Hydra Skin Sciences / allegro and brio

Unauthorized debits; unethical behavior. I ordered the free samples; received Allegro and Brio on March 9th. Charged $3.96 times 2 and $.99 times 2. Never even used the product and wasn't even 30 days when had $103.00 debited from my account for Allegro. Told that I did not contact company to cancel further shipments within 30 day period, indicating that I wanted ongoing shipments. No product was sent to me but my account was hit for $103.00. I called; rep was hard to understand. Told that I would be charged #109.00 for Brio too. If I returned product I would get 40% discount. Hung up in anger when no manager was put on the phone. Called again yesterday and another rep told me that if I returned the product I would have $85.00 credited to my account. This company is completely fraudulent. I have been seeking justice through various channels.

Mar 28, 2017

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