HSA Home Warranty / warranty dispute

1861 Ludden Drive, Cross Plains, United States
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Phone: 1-800-367-1448

I just bought a home and this warranty was already attached. I pay 455.00 premium and had to pay 100.00 trade call fee, just to have them confirm what I already knew, my water heater was cracked and leaking all over my basement floor. When you buy a warranty you buy it with the thinking that after your premium is met if covered product becomes damaged with a small fee the damaged product will be repaired or replaced. Well I get informed by HSA that I now owe 691.50 on top of the 100.00 that I have already paid. There are charges in there that shouldn't have even been an issue, example, they are charging me a drip pan fee and I have a drain I wouldn't need a drip pan, and then they are charging me a fee for a flue and in my warranty it clearly states that a flue is covered. I spoke with 3 different people at HSA addressing my concern with the fee and questioning why I even have to pay any more money out of pocket, so then asked for a second opinion, they informed me that they were not going to send out someone for a second opinion but I can take a pay out of they don't even want to give me the amount that they expect me to pay for the tech / company they sent out to do the job. So...Buyer beware.

Aug 18, 2014

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