Hydra Skin Sciencesservice not pleasant, trial not being longer than 6 days since it took 7 to get to me and the price over $100.00!!!!!!

[protected] Per George I ordered the product on April 20, 2017. I did not RECEIVE the product until April 27, 2017 which only gave me a week to try it before the trial ended. This is not sufficient time to trial a product !! I did not know how much I would be charged and was shocked at the prices George quoted to me today. This was never told to me. George spoke SO FAST it was difficult to understand him and I repeatedly had to interrupt him to slow down so I could understand him. I asked for a supervisor and he told me that person would just tell me the very same thing he was telling me. He offered me 40% off but the product causes a tingling and red spots on my face. George FINALLY told me I could sent it back and I would only be charged $20.00. I accepted that and he gave me the address and two numbers to put on one box. I will tell everyone not to deal with your business unless a price is quoted up front and paper inside the box/boxes provide the products account number, a number to call and the amount that you will be charged. Also I would like to have been able to discuss the product with someone who does not speak so fast it was difficult to understand EVEN after asking him to slow down I was having trouble understanding him since he spoke way too fast. Maybe that is the way your company wants it. I wish I had had a more pleasant experience speaking with your company but it was not to be today!! And since you have a Complaint Board on the Internet tells me I am not the only one who has had problems.
Susan Pelletier
Zip Code 23322

May 10, 2017

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