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This is the email I sent the company after a long phone conversation with customer service:

November 29, 2016
I am appalled at the way your company does business. I ordered a trial product (which I was under the impression from the website was only one product, not two), and when two items arrived I thought it was a mistake. I looked on the website for what I understood I would be receiving, and my invoice which indicated only one product. I was not comfortable with the business practice of sending more than what was ordered and being charged to have the item shipped, so I cancelled my trial subscription within the 14 days, sent the products back at my expense. The product was received by your company on Nov 17, 2016. When I emailed for the RMA number there was no offer to pay a reduced price for the products. Now, I have been charged for shipping & handling on both products. I called customer service for a refund of the shipping charges and have been flatly told it would not be done; it's a third party charge.
The trial subscription contract on the website states "You must cancel your trial before the expiration of the 14 day trial period in order to avoid automatic enrollment in an evergreen subscription. If you cancel before the end of the 14-day trial period, you WILL NOT be charged the full price for the Product and the product is yours to keep as the Company's way of thanking you for trying it." Reading this, cancellations done within the 14 day trial period would result in the account being cancelled and the product would be the customer's to keep.
The customer service rep told me that this is not the company policy; customers that choose to cancel have the option to pay half price for the product should they keep it, or it can be returned it they do not want to use the product.
There is clearly a conflict between the subscription contract wording and the actual company policy.
All I am looking for is fair treatment. In good faith I sent the unopened product back at my expense and cancelled the subscription. Based on the web contract wording, I should have been able to keep the product "as the company's way of thanking me."
Instead, I've been charged to have the product shipped to me, and have paid to ship it back. Nothing/no services were received for either of those charges.
My request is simple: either refund my original shipping charges of $9.90 for the two products - I did not order two products (use a business expense line item since your shipping charges are done by a third party), or re-send the product at your expense, because of the subscription contract wording.
I'll look forward to your reply - thank you.

Nov 29, 2016
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