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United States

In march or april 2017 I went to your opra is giving away free anti aging cream site for just 5.95 shipping... I unchecked all the checked boxes but when it would not allow me to decline ordering other products and would accept only a yes answer... I backed out. Much to my surprise afew weeks later an allegro antiaging product arrived... Which is not to my satisfaction and does not measure up to its anti aging claims...

In mid may I went into my bank crying because I somehow had no money in my account... I had to eat at the homeless shelter and go to food banks to have food for most of the month of may!!!

Then this month june 2017 I receive another jar of allegro and an email confirming my order... Which I did not do! So io called the number on the confirmation and they agreed to put back the unauthorized 109.00 that they took from my account back. They told me to keep the product.

Well when I went into the bank to notify them of all this, was when I realized that there was an unauthorized 103.00 was also taken from my account on may 09, 2017... No wonder I was hungry all month!!!

Today when I called the same number as the last call [protected] I reached an operator that would not allow me to speak to a supervisor and who insisted that I ordered this, allas he took my phone number and said a supervisor would call me back not.

I may be on a fixed income, but I do know how to initiate a class action suit... If you/they are doing this to people like me who know about scams like this and small print etc then you/they are preying on unsuspecting people as well...

I recommend you refund my 103.00 immediately please?

My name is leslie lambert
Address is 56 holbrook
Bisbee az 85603

Jun 21, 2017

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