I ordered a pair of shoes for my sister for xmas. When opened the left one did not work. Opened a case with the company & advised them of the situation. A couple weeks later they sent me a replacement battery. When I went to replace the battery, I discovered that the wires running from the sole of the shoe to a 4 prong connect weren't connected. This is why the shoe did not work. Sent another email to the company with a picture showing the wires not being connect & requested assistance. They sent me another battery. I sent them another email stating that the battery was not the issue, that the unconnected wires were. They then replied and said that since it was now over 30 days since I purchased the shoes, they would do NOTHING to resolve the issue. This was a manufacturing defect from the start & they refused to stand by their product. Avoid this company at all costs. The will never stand by their product especially once they get the money.

Feb 04, 2017

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