Hydraskin Sciences / allegro anti-aging cream. and. brio night and day serum

I did the promotional thing where pay postage only - the day I cancelled and the day they charged my account were the same. $103.00 for one and $109.00 for the other. Since they overdrafted my account only the $103.00 went through. I was informed that if I returned the product within 30 days, after much discussion and asking to speak to a manager, WHO NEVER DID CALL ME BACK, I was told that I was being. Charged for the product I had already received. The product didn't show up when they said it would (arrived on a Thursday not Monday as they said it would I had 8 days to try their product). I cancelled the day I needed to but they were quicker on the draw than I was and the charge had gone thru and basically got a "too bad" from the company. After much distress it was perhaps?? Agreed that they would only charge me $20.00 ?+ and they would then refund a portion of my $103.00. After they received the returned product. If this sounds confusing it's because I am VERY confused by it all. There was not one piece of info with the products telling you how to get ahold of them. I've also found many different names they go by. They are a back door SCAM. The product is like every other anti-aging cream - right down to the packaging and promotional advertising and testimonials. People need to know these creams are all the same. And they'll sneak in charges when they can.

Mar 25, 2017

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