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I went there to buy a truck. We agreed on price, went to finance to pay. Once there, they tried to increase the price by $1500 for Teflon paint coating, which they claimed was already applied. This was total BS -- they were just trying to get more money.

Sales Manager offered to let us have the Teflon for only $499 -- we walked and will never do business with them again. These guys are ###. I was able to get the same price at another Ford dealer with no Teflon. Don't waste your time with these guys.

Life is too short to waste with dealers like this.

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  • Tr
      Jul 28, 2008

    Huntington Beach Ford not only tricked me with a $1, 600 protection plan, but they lied to me and were aggressive to the point of wanting to fight with me (literally) when I questioned it. These guys, from the general manager on down, are pure criminals. AVOID THIS DEALERSHIP AT ALL COSTS.

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  • Ma
      Jan 05, 2010
    Huntington Beach Ford - Rude service
    Huntington Beach Ford
    United States

    My wife and I went to look for a used F250. We looked at and test drove a truck we liked. We decided to see what financing they offered (we have a 749 credit score). Their web site said they had a 4.9, but that was never mentioned or offered.

    Russel our salesman, was very rude and disrespectful. He often shook his head and rolled his eyes when we did not answer his questions the way he wanted us to, such as "If we can put this deal together, would you be willing to buy the truck tonight?" and we answered "maybe". Russel asked the same question three times and we kept saying "maybe". He signed and left the room in a huff. Like I said he was rude.

    When we spoke with Shaun in finance, we asked about the needed corrections to a few problems with the truck. Shaun very nearly insisted we buy the truck without any assurance that the items would be fixed (most of which were small dollar items) He wanted us to sign, then find out the next day if they would fix the items. Finally he agreed to make a call to someone who could make a decision. All of the paperwork was printed on a printer which produced a very poor copy and very hard to read. When I mentioned he needed a new printer, he said, that it printed just the way he wanted it to print, WHAT? You want it to print so I can't read it?

    Next, after we were almost done, they surprised me with a extra charge for some kind of "special coating" for $695. It was already applied and the cost was added to the cost of the truck as an extra. So we had agreed on a price and now I am stuck with an extra I did not want.

    I got one key, just one. If I want another key, I will have to buy a 100 dollar key from them.

    Lastly, and most importantly, When I inspected the truck, it had an alarm on it. After I signed the paperwork, the alarm was gone. They removed the alarm and I am left with two little holes in the dash. I agreed to buy a truck which clearly had an alarm on it, I received a truck without an alarm. Nobody said they were removing the alarm at any time. When I tried to find out what was going on 4 phone calles and no messages returned, no return calls, nothing. I went to the dealer today and they claim there was not an alarm. I SAW the alarm with my own eyes and I have had an alarm company confirm that there was an alarm.

    They are unethical, rude, and untruthful. Do your homework before you shop there and satay away from Russel

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  • Kd
      Jul 11, 2012
    Huntington Beach Ford - Used Car Purchase
    Huntington Beach Ford
    Huntington Beach
    United States

    Stay Far Away from these Con-Artists...Horrible Experience! These guys have the worst attitudes I have ever had to deal with. They lie straight to your face. Then get angry at you when you catch them on their B.S. They added a 2500 warranty and a 1000 paint sealant to the purchase agreement without even asking me if I wanted them. Then gave me hell when I asked that they be removed. They only agreed to remove the Warranty but aggressively insisted that the Paint Sealant could not be removed because it had already been applied. I later called to speak with a manager and got nothing but the run-a-round. When I finally did get through to someone... he got down-right Irate and threatening with me. These people have no idea what customer Service is. I m shocked that they are still in business. If you dont believe me... just look at all the other negative reviews online.

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