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I have been ripped off and certainly will NOT be shopping at Horchow ever again! In short, I ordered a set of armchairs for which I paid $999 ($1179 with Delivery and Processing). Upon receiving the merchandise, I opened the shipping package to find, to my utter dismay (and shock, quite frankly), that each chair had an attached T.J. Maxx pricetag listing their individual prices as $199.99 (with a "Compare At" price of $375...that would have been a steal to what I paid, sucker that I am).

I purchased these chairs assuming I would be receiving quality furniture worthy of the price (and name) and instead was hoodwinked into purchasing ridiculous knock-offs and paying just shy of 3 times what I would have paid if I'd driven down the street to my local discount store.

I contacted the customer service department and they were just all baffled confusion and simply couldn't understand how such a mistake happened ("perhaps they were mismarked", etc.). Unfortunately the pricetag describes the chair in the same manner Horchow does online. This cannot be a case of mismarking, so does Horchow now buy merchandice from T.J. Maxx, mark it up, and sell it to the (apparently gullible) public? They offered to pick up the chairs and I'm ONLY out the $180 it took to ship the crap to my home (they graciously won't make me pay the $125 return fee). What a bitter lesson to swallow.


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