Hometown Buffetan food allergy that my daughter had and how the manager handled it.

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On 2/14/2017 I took my family out for dinner. My mother, who is ill wasn't feeling good enough to eat after all so I asked for a refund on her meal, and I was told that she had to get it OK'd by management. I left the receipt and took my 5 yr old to get ice cream and she wanted sprinkles. My daughter is allergic to peanut so I'm very careful. Well there was no peanuts or no peanut crumbs and no signs so I'm thinking it was oak to give her sprinkles. Well a few minutes later my daughter is crying because her tongue is swollen and she says it hurts her. So I ran to get her medicine bag and gave her benadryl immediately. I sat there and watched her closely to make sure I didn't have to give her the EPI PEN. Luckily the benadryl was enough. But she still had blotches on her face. Well I went back to get my refund and told the girl at the front desk. She called manager and I told her and she just gave me my refund from my mothers dinner that she didn't end up eating and said sorry. She didn't ask to see my ill girl or didn't say anything more.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Rancho Cucamonga, CA I went back to gather our things and went to the restroom, she then came to me and told me earlier in the day there was peanuts. She said she wanted to look her self and tell me so 'I WOULDN'T THINK I'M GOING CRAZY." First of all why would I think I'm crazy? I know what my daughter is allergic to and I told her she should have signs up or something because peanut allergies can be deadly. She seemed to get defensive after and said she is a mother and she knows and that she will tell corporate something. But what bothered me is she didn't ask about my daughter or even go to see how she is or if she needed anything. But what she told me and how she handled the situation I didn't appreciate it at all. This was something serious. I wasn't looking for a free meal. My daughter had bloches on her face and I almost had to get the EPI-PEN, if I had to do that then I'm sure you guys wouldn't appreciate that on your hands. If you notice there are a lot of signs that say peanut allergies or peanut free zone. I know the contamination that is involved with all you can eat buffets but there was no signs of peanut or crumbs at all or I wouldn't of sprinkled them on my ill girls ice cream. And your manager should of been a little more concerned.

Feb 17, 2017
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  • Ca
      Feb 17, 2017

    Your minor daughter is your responsibility. If peanuts can kill her, taking her to a buffet is the last thing you should be doing.

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  • To
      Feb 20, 2017

    @CareyRL im very cautious of what my daughter eats and i made sure because im the one who put sprinkles on her ice cream. if i wouldve seen any trace of peanuts i wouldve never gave them to my daughter. they shouldve had signs up or used other dishes. there wasnt any empty trays to have had peanuts in it so im complaining because i wouldnt of known. but thank you for your concern.

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