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Horizon Transport / Expensive hobby!

1 Wakarusa, IN, United States Review updated:
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Instead of making a living like many recruiters will tell you, it turns out to be a very expensive hobby. The job is transporting RV's and I was in the tow away (trailers) division. I was told that I could make a living by their recruiter, but after working my butt off and driving my expensive diesel pickup into the ground I have nothing to show for it except for $6000 debt, 95,000 additional miles on my '06 Duramax pickup, a broken windshield and another $1000 in repairs needed. I did see a lot of new country, although at a blur, because you have no time to enjoy the trip.

Here is the downside: You need a pretty new diesel, which will run close to $40,000, another $2-3K of equipment, travel to and spend close to 1 week in Indiana, pay $1K for damage deposit, which can go for the smallest scratch, whether you did it or not, at which time they collect another $1500 for your next potential scratch and then $4 a gallon fuel when in Canada.

I could go on and on, but suffice it to say we came out on the short end of the stick to the tune of thousands. Avoid this work unless you are financially set, very bored and want to drive a lot and have someone else pay for the fuel and food.

One last thing, out of the dozen or so Horizon drivers that I talked to on the road, none were happy with the company or the way they were treated. They talk like they love their drivers, but you won't feel the love for long, if at all.

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  • Su
      17th of Jan, 2008

    While some have indeed experienced the opportunity in the way that Mr. L describes, many, many others have found the opportunity to be quite viable. It is truly not for everyone and it is true that some treat it like a hobby. There are, however, those who have given it a fair shake and have found that they can consistently generate satisfactory financial results. Let's face it. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of drivers plying their trade for Horizon Transport and enjoying it - and yes Virginia, there are some who are making decent money at it.

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  • An
      9th of Jun, 2008
    Best Best Advice

    I too am a successful transporter. The most common mistake I see with new transporters is lack of knowledge about the business and the industry. A transporter is an independent contractor leased to a transport company. As such the transporter is a business as well. As my own business I only accept laods that work for my company (me)... not the other way around. Don't think that the transport company is going to show you how to be successful, you'll have to learn that on your own. There's a lot of information on the internet about transporting rv's. Search the internet for all the info you can find before making the commitment. I know lot's of folks that are having the time of their life and making money transporting rv's.

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  • Fo
      14th of Jul, 2008

    Will the ones that are so successful please stand?
    How can you make money with fuel at this price now, and the company is still paying the rate of a year ago?
    There are hardly any reloads (that are hyped up before you start working there)---and you have to deduct the dead-head miles--so breaking even is barely feasible. Sleeping all the time in the truck is a money saver--til you get caught by DOT---and eating cold beans and soup is ok for a while. Then there is the circulatory effect---sitting for so long can cause blood clots--a major driver dehabilitating, if not death causing, problem. Anyway, take pics of any prior damage--and if they refute that--take em to court--

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  • Jo
      11th of Oct, 2008

    With over 1, 700 Horizon drivers on the road ways transporting RV Motor Homes and other transportation RV Campers and Bus vehicles across 48 States including Canada.

    Who do you think is going to receive more in fuel discounts by presenting this included program.

    Horizon Transport may have a few dissatisfied Transport RV drivers on the roadways to where the mileage in expensive fuel can become a termendous blow. But with the included link in this message it may become a Blessing in dis skies to the rest of the over 1, 700 that has never heard about that website link.

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  • Do
      14th of Aug, 2017

    @Joseph Messick just tried the link, no longer active...

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  • Ra
      12th of Mar, 2009

    It is very sad sa all of us have to learn things in life this way. I would not blame some of the people who work there, they are told what to do ! in general they are nice individual, on my first trip I did not check the upper part of a toy hauler that was burried in snow in the back yard in Wacarussa, by the time I got to Oregon 4 days later, the dealer in conbination with horizon charged me all the money for repair, later on I can say that I got a camera and took picture of every trip and made sure that even a microscopy scrash would be noted on the manifiesto papers.

    If you absoluttly have nothing else to do to make some money in other way, then start hauling, specially now, there is nothing out there. I learned how to be in the west coast for weeks doing cheap trip just to keep alive! the experience has its rewards this is a beautiful country and it was a great experience but that is why they have continuos schooling because after 1 years they already have nade sure that they made their money with you. I started on feb 28 2008 and had to stop in florida after the weekend of july 4th 2008 in that short time I grossed in my 1099 form 42, 500 dollars about 3500 per week . I gave 100% of my truck and my time then I had to dislease later because of a mis understanding on time load that I was to take and I got all confuused on the dates. they still again took another 1000, 00 dollars out of my account,

    you will break your neck for them and sometime things will be cancel and that is it ! but if you make a human mistake, they will make sure to take your money. I have a felling that they would not want you there for a long time once you become smart enough not to let you get taken for, then they will find a way to dis lease you.

    I say this, go and get yourself a good company and start hauling a big rig ! does not matter what yoiu do you will not make 200 dollars per day on your truck

    now I must say, if your are retired and want to take a trip per month and have the money to stay in places on vacation until something come your way, do it or start doing the Canada trips and make a 2000 mile trip and then what, with no fuel ?

    sometime you are not only a driver, you have to colect checks for your unit and do other services un espected.

    I repeate, beside few really strange fellows in that office everyone is very friendlly and willing to help in what ever their duty is.

    be carefull when you go downstair in the office you migh find yourself doing 50 push ups and 70 butterflys and a little slap on your B#!3!4$ Boss down there is a drill sargent who will not, i repeat, will not have tear out of his eyes for anyone ! He is put in that job for a reazon !

    last but not least, this is the only time in my life that I had wish that all tow away driver in the USA be unionized as a one body ! they would not be acting the way thaey are if someone would have been watchimg them. to all be carefull and take care, if you have any question I will be happy to answer, I just know too much about this business already, I could write a book !

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  • Bi
      5th of May, 2009

    Horizon is a truly an dreadfull company to contract with and I definitley worked very hard for them for over a year. They are always charging driver's for drivers damage and the driver has no fair way to disagree. I once delivered a Motorhome to Florida from LA and they claimed that I drove the motorhome with two flat tires, for which they charged $950.00 against my damage deposit. The dealer had already had checked the "no driver damage box". I asked for a review of the situation and they claimed tha it had been reviewed and I still had to pay the $950.00. How could I drive a M/H with two flat tires and not know it. Also I picked up a motorhome to deliver to Tacoma, WA and the fuel gauge didn't work so I called Waky to ask for advice. They told me to play it safe and give it " agood shot" of fuel and that I would be reimbursed. I had no idea if there was any fuel in the rig. Upon returning my paper work they wouldn't reimburse me for the fuel purchase as they claimed that I did not put "enough fuel" in the tank to get reimbursed.

    They are always in the driver's pockets and DO NOT support their contractors like they claim in their recruiting material. They will nickel and dime you to death and WILL NOT SUPPORT the contractor in a dispute with the factory. I found that the driver is always wrong and the review system to be an inside job !

    I did find one dispatcher there to be a good guy and he really tries and help the contractor out, but I can't remember his name.

    If you want to make any money or want to be treated with any dignity DO NOT go to the trouble, and it is a huge project, of becoming a contractor for Horizon. Actually you are not a contractor, you are a grunt who has to live by their rules, demands, and one-sided policies that always seem to favor them.

    I have driven Charter Buses for 32 years for the same comany, never has a chargable accident, and just wanted to try something else fo a while.

    All I have is a credit card with $10, 000 of charges that I couldn't pay. It's no way to make any money.

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  • Co
      1st of Oct, 2009

    I've delivered motor homes for Horizon for over five years. Most of the problems I have had were due to my own stupidity. I know working for them will never make me rich $$ wise. But, I have had an opportunity to see 49 states and most of Canada. My wife has enjoyed going with me on occasion and she really enjoys it when I get out of the house for a week or so. I do have a tow car, but only take it with me about 10 per cent of the time. Most of the time I travel from load to load by using Amtrak.

    I am retired and I am in no rush to go anywhere.

    I think this would be a tough job for a person with kids at home. You would really have to work your butt off to make enough to take care of them, let alone not being home most of the time.

    I annualize on each load. And I expect to net 30-50 percent of the gross on average.

    Horizon is a fair company, they are not in the business to loose money and if they do, I will not be working with them for long. If you don't have the stones to work for yourself and control your expenses this not the place to hang your hat. Go get a 9 to 5 with weekends off. I like it here and don't pay much attention to whiners. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

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  • 66
      24th of Nov, 2017

    @Coasty Good summary... I am in the process of hiring in at the same capacity with the same intentions, with exception to Am Track, I may try the rental car avenue first. I have a good history with Enterprise ... Anyway, I've been in the trucking industry 32 years, been a company driver (several different ones), been an O/O leased to several different companies and had my own company / authorities with many O/O's leased to me. In fact, I dare to say, I was the first in the country to offer a "guaranteed" $1.00/mile to O/O's and made damn sure they got 3000 plus miles a week... Tried the retirement thing, don't like it, going to go do the Driveaway thing... Like anything in life, it's CYA, and things will be just fine... BTW, you old timers may remember, the first company I leased to many moons ago was "Morgan Driveaway" ... LOL, most youngins' won't have a clue as to who that was..

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  • Ja
      1st of Oct, 2009

    A driveaway driver is usually considered the "lowest of the low" in the world of trucking. Drivers go through phases of "low", whether student drivers, JB HUNt, Schneider, etc. that hire new drivers from the truck driving schools, ... it is just the way drivers are, always looking for someone to look down upon. Personally, the lowest of the low are Premeir drivers: they all seem to be from North Africa, being paid 19cents per mile while the owner of the company is building a ten million dollar barn in Missouri for his show horses. But, outside of the big rigs, the lowest of the low are the RV drivers and this includes the transport drivers in straight trucks (U-Haul) and RV's so be prepared to be "dissed' out on the road, even if you are driving a half million dollar piece of ICC freight and the truck driver is hauling trash. On the flip side, most professional truckers who came to driveaway had a hard time with it because they were use to getting paid to wait at dealerships, pay for deadhead miles, pay for hotel rooms, etc... all of which driveaway doesn't do.

    Driveaway counts for nothing as far as experience is concerned. Having worked 9 years for Horizon transport as a driveaway driver, no trucking company wants me, even with 19 years experience on the highway, because I come from the driveaway field. Most want three years of RECENT driving experience so getting a job after transporting is difficult. I liked the freedom of driveaway which is why I stayed with it but you are not investing anything career wise if you do this because it counts for nothing to the trucking companies; and I have a CDL class A, Hazmat, tanker, doubles and triple endorsement, three years experience, etc.

    In general, on the positive side, you are trying to make $100 a day and you shouldn't pay any taxes due to the writeoffs. Forget about mileage or hours; that's what you are trying to pull, and that includes deadhead. It seems like the guys that did best were over 65 because they could fly back at huge discounts. (Forget about backhauls; if you get one it is only icing on the cake.) They also had wives back home who could get on the computer and search for cheap flights while they did the driving. Also, most of these guys wives had jobs and they were covered under her benefits plan. With pensions, Social Security, paid off houses, health insurance from the wife's job, a "come and go as you please" schedule, driveaway was a decent job for the retired.

    What the driveaway comapnies are looking for are pickup trucks to deliver trailers. I never saw the sense in this because yoou need to buy a $40, 000 truck plus add ons in order to get started. In one year, you had 100, 000 miles on your truck, a thousand dollar payment and a truck worth, well, ... $15, 000; but you still had $35, 000 left on the loan. I have met many a driver that would sell me their truck if I would just take over the payment. Of course the companies love this because if you are stuck in a truck and have a high payment, you have to keep working -making them money- to keep your head above water. But think about it: if all the companies are begging for pick up truck drivers, but can't get them, the numbers don't add up. In other words, if the job were so good, they would have a waiting list of drivers and owner operators. One of the best jobs in trucking is Walmart; the fact that they have a waiting list TELLS YOU SOMETHING. The fact that the transport companies are begging for drivers (you take all the risks), well, that tells you something, doesn't it?

    Horizon had a dispatch system where the driver could pick his own runs off the computer. This worked out well when they were busy, but now that things have slowed down, the computer pick system has turned into a nightmare. What happened is that dispatch would put on the computer that there would be, say, five loads about to appear on the computer at the top of the hour. But at the top of the hour, all the loads were gone. Here's the scam: the the loads went to the "first pick' of the shuttle drivers so all the loads were disapearing out the back door. The problem was, you could not be a shuttle driver unless Alice, (I think that was her name), the van driver, picked you to be a shuttle driver. So unless this minimum wage shuttle driver liked you or picked you to shuttle, you couldn't get a run. It seemed like "that nice young couple from Nappanee" was always getting all the good runs. In other words, all of her friends. Another problem is that they want the Rv's off the lot the day they came in, so the driver had to be on the lot to get a run. I started sitting there day after day waiting for a run. One driver, a friend of Alice (FOA), got a run going to California. He went, came back, got another run to California ALL THE WHILE I WAS SITTING THERE waiting for a run. I told dispatch that they had to get a waiting list started so that I would eventually HAVE to get a run but they didn't want to change their system. It was like musical chairs at the top of the hour without any chairs. After 9 years, I figured they just wanted to get rid of me for some reason so I just quite the company and went to work for someone else. The problem is this; we drivers make major investments in tow cars, equipment, career tracks; to do this job as it is intially presented to us. To change all the rules after this investment is a ripoff, unbelievably unfair. If they want to PHASE a new system in, that would be different, but a lot of us drivers got shafted by the sudden change in rules. Especially those of us from out of town. Having to be on the lot for days at a time, never knowing if you are going to get a run when home is 500 miles away; lets just say there were a lot of very angry out of town drivers.

    If you are considering a job in this field, you really should live in the area, expect about $100 a day when all is said and done, 50% deadhead and no benefits but no tax problems either. I don't see the point in buying a truck for the job but you might want to try it if you already have a truck. In a perfect world, I would go to The West coast and Amtrak back, or fly. I will never take a bus overnight again. Some drivers don't mind this, thinking that the $500 for a bus pass for 90 days is the way to go but I am only 5'6" and I am extremely uncomfortable on the bus. Also, the busses are packed at night, when you most need a second seat to sleep on. When my tow car goes, I will proably leave the field because you are just giving your car away to the company. If you like to work on cars, know your way around most of the repairs and have no problem driving a $500 beater through the Mohjave desert in the middle of the night, then a tow car might work for you, but I just don't see the money in these short runs where you only make a $100 bucks but take two hours hooking up yourcar to the back of a pretzel truck, mess around with the lighting, worried that you car might fall off the back, etc... a lot of work for a one day trip.

    Rumour is that Horizon was always hiring new drivers, even as their old drivers sat there with nothing to do: here is the scam. We think that Horizon was getting paid by the government to hire new drivers and thus reduce unemplyment. The new drivers would go through the three days of safety school, and on Wednesday they would be dispatched on a run. When they got back, they were now part of the driver pool. They would sit, and sit, and sit, just like us old drivers. When they would ask where all the freight was, we would tell them there wasn't any. They were just hired and got one run so that Horizon would get " a commission" from the government agency for hiring a driver. The turnover at Horizon wasn't 100 % year, more like 100% a month. Management does not care about the experience of their drivers. Drivers are a dime a dozen and if they could make a buck constantly hiring drivers, what did they care. The freight got moved.

    Horizon lost a lot of drivers when Monaco coach closed down their factory in Wakarusa, Indiania, and Monaco was the core of the company. But, they have since re-opened that plant and their is freight moving out of there. With Obama in the White house, I wouldn't expect a luxury item like a RV to be a big seller as it was in the Bush days so i would be careful about getting into this end of the business. BUT, Canada, especially the oil patch in Alberta, is not having the same problems as the US is having so there is some RV traffic. I just got back from an RV delivery in Winnipeg. Again, be careful. A lot of drivers can't be bothered with Canada. One driver I know had a DUI from 1974 when he was in the ARmy and Canada won't let him in the country.

    Although Horizon is across the street from Utilitymaster, a major producer of what I call "pretzel" trucks (UPS, FedEx, Cintas, box trucks, postal trucks...) there was a rumour when I left that they were not giving Horizon any of their business because they had a falling out with someone in the office. I noticed there was only one utility truck available for us drivers, going 25 miles, when we use to have at least 15 to 20 a day. That was last year but maybe that has changed, but don't assume it if you are considering working for the company.

    The Rv business died nearly overnight in september of 2008. Looking at the causes will help you decide whether you should invest your time in this business.
    1) fuel hit $4.oo a gallon. It is now "normal at $2.65, so that should not be much of a factor.
    2) the stock market crashed wiping out the buyers 401k plan. In the Bush administration, people had this money to buy an expensive toy like an RV.
    3) the housing market bubble burst. People who used the equity in their homes to buy an RV suddenly had no equity.
    4) Monaco in Wakarusa closed its doors and moved back to Oregon. It has since been sold and they are making Rv's in the Indiania factory but the Rv market is weak due to the economy. Canada seems to be the customer.
    5) Elkhart, Indiania is "ground zero" for the recession with a whopping 21% unemployment. There are a lot of people available for driveaway, pushing the cost of labour, your pay, downward.
    6) the President of the country is socialist and, like Jimmy Carter, there will probably be hard economic times until their is a new administration. He seems to be an ideologue, so there is probably no reasoning with him and he shows no intention of changing is mind about his world view.
    7) talked to two Horizon drivers a few days ago. they say the dispatch system is still in place, you have to shuttle to get a run, and Alice still decides who shuttles.
    8) You have to be on the Horizon lot to get a run so be prepared to do some camping out if you are from out of town.
    9) the Eugene Oregon office (Coburg, Oregon) is promoted as the drivers 'backhaul" source but that office is keeping itself alive by driving repossessed Rv's from the Banker's lot to the Auction, then from the auction to the dealership that bought it. In other words, don't rely on that office to get you back East. You'll probably just run up and down the Califrnia coast.

    Although I did try to get back with Horizon, assuming it was better than assembling bikes at WalMart, they said they didn't want me because of some damage I did to one of the Units. I hit an alligator tread on the most crowded road in the US, south of chicago where 90, 80, 94, all run together below the lake. It knocked off my muffler and cost about $900 to fix. but they took my entire $1500 deposit for it, so as far as I am concerned, they actually made a profit from my little accident. You would think they would be anxious to get me back.

    Although I enjoyed the company and the work I did for them, Mel shrock, the founder has since died and his son Marion has taken over. Although Marion is honest, I think his heart is into being the preacher at his own church and has turned over the management of the company to others. with the changes they have made to the dispatch system, I would be careful about joining the company with any expectations of making any money. You may be a hard worker but what good is it if they don't get you a run. As long as the shuttle drivers get first choice, and Alice chooses who the shuttle drivers are going to be, I would be wary.

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  • Ph
      5th of Feb, 2010

    Well, a friend of mine is getting ready to contract with Horizon Transport. I was considering it, myself. It sounds a bit one sided, though. As a matter of fact, it sounds a lot like a C.R. England lease deal. All for them and very little for the driver.

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  • Rc
      14th of Apr, 2010

    Horizon is a joke they are in buisness to make money and they do, but as a driver you don't. Getting your deposit back is a job. I emailed the owner because the people in the office treat you like the plague. He is just as bad when I emailed him a third time to tell horizon they had everthying back he quit retuning my email how convient. I makes you wonder about a company that has been around awile with this bad of a reputation with its past drivers. You would be lucky to break even. Horizon will cost you money to get on as a contractor DON"T SPEND IT you will lose it. I can't imagine how many drivers they go thru they dont actualy lie to you they just don't answer your questions.. This is my opinion of Horizon I hope someone thinking of contracting for horizon reads this and walks away

    RCM Surprise AZ

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  • Rv
      21st of Apr, 2010

    Horizon is the best company in the business to work for. And if your smart you can make money at this job. If your tow away ask questions before you buy a truck so that you don't overspend on one and buy more truck than you need. Thats the problem as well as most people do no preventative maintenance. They drive them until they drop. Another issue is a lot of guys want to go in one direction Florida or Texas. Its all pavement go where the reloads are. Eating out, casinos, and strip clubs are other downfalls. Dont get into the drama and negative talk. Every trip isnt going to be a pot of gold take the good with the bad. If your frustrated take the day off. Wake up and I guarentee tomorrow will be better. Go to church on the road I do and it keeps you grounded. Stay faithful in your tithing also. The staff at Horizon is there to help you dont be scared to ask questions as they are more than happy to help you. Im not just talking out of my butt either ive made the mistakes I was one of the dummies who bought a 54k truck and wore it out carelessly in 2 years. SAVE SAVE SAVE for rainy days. Although I laxed on maitenence with it I saved 10% of EVERY load for repairs and it paid off big when I had an idler pulley freeze up and snap my serpentine belt 24 mile from the Elko Nv exit and 3 days later when I dropped my tranny in the Mojave desert yes it was 8k in tow trucks and repairs. 900 alone for my truck and trailer in Elko for the tow but I was prepared. But had I keep up my mait. and inspected my vehicle like I should had this could have been prevented. Its all a tax write off anyways. The new truck was about 1/2 the price and no there are no bells and whistles but were here to work not ride around and look good. Outfit it properly (ie.DOT approved sleeper) Woodhouse Dodge in Nebraska makes a great on that fits in your cab. It makes all the difference in the world when you rest properly. Its DOT legal so you can sleep anywhere like rest areas. So basically one ticket and a shut down covers the cost. Buy a fuel Tank and buy fuel where it is a better price. That too will pay for its self in the long run. We just had our new one installed @ Dually Depot and I like there tank because it is a fairly simple system and I like the size of the dash indicator and the fact its just lights. Keeps it simple and uncomplicated. Laptop is key and mobile printer is a GODSEND. Use that laptop like your married to it. Dont wait until the end of your trip and try to find a reload. Respect your dispatcher. Remember they are human too and your not the only driver they have. Help them and they will help you. Just dont kiss butt and suck up thats terribly annoying. Be yourself and not one way at Horizon and as soon as you leave the parking lot act another way. So by help them I mean if they ask a favor do and I am certain when you need a favor they will return it. Dont cuss at them either. Its not nice. If you dont like what your told dont be a whiny butt and bother Mr. Marion hello hes not Dr. Phil and I personally find it annoying when people use JESUS AS A TOOL to get their way. Mr. Marion owns our company and he has bigger fish to fry like running his company so we all have a place to work. I think he has enough stress without whiny people pestering him when they dont get their way. He is a great guy and he allows us to approach him unlike many of the other companies but dont pester him with non sense. Thats why he has hired a chain of command. I personally feel that bothering him should be your LAST resort. Nobody at Horizon is out to get you and steal your money. You make a mistake OWN UP TO IT and be honest an dfollow the guidelines laid out for us. If your having issues talk to someone I personally went through an ordeal myself a few years back and had to take a significant amount of time off and EVERYBODY was very supportive of the whole ordeal from the start but I put my fair share of effort back and ran to the best of my ability healthwise at the time. Contrary to the rhetoric we dont go through near as many drivers as other companies. Keep your dot required up (logs etc. this makes life better for all of us at scales etc. it helps keep our reputation up an dour safety rating down) Remember we are the customers and dealerships only face they have to put with their unit. We are their face of customer service and we should be our best at all times under dispatch. Ok now to towaway. INVEST in a good tow car not a beater. I also have a tow car which is a great deal to have the option to do both. Stay off of public transportation have your car at all times. You never know where your next reload is. Dont be the dummy who turns down reloads because its more then 100 miles away. You miss a lot of money that way. And STAY out of the hotels your throwing your profit away. Keep to yourself finding running mates usually cost you in the end. As for both only believe about 2% of what you hear out on the road and dont put your trust in everyone because you will find yourself used quite a bit by some of these people out here. Rember ask before you leap of the money cliff so you dont spend more than you need to. Stay positive and remember you wont get rich but you can make an honest living at this job. I just wonder one thing though "If Horizons so bad than why do some of these posts say they tried to get their jobs back?

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  • Rv
      22nd of Dec, 2010

    As with most companies, there are good experiences and bad experiences. There are also jobs that fit and jobs that don't fit a particular person.

    If you want to keep up-to-date on RV Transport related issues try visiting this blog site:

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  • Mi
      2nd of Jun, 2011

    a big thank you to every contributor since 2008! I was going to try and talk myhusband into doing RV driveaways for Horizon as a retirement activity. After all that I have read about the hard lessons and experiences outlined in the comments above, I will not only not waste my time and money in pursuing a contract with Horizon! Thank you all so much from a grateful would-be driver from Michigan.

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  • Ro
      16th of Jun, 2011

    I currently work for Horizon & have not experianced ANY of the complaints mentioned...please note the dates complaints were made, over 2-3 years ago when the RV bussiness was slow...things have changed since then...if I don't do a trip for a week, my dispatcher is calling asking me to do a trip...

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  • Rv
      20th of Jun, 2011

    Dead head miles will kill your profit. They have zero interest in helping you keep these miles down. They have zero interest in reload deals on the west coast from the bigger auctions. The rude salesman wanted to get off the phone to get more FEMA load calls. Funny, those loads never showed up on the load board. Neither did the hook and tow loads. Rescued a trailer from a breakdown that had one trailer loaded on a flatbed and towing another. Yes, they will jack your load if you have a breakdown even if you give them a repair date. Not one of the special family members or friends then you get to play the lottery system they have for computer dispatch. There is something higher than the TAC rating they have and that is being family or close friends who get dibbs before a load hits the board. Could they match drivers with reloads to keep their deadhead miles down? Yes, but they are unwilling to do so. 2008 was bad and showed how bad this company is and zero care for their drivers. Even the fellow who won a new truck said he didn't make any money there yet.

    As far as the IRS - these butt wipes need to be sued for you being an employee not an independent contractor. Because at audit time they make a company officer sign as themselves not as a company officer. This and documentation they supply to the IRS can get your expenses wiped off your taxes. This example has 2 drivers for a company formed to haul RV's for them. The specific non negotiable route they give you is a good example of being an employee. Damaged a trailer bad with a fresh tar and chip road rock blasting the front of the trailer. Other routes were available and we did not pay for the damage to the trailer.

    Requiring a new expensive pickup is stupid. Other companies like Success Transport do not require a specific year, thus removing a $700 payment from your books for a newer rig.

    Fuel will be your biggest expense when you are getting less than 10 MPG towing. Deadhead at 18 MPG is better to wait for a load.

    Some cut expenses by sleeping in the trailers they tow. Good luck with restrooms.

    Simply put there are better companies out there for towing RV's. Horizon Transport is not one you can make money with - unless you are a favorite.

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  • Az
      15th of Jul, 2011

    The biggest problem I have with Horizon is like most other comments that have been made here. They will not stand behind their contractors and their computer dispatch system is not always accurate.
    I am a current contractor in the drive away division and will be a former contractor by the end of the month. I have made this decision not because I cannot handle my business and make money, but I cannot overcome financially the mistakes that Horizon makes by not verifying information that they post on their load board. You would think that they would verify that a load actually exists before dispatching someone on it, but no they route you to it by giving you something else that delivers relatively close then for no apparant reason the load you were supposed to pick up once you deliver your original load has vanished and you are stuck. They then have nothing else close for a reload and you either deadhead home or have to find transportation back home or to Wakarusa. How can I plan when Horizon fails to verify information that they post on their load board? Not only do they post the load they dispatch the load. Is that not a contract? Just because Horizon fails to verify that a load actually exists should not relieve them from their contractual obligations to a contractor when said contractor accepts a load based on information given by Horizon to be factual and correct.
    Bottom line is this...Horizon will lie to you. Do you really think they deserve you when they will lie to you? They will not stand up for you. They will take hundreds of orders to pick up and deliver RV's for manufacturers without verification from the owners of these RV's if they can actually be picked up. When you call the owners to see when you can pick the units up it is only then when you find out you have driven hundreds of miles to only be disappointed when they tell you that they have already settled with the same manufacturer that placed the order with Horizon who contracted you to go get said unit to bring it back to Elkhart for repairs. Then you are screwed! Horizon will tell you thats just the way this business is...News flash Horizon...It would not have to be this way if you would verify with the owner of the RV instead of the manufacturer of the RV if the unit is actually available. Post factual information on your automated dispatch system and you will not be open to a liable suit.

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  • Ji
      18th of Jul, 2011


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  • Ho
      21st of Sep, 2011

    i have been with horizon for 8 yrs, I quite them 1 yr ago, , now ---ill say this if you do not have ways to cut cost stay away its a night mare...i fly free, , i get fuel discounts. my wife worked for shell oil co.derector of adavatizing dept... i sleep in the motor home and use every thing in it (this is not allowed)..i discountect the gen wire to the hour meter and run every thing.i have a ball if you cannot or will not do these things YOU WILL GO BROKE working for them..they have a full class every week for new drivers.if just 10% stayed on they would have 50, 000 drivers their now, , , , use your head before you do it...SORRY HORZION BUT YOU JUST ARE A BUNCH OF BLOOD THURSTY DONT CARE BUMS AT THE TOP...THE REST DIAPATHCERS LOW RANKING OFFICE WORKER ARE OK...

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  • Kp
      28th of Sep, 2011

    Well I'm seriously thinking about driving for Horizon's. I'v done Driveaway work in the past for another Company for about 4 years, and the whole time I was there I never had any Problems.
    But the one day I take a bus back becuse its not workng right, they let me go! talk about wrong. that company was Roadrunner driveaway in ks.
    But from what I'm reading it sounds Like Horizons is the way to go. if you have more info on Horizons please email me at -->>[protected]

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  • Ia
      2nd of Jul, 2012

    Many of these Transport Companies DO NOT HAVE UNINSURED MOTOIST MEDICAL for the DRIVING CONTRACTOR. A chap I know had a head on collisin with a young man that DID NOT HAVE INSURANCE. Guess what. That driver was ON HIS OWN for the repair of his tow car, the tow company that took it off the highway after the crash of the vehicle he was transporting by the youngster that DID NOT have insurance.


    Some think it would be a good idea to form a class action law suit against the TRANSPORT COPANIES to require them to carry Uninsured Motorist Medical for their DRIVE AWAY DIVISISONS./ Operations.

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