. I also told her to Google the company and she would see there are many, many complaints against this company's practices, and that I was filing a complaint of my own with the New Jersey Attorney General's office (Hydroxatone's owner, Bellezza Products, is based in New Jersey). The collection agent was actually very understanding, said she would Google the company as I recommended, and then she canceled the $139.90 amount!

    My advice to you: don't stress over this. Hydroxatone/Bellezza is running a scam and they KNOW it. Go ahead and file a complaint with the NJ Offiice of Consumer Protection website, so that you can mention it when the collection agency eventually calls you. Be sure to tell the collection agent that you will NOT be paying them anything, because the claim is fraudelent.

    And finally, be thankful! The internet is full of stories from hundreds of people who were illegally charged by this company -- and never received refunds. So you and I are the lucky ones because we canceled our cards! Be relieved!!

  • Yo
      29th of Jul, 2009
    +2 Votes

    you see, the problem with you people is that you dont listen to the person on the phone, you hear the "yes, you pay shipping and try it out for 30 days" then your brain goes numb. you dont listen to order confirmations that spell out the terms of the trial so specifically even an idiot like you could understand it, but you dont listen. Why people give their credit card numbers out then dont listen to the person they talk to boggles my mind. Pay attention next time, stupid.

  • Pc
      30th of Jul, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Youreallidiots, your comments are not only hateful, they are also over-simplified and delusional. Customers have been returning the product within the allotted time – but they are charged anyway. Those customers are then “promised” refunds by Bellezza, but those refunds never materialize. Some customers also report that Bellezza has shared their credit card info with other retailers, resulting in more unauthorized charges.

    Apparently you have major problems with reading comprehension since your comments have NOTHING to do what’s been written here. Get a grip on reality and stop diminishing the fraudulent tactics being practiced by this company.

  • Ch
      17th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I saw the commercial and understood quite well. It was my clear understanding that I would receive the cream and had 30 days to try it. I received 2-jars, there is no way you can use 2 jars in 30 days. I admit I was unable to return the product in the 30 day allotted time. The catch 22 is even though I went over the 30-day time; they got me by sending 2-jars. So I was penalized for not returning both jars 30-days.

    The catch 22 and the fraud come in with the 2nd jar. To sample the product for 30 days you don't need 2-jars; (especially if you are just applying around the eyes). If I forgot and did not return in 30 days I should been hit with a one-time fee pf $69.95. But THEY ARE SMART, and FRAUDULENT, they purposely sent 2-jars. So at the end you are charged $139.90. My advice if you insist on ordering this NON-WORKING PRODUCT, tell them from the get-go, you only want to order 1-jar to sample for 30-days. Then if you miss or forget, or for any reason you do not return the product in 30-days, you will only be charged a one time fee of $69.95. Also in the TV commercial they say to try Hydroxatone for 30-days, it never states you will receive a 60-day supply.

    The other fraud comes in with the vitamins. I reported to them that the used my credit card without my permission and charged me for vitamins. I told them I never authorized you to hit my credit card for any additional purchase. They gladly credited my credit card for $26.04 but left the shipping charges for the vitamins stay on my card. They told me that "since I did not cancel in the 30-days the vitamin shipping charge of $3.95 will remain. HOW CAN THE KEEP THE SHIPPING CHARGE WHEN I NEVER ORDERED THE VITAMINS!!! Also the vitamins was never mentioned in the TV Ad or mentioned when I ordered the 30-day trail of the cream.

    There defiantly something up with this company, since the product does not work, and the unauthorized use of my credit card, I WILL NEVER EVER REFER THEM TO ANYONE!!!


  • Pc
      22nd of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    So sorry to hear about your bad experience with this company. But I have to disagree with you on just one thing: You say they are "smart, " which implies that there is some "tricky truth" to their trial offer. But there is NO truth AT ALL to this company's offer. The entire "30-days free" is a sham. This company has no intention of allowing you to try their bogus product for free. Read over some of the complaints, and you'll see that everyone was charged for use of the product, even those who returned it well before the 30-day deadline!

    This promotion is blatantly deceptive and I'm really amazed they are still in business. Please consider filing a complaint with the New Jersey Attorney General's Office of Consumer Protection (they have a website). I live in Virginia, but was told you have to file the complaint where the company is based. (And Bellezza is based in Jersey City). Please consider filing a complaint using the Federal Trade Commission's online "Complaint Assistant" as well.

    There are lots of complaints about this company's "offer" online, but we need more people to funnel their frustrations to the authorities in order for this company to be shut down once and for all.

  • We
      20th of Nov, 2009
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    What is disgusting is that "reputable" (cough-cough) radio stations continue to run this ad for Hydroxatone. This morning I sent a link to these complaints to the manager of a radio company, asking if they really wanted this kind of scam to muddy their reputation.

    I do not purchase trial products. It's possible that there are decent offers out there somewhere. But jerks like Hydroxatone aka Bellezza Products ruin the trust of consumers.

    I don't think of people who fall for this as "stupid." Merely inexperienced with the wiles of disgusting scam artist companies.

    If a product is genuinely good, an honest free sample in a store will sell it.

    Hello, Businesses.

  • Ze
      6th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I ordered this product after reading the hits about the company and their free trial. In the initial sales call, they TELL YOU what will occur after the 30 day trial is up aka that you will be billed for the products. i dont know how people fail to listen when being spoken too. On day 24 of my 3o day trial, i called customer service after a 6 minute wait (not too bad compared to other customer service numbers i have had to call) and explained to them that the product just didnt seem to work for me. After the rep explained to me the treatment process of the products, i agreed to keep the creams for a discounted price. THen, just like the rep told me, within my second month of use the results were visible. I now use the cream in my daily routine and have even shared the products with my mother. We are both VERY satisfied. So, before you go bad mouthing this company, perhaps you should first remember what they teach you in grade school: follow directions. In my experience, everyone who has something negative to say, should really just be mad at themselves.

  • Pc
      7th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    Zero345, I think you follow should your own advice about grade school, and take a refresher course on basic reading comprehension. Everyone agrees that the Bellezza agent TELLS you about the 30-day “free trial.” But time after time, people have explained that the company finds some way of not honoring that agreement. You’ll find thousands of such complaints all over the Internet.

    As I stated earlier: there is NO truth AT ALL to this company's offer. The entire "30-days free" is a sham. This company has no intention of allowing you to try their product for free. Read over the complaints, and you'll see that everyone was charged for use of the product, EVEN THOSE WHO RETURNED IT WELL BEFORE THE 30-DAY DEADLINE!

    I’m glad you had a good experience with this company and weren’t left feeling betrayed and victimized like thousands of others. But your argument would have carried more weight if you had actually returned the product and your credit card had not been charged. That, after all, is what everyone is complaining about.

  • Wh
      19th of Feb, 2010
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    I spoke with a machine when requesting my "free" trial. I agreed to shipping charges and after they got my credit card info I was "slammed" with all kinds of other auto shipments, clubs and memberships for which I would be billed. I said "no" repeatedly but the machine is not equipped to hear "NO". I was told I could cancel them at anytime by calling numbers that would be provided, and return unused portions blah blah blah. I called my credit card co. right away. They told me to cancel my card before charges were put through. I'll deal with any fallout later, at least they'll never see any of my money. I'm sending the products back soon as I get them"return receipt requested".

  • Te
      20th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    I don’t even know how this Hydroxatone company is allowed to do business. They reel customer in by offering free samples in order to get your credit card information and then they bill you each month. When you call their customer service, they give you the run around and hang up in your face. You can try calling them but I guarantee you it will be a waste of your time. I’ve gotten numerous letters from them stating that I owe them money when I canceled this frivolous transaction immediately after receiving their product. I was so angry when I opened this package and looked at the invoice that I never even opened their “free sample” of eye cream (and supplements) that they shipped to me. However, from the other complaints that I’ve read, Hydroxatone AM/PM eye cream is nothing more than a skin moisturizer. I didn’t even order any supplements from this company, yet I have to pay to ship them back. This is a terrible, terrible scam and they should be sued!!! Where is a good lawyer when you need one?!

  • Ks
      25th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    I wish I had researched this company online before I ordered their "Risk Free Trial". I, too, ordered for my mother, as she does not have a bank card. I also spoke with a machine. The machine DID NOT inform me that they would be sending a 2-month supply----just "Risk Free Trial". My first thought is---I did not order the second jar of this product, just the 30-day trial. Approx. 10 days after receiving the product, my mom called to cancel and wrote a letter stating the same. Customer Service never gave her a "Return Ship #", nor did they ask for the product back. I have went to their website online just to see what the terms of the 30 Day Risk Free Trial are, as I do remember my initial phone call to them very well-------the website does state that they will send the 2nd month supply, however, also states that you may cancel "AT ANY TIME". I then received my bank statement with the $69.95 charge, followed by a $24.95 charge, both charged on the same date. I assumed both charges were associated with Hydroxatone, so when I called Customer Service to address the fact that my mom had cancelled w/i the 30 day period (and why should I have to pay for something I never ordered in the first place--2nd jar), I also addressed the $24.95 charge. They told me they were not responsible for that charge and had no clue who was. I then went to my bank to cancel my card and ask where this $24.95 charge came from-----Budget Savers. I filled out the paperwork to dispute the charge, like others. Tonight I decided to research this myself via the internet and this is what I found----Hydroxatone had sold my card information to Budget Savers ---I HAVE NEVER TALKED TO BUDGET SAVERS--AND FURTHERMORE, I GUESS HYDROXATONE DID KNOW WHERE THE $24.95 CHARGE CAME FROM!!! Yes, this is a SCAM!!!

  • Hy
      17th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    Hydroxatone is a scam. As a former employee I can honestly tell you that. They prey on the old and gullible. They dont care what your situation is, they just want to take as much money out of you as the possible can. The tell you that its a 30 day free trail offer and it is but what they dont tell you is that you will be shipped out a 90 day supply, they then try and talk you into keeping it by offering you deals and discount. The product cost $39.99 but the jack the price up to $79.99 to try and get the most money out of you. If you do want to try the product ask for the $39.99 one-shot and hear them say HUH?????
    Oh yeah, and those extra charges that appear on your credit card, lets take a wild guess as to how they appear there. Hydroxatone shares your credit card information with varies third party affiliates. Isnt that illegal. They tell you they dont but they do. Someone needs to audit them.
    I believe they are running some boiler room type scam, while selling some overpriced product that does not work. Truth is there are many cheaper priced brands to do a lot more then this promises.
    Heres my advice, place the order, get your product, call back and complain that what you got isnt what you ordered (because its not going to be) and threaten them with going to the BBB and your lawyer. After that the will refund your money and tell you to keep the product instead of dealing with BBB. That way you can really try the product for FREE.
    Seriously someone needs to audit them.

  • Ji
      15th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    These guys are the [censor] of the earth! Any idea how I can inflict as much damage on their company as possible through my complaints (e.g. better business bureau, new jersey attorney general)?

  • Ca
      28th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    Requested their product (like my doctor's office or the dept store). When received, immediately called to cancel and say I would mail back products since I did not order them. Got into a shouting match with their male rep. I am a 67 yr old woman and my nickname is Mighty Mouse, so I won that round. He did not want to give me a canc #. Told him they were scams, bait and switch, etc. and I had talked to the Atty. General and US Postal Inspectors offices and was told I did not have to mail back unsolicited product. I got the canc # . Mailed products back with delivery confirmation for under $6 and called the following to conplain: US Postal Inspector (Criminal Investigations) 1-877-876-2455 and Federal Trade commission 1-877-FTC-HELP. Lucky that experience cost so little. They also reversed the shipping chg without my asking.

  • Ih
      11th of Jun, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I ordered the "Free Trial" just to try if it really works when i received the product it came with 1Radialabs 2Hydroxatone Anti Wrinkle Cream & 1Hydroxatone Toner I sent them an e-mail that i want to cancel my order then they e-mailed me back telling me that they were unsuccessful for locating my account the 1st charge was $3.95(Radialabs) & $3.88(Hyroxatone) for the Free Trial but because they sent me the Free Trial with the toner and another hydroxatone anti-wrinkle cream they charged me again for additional $69.95 every month that's why i always get an over draft fee on my bank account and they are not even sending me their ineffective product anymore they are just charging my account continuously without my consent. I've tried to e-mail them again but i didn't get any response i'm planning to pay the overdraft fee charge on my account, the extended overdraft fee and close my bank account then i would Open another bank account. The attached photo shows 2charges on my account of their ineffective product.. IT'S A SCAM.. I hope people wouldn't order that it's a waste of money seriously..

  • Mr
      24th of Jun, 2011
    +1 Votes

    They are the same company as radialabs, sobe labs bio labs and strixaderm same owner same company same scam people someone please call authorities i did .all they they do is rewrap the same bottles with new labels look for yourself .

  • Yu
      25th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    Crikey, almost ordered this product last night. So relieved I didn't now. Thanks guys

  • Do
      17th of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    Ordered and received two jars of their undereye cream. Was advertised to be available for the cost of shipping. But with
    the product, there was an invoice which had 2 future payments scheduled, at the bottom. I called and cancelled right away, but that didn't stop them from charging my card for these two scheduled payments whose date was more than a month away. I am livid about this. I called and got a return number and sent the whole thing back with a letter instructing them to return my money within 48 hrs of when they received it. So far they have not. But, it's just been barely 48 hrs.

  • Hy
      3rd of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    Hi there.

    Hydroxatone offers a risk-free trial. We do this to give customers a chance to try our products before buying them. We are sorry your experience was not what you expected and we really hope you give our products another chance. Our risk-free trial comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. This means, if you aren’t satisfied with your results, you can call our customer service and return the products to avoid being charged for the merchandise. It is our goal that our customers have a positive and rewarding experience with both our products and our service.

    We’re also sorry that we have been experiencing some difficulties with our international phone lines. This issue has been resolved. If you have any further questions please, please contact us using the information below:

    USA/Canada (800) 672-2259 (8 am – 10 pm EST)
    Australia (0011) 800-2358-7491 (24 hours)
    New Zealand (00) 800-2358-7491 (24 hours)
    Great Britain (00) 800-2358-7491 (24 hours)

    You can also email me directly at to let us know how we can help.

    Please note that some mobile phone carriers do not allow toll free 800 numbers to the USA to connect. We suggest using a landline if you are having trouble with your mobile carrier.

  • St
      12th of Oct, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Fake news site scam:

    Owned by:
    GMI Ltd
    leads via (whois info hidden) to - Whois info also hidden (always a warning sign)

    Some digging reveals that is owned by

    Owner: Jacob Markowitz
    Tel: 1-310- 402- 2779
    AIM: gurumediaint

    Bellaplex and hydroxatone scam. Advertises using fake news sites.

    The company contact info is:

    Atlantic Coast Media Group, LLC
    ( Also Urban Nutrition / Bellezza Products, LLC and Hydroxatone LLC )
    499 Washington Boulevard
    Floor 15
    Jersey City, NJ 07310
    United States
    Phone: 00 1 201 420 8282

    Mr. Andrew J. Surwilo
    Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer
    Mr. Thomas Shipley
    Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer

    The company’s products include vitamin supplements, Hydroxatone line of skincare products, and Hydrolyze(R) Advanced Under Eye Formula.

    File complaints with the FTC at:

    Daniel Treisman, Guru Media
    Phone: 972 58 483 196
    Jacob Markowitz, Guru Media
    Tel: 1-310- 402- 2779

    They also own all these web sites, all promoting scams:

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