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I purchased on March 24th at 11:14 pm a package that was supposed to have 146 or 147 million something in chips along with 5 silver tickets and faster time and bonuses. I didn't receive any thing. I contacted them through email and sent them a screenshot of my checking account where they took the money. They said I have to send them a receipt from Google play but I can't seem to find out how to get that. I did all this on my tablet not a phone. Please help!!! Thank you.

Mar 25, 2017
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  • Mi
      Sep 28, 2017

    huuuge casino is a fixed game I have loads of videos of my games on different slots to prove that its a fix 99 times you spend more than you win its a total con

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  • De
      Sep 01, 2018
    Huuuge Casino - you ripped me off
    Mountain Home
    United States

    I finally broke down & bought chips today, 75, 000, 000 you took money from my cc but I have not received the chips. Will I ever receive what I paid for? I will do a block on any future debits on the cc from Huuuge Casino.
    Debra Hayton

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  • Ca
      Sep 18, 2018
    Huuuge - chip purchase
    United States

    I'm pretty upset because I just purchased a 25, 000 chips for dollar $1.99. It just came off my Visa but I did not receive my chips I've made purchases in the past without a problem and I'm ripped off and I am pretty upset about. I would like a refund. My account but is [protected]

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  • Mi
      Apr 14, 2019

    @Candi Michelle they did the same to me I purchased 3 items and only received 2 and they made out I was the one who was lying we had to ask google play store for the money back.but huuuge casino and bigfish are crooks and the worst thing is the slots being rigged yesterday they took 3.8b off me once again at level 180 the cut off point i know this as it has happened 100s of times

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  • Na
      Oct 22, 2018
    Huuuge - slot games
    United States

    Have 4 accounts on 1 device. 2 different users accounts. Since the update I cannot log in. Says game has stopped working. I have invested a lot into this game. I have tried u installing and reinstalling, clearing cache, updating device, etc with no luck.

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  • Hu
      Oct 23, 2018

    Washington state has a Class action lawsuit against Huuuge and a few others contact the Washington State's Attorney General's office
    What they are doing is not only illegal but a Huuuuge Scam!!!

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  • Ri
      Jan 22, 2019
    Huuuge - Please investigate huuuge casino
    United States

    Please help lets stop huuuge global casino from ripping innocent people off worldwide. This is suppose to be fun but then the nightmare begins when you start buying!!!

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  • Mi
      Apr 14, 2019

    huuuge casino is 100% a scam this is what they do i had 4b went on a slot called Dorothy lost 2b no win. i decided to change room but over 20x it tried to put me back in the same room so I quickly went on another slot and off back onto Dorothy but to my surprise they put me back in the same room where they took my other 2b no win I even said to the players in that room they want me in here to take my chips as they did, this is not the first time this has happened and they have designed this so we go broke. After I wrote a message on google play about this I had a reply off Huuuge they said contact support and they will sort it lies again they wrote that so every reader could see it and support did nothing since then my comments have been taken off I asked huuuge why my comment has been taken off they say its not down to them its down to Google play also my friends had same issue and because he has complained he can not win on the game anymore, they rig peoples games who complain about them as he did on scam report site.i have deleted this game over and over again and see the same scam every time win at first then they block us from winning. i sent google play an email asking why they allow people to get scammed no reply, if you download many games like poker, casino game they all scam you so why are Google play allowing this, we know the reason they get billions from these games something needs to be done we have all been ripped off for too long now everything about huuuge casino is rigged slots lottery purchases and for too long now they are getting away with it. they lie about their star rating it never changes if you put a bad review up you will have to look through pages and pages it never use to be like that if you wrote a comment one minute ago it would be at the top look for yourselves at the comment section and the dates they are crooks and you only have to look all over the net to find what people are saying but just; like this it will be another un noticed comment

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  • Su
      Oct 19, 2019
    Huuuge Casino - Purchased

    I have purchased chips but i not received any chips unfortunately my amount was debited so please help me out of this problem, for more information i have attached payment receipt screenshot, I need my money or chips

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