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HomEq Servicing / Stolen Payment

1 Dayton, OH, United States Review updated:

We are also victims of a scam from Homeq Servicing. We made our December 2008 payment and it has cleared my bank and the money has been take out of my account. I received my January 2009 staement in mail and see that we owe for December 2008. I knew this was not correct. I contacted several different CSR personnel on several occasions and keep gettineg the run around. I have faxed at least to three different people a copy of the check that cleared the bank for December and they state that they need a better copy of the back of the check. The original back of the check is jus t like the copy i sent. However they did not notify that they needed a better copy. I found this out three days la try toter when i called again. I was not aware that they also have a compnay in North Carolina. There was a manager from North Carolina that was suppose to be helping me resolve this issue but is no longer with the company. He turned this over to someone else who will not return my phone calls. Needless to say i have not been very nice when i call because i am hitting a dead end. No one will help me or give me phone numbers to the legal department or te finance department so i can resolve this...I have done so much research on my part to locate who took my money. I have even went as far as to call Wackovia which is their financial instutution. I continue to show that i am a month but i will pay it twice when it has already been paid...Something needs to be done. I had perfect credit and payment history with this place until a few months ago. There is a problem within this company. If anyone knows of a goood phone number where someone can be reached other than customer service plase post it... I am not giving up. I will get this taken care of one way or another and they will end up paying my mortgage for me

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  • Pa
      18th of Feb, 2009
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    I dont trust mailing my payment in to this co. They are theives and they just want to give you their late fee. Here is what I do so that they can never say that I am late. I go to and pay over their website. It is free to pay this way. I make sure to print out a copy with my reference # on it so that they can not play games.

    Can anyone tell me if they can get out of the 3 year prepayment penalty that I am stuck with. I am currently paying 10.40% .

  • Ch
      27th of Dec, 2010
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    I had to pay twice for the same month in august, when homeq was bought out buy ocwen. this was in 2010. im trying to get the bank statement that says i paid it twice. i got two bills. one from homeq, and one from ocwen. both staing that i owed for august. so i paid it to homeq. just assuming that since ocwen bought them it all hash out. not the case. homeq took my money. then ocwen sent me a bill for august. i couldnt believe it. i think their both shotty companies. that shouldnt be allowed to do things like this. i hope this doesnt happen often. anyways i have to get my bank statement and fax it to ocwen. i pray to god make this right.
    chris, bay city mi.

  • Ge
      12th of Feb, 2011
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    Well HomEq has failed to forward my payment history to Statebridge also and I think Statebridge is shisty also I have done nothing but fight with HomEq for the last two yrs. on my payment so I copied off from thier web site when it was up but now it isn't!!! but anyways it's posted as me paying the $1, 500.00 something twice but not showing the reason why? And about not to long ago I sent them $15, 000.00 to not only catch me up but to put the rest on the principle which never happened!!! I want to know where my money is going? Now I have to search thru all my papers which I know I have but it's just the point I think they try to wear ya down where ya just say piss on it!!! Well I'm not and they aren't getting this home!!! They already took my Brand New Home back in 2005 rifght from under my nose Homeloan did that is couldn't wait 3 days for me to get to Clevland to get my checks from another Attorney that my boss befriended where I lost my hand in a machine from thier carelessness the clutch brake mechanism went out of it finally and it fell on me!!! I was granted a Judgement till 2021 I think was and he just quit paying me and got AWAY WITH IT!!! I'm so sick of these people I don't know howq they sleep at night but know this they will have to answer to the big Guy (GOD)!!!

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