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Total scam!! When I ordered this product, it stated that one only needs to pay shopping for a free sample. Like the other complaints against this company, they kept charging my credit card for over $109. I called to cancel and complain that I never authorized the charges. The man went on a dizzying tirade trying to get me to keep the product and they will refund 50% and cancel. I wanted to get off the phone so badly at that point I agreed!
Fast forward to yet another month when the
Allegro arrived yet again. I called irate. The customer service person proceeded to tell me that the. Serum and the are two different companies and that I never cancelled the allegro portion!
After some choice words from me, he tried to get me to keep the product for 50% off. When I finally lost my temper and said i. Dont. Want. It. - cancel it or i'm calling the better business bureau because this is illegal he proceeded to tell me I could keep the product for 70% off!!! Omg.
This is supposed to be a shark tank product. Let me tell you, the shark tank team has lost credibility with me 100%. This is a scam all the way!
3 phone calls, a sub-par product and 45 minutes of # later - they stilll ended up marking about $30o off of me.

Apr 11, 2017
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  • Di
      Apr 13, 2017

    Total scam. The products they showed that you thought were the samples for 4.95 are not samples!. They are the actual product. They came without any explanation or email that stated what you needed to do it you don't want to be charged for the products. If you want to cancel and send them back, you have a short time frame to do that at your expense. If you don't send them back, they will charge you 103.00 and 109.00 for the two products. It is very difficult to get these people to cancel the order for any further shipments. I am able to send back the Brio at my expense and they said any further shipments will be cancelled once they get the product back. They said the information was on the order form but I didn't see anything that stated their policy. Once I filled out that form, I then changed my min., I clicked off without submitting anything. To my surprise it submitted and I received two products. They charged 4.95 a piece for shipment. Do not fall for this scam. Once they have your account number, it is hard to get them to cancel.

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