Hydra Skin Sciences / unauthorized credit card charge/unethical practices

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I had a lapse in judgment and responded to a "free" offer for facial creams. They dangled carrot to pay only for shipping and handling (Less than $6) and I would receive my products within a week. That all went as promised. Today I was alerted by the fraud department of my bank stating a charge was being attempted on my debit car from this company and did I authorize it. Immediately I responded with a resounding no and my card was immediately shut off. I have closed that that account and thankfully the unauthorized charge of $109 did not go thru. I called the company and they assured me that was only a two week trial offer and if I like the product I would then be charged. Wrong!! There was never a mention a trial period with a fat charge later. I told them to cancel as that is not what I signed up for. He indicated that I must now return the product to cancel my account and he provided an rma to do so and advised me to keep the tracking so once the product is received I will know and my account will be closed. I will be returning the product today. This is cleary a scam operation; they suck you and with false info and then bam! Hit you with a fat charge. I am lucky my financial institution had my back!

Mar 09, 2017

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