Hydra Skin Scienceshydra skin sciences allegro cream and brio serum lotion

In about mid-January I responded to a 30 day trial offer for Allegro anti-aging cream, a product of Hydra Skin Sciences. In the process of submitting payment for the $4.95 shipping cost I learned that I could not get it without also using the Brio serum lotion for an additional shipping fee. I was told that the two were shipped from different warehouses so one shipping fee was not possible. Then eventually I learned in smaller print after all transactions were complete that I would be charged the exorbitant fee of something like $89.00 each if I did not opt out within 13 days or so. It was too late to cancel. I argued with the man on the phone that nothing in the offer mentioned a second product and therefore I wanted to cancel.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Salt Lake City, UT He said I would receive the trial products and would just need to cancel within the allotted time. Upon receiving the product there were no invoice papers, just an email address in fine print. At the address I was directed to a third party cancellation service which would charge something like $59.00 eachto cancel. I could not find what the amount was in the terms and conditions, only at end of the things I filled out. At that point I just erased all my information and went to their customer service site and left a message. That was a few hours ago so I have no reply. I do intend to stop payment on my credit card and contact BBB in Texas. I just want no further charges from this company other than the 2 shipping fees I have paid. When the order was forcibly placed I fully intended to cancel any future shipments.

Jan 29, 2017

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