Hydra Skin Sciencessubscription scam!

I had the same experience--agreed to the "free" sample, paid the shipping, then 2 weeks later was charged $103 and $109. I never even got an email confirmation, and there was no packing slip in the boxes explaining the subscription. Super shady! I called my credit card to dispute it, they conferences in a company rep, and they supposedly have cancelled the account but won't issue a full refund ($10 restocking fee for each), and I have to ship it back at my expense. I NEVER saw anything explaining this scam--though they insist it was on the website. Must have been buried in fine print. I'm returning them, then disputing the restocking fees. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS! Now I'll have spent over $40 in fees and shipping for something I didn't even use. I'm filing with the BBB.

Jan 28, 2017

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