Hughesnet / terrible customer service after cancellation

11717 Exploration Lane, Germantown, MD, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 301-428-5500

I was referred to their service by DishNetwork. I had the internet installed on Friday January 20. I tried to use the internet the next day & was cut off due to over limit. I called and cancelled the service after spending about an hour on the phone asking for a supervisor. Was told they would send me a box to return equipment. February 15th I called them again because I had not received the box to return the equipment & was told they were back logged & I should receive it shortly. March 30th still no box, received a collection letter for $324.00 called billing [protected] spent 44 minutes on the phone & was told I would receive return boxes in 4-5 days. On April 2nd I started receiving calls from the collections department, 6 on my husbands phone and another 2 or 3 on mine. Told them they need to read notes before calling that I am waiting on boxes. That I have no problem sending their stuff back just send me their authorized return box. Two different people called today & I am tired of explaining. I called them back tonight spent 1 hr 27 minutes on the phone & was told because of my modem type they never will send a return box, that I should not have been told they would & that I needed to send the merchandise back on my dime & get a refund from them in about 6 weeks. This is wrong, I have filed a complaint with the Texas Attorney Generals office and my next step it to call their corporate office.

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