Hong Leong Bank Berhadsnatch shield protection plan

To Hong Leong Bank Manager,
I, Shaymol @ Muhammad. Nizam Bin Jamal would like to lodge a complaint with a specific party regarding the snacth shiield protection plan product where I fill out the form at Hong Leong Subang Jaya SS15 / 4G.
In November 2017, I and my wife went to the branch to fill out the form and the staff treated me to ask for my details and wife identification card for the processing of the product. The staff sent me in the account must have RM200 to deduct it. And the staff tells the length of time it will be ready and posted the policy to the house.
In April 2018, I contacted MSIG Insurance to claim insurance because my wife and I had a snatch. MSIG Staff says that my wife and I have no details in the system. The staff asked for a policy number and I said no police. MSIG staff told me to go to the Hong Leong Bank branch where I listed.
I went straight to the branch and wanted to see the staff I signed up for. There is an Executive name of Jomalina Binti Johar who to help the case what I told about the Insurance I took. She checked in the system saying it was in their permiss. but have not been sent to MSIG. She will go to MSIG to check my details.
After that week I returned to the branch and found the officer saying that there was no form at the branch. I'm really surprised what they say. And she said to investigate this matter. I have been waiting 2 or 3 weeks no response from this bank. Because our money has been cut. I had to input RM200.
I hope the party can assist my case before complaining to Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) Thank you.

May 31, 2018

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