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HomEq Servicing / Predatory Lender

1 CA, United States Review updated:

This company has denied to modify my home under the Hamp program even though they participate in this program and receive government funding. They are in the business to take your property and could care less about the american people or they homes. There are thousands of complaoints about this company and somebody shold do something about this company. This company is one of the reasons why we cant rebound from our current state in this economy. The Barclays capital own this company and no consumer should purchase or buy anything that relates to this company or the owner of this company. Lets make a stand as american homeowners towards predatory lenders like the Barclays.

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  • Ar
      23rd of Jan, 2010
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    I agree, something has to be done about this organization. I too have been denied for the HAMP and also an in house modification by Homeq. Since I have been researching them and the complaints against them on the internet I am convinced this company needs to be audited and repremanded for its unfair practices. People from all over the country are complaining and with rights to complain. I personally got stuct with Homeq when my mortgage was sold and assigned to them.

  • Je
      14th of Feb, 2010
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    Wow. We live in the State of Maryland and are about to have our home foreclosed on by this mortgage company. We were told the same thing - to apply for HAMP - then we were rejected and they in fact wanted to raise our payments to make up for late payments.
    How can this happen and when will someone audit this mortgage company.

  • Ca
      3rd of Mar, 2010
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    Call your Senators!!!

    I have been trying to get a HAMP modification with HomEq for a year and they have pushed me into foreclosure proceedings twice stating that I didn't qualify. I have educated myself on this program and know that my front and back end ratios fall within guidelines. I have sent and resent every piece of documentation that they have asked for to include bank statements, divorce decrees, child support orders, my children's birth certificates, signed letters, paystubs, tax returns, hardship letters, affidavits, updated my financials on their website as well as over the phone... After my second denial I found that they didn't include child support and other sources of verifiable income despite the fact that it was used the first time around! When I asked the rep from the loan mod dept why the underwriters didn't include it, they said it was a mystery to them and they would research, get an answer and call me the next day. This happened three times. Each time, I never received a call back. The last time I remained on hold for 30 minutes while the rep called the underwriting office only to have him get back on the line and tell me that he couldn't get a hold of anyone (?) and would research it and call me back. Again, I never got the call.

    Someone told me to call my state Senators. Out of desperation, I did. Honestly, I didn't expect a response. I got calls from both of them within a week. They have both contacted the office of HomEq's CEO. I haven't received resolve through them yet. More to come. However, the both state they will be working on my behalf and will contact me once they have resolve. I never have received that answer as to why this income is not being use, but suddenly, even though I don't qualify for a HAMP modification the notes show that I do qualify for a "HomEq modification" to include a down payment of $4700 and a 2.7 interest rate (HAMP offers 2%).. This was only discovered when I called to find out status of my requests and I have received no formal notification. I have, however, had foreclosure notifications taped to my door.

    It is obvious that they do not want to do the HAMP modification and are trying to either push people into foreclosure or, with a little heat, a loan modification that they can better benefit from (HAMP does not require down payments and will often times lengthen the term of your loan and even gift any late fees or delinquent payments due in an effort to make your payments more "sustainable").

    The HAMP program was put into place by the President or the United States and these servicing companies have found loops holes so that they do not have to provide it to help those that it was intended to help. We need to ALL write to our Senators as it is an obvious hot spot with them...It remains to be seen if I will get the resolve i am looking for, but alll I know is that I am not going down without a fight!

  • Ar
      22nd of Jun, 2010
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    I bought my home with my G.I. bill when I got out of the service, back in 2005 I got into a relationship and after awhile we moved in with each other and she was paying all the bills for me I worked all day and she was home so I let her take care of the bills.Well lets say that I found out in 2008 that she wasn't keeping up with the bills we split up and the next thing I know is HomeEq was foreclosing on my house I tried to work something out with them but they wanted all this money which I didn't have.I contacted a lawyer and tried to get my house back nothing worked.I've still to this day have tried talking to them but this company does not care about you they just want the money or your house.As to this day my house still sits empty.To anyone that is thinking about getting a mortage thought HomeEq Mortage Company don't do it

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