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HomEq Servicing / Contact info for CEO and Chief Financial officer!

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I have the same complaint as all of you. Listed below is the email address' to the CEO and Chief Financial Officer of HomeQ Servicing. Maybe if enough people contact them - they will do something.

[protected] phone to Keith Becher

Good luck.

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  • Da
      25th of Oct, 2007
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    Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, HomEq Servicing has the criminal gall to tack on a $265 charge for supposedly having to
    inspect my home because I was late two weeks with a payment. Will somebody please bring a class-action lawsuit against this company!

  • Da
      25th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    I just left a message on the voice mail of Keith Becher of HomEq, telling him his company is hated. More people should do so: 916-339-6134

  • Ly
      15th of Nov, 2007
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    I spoke with Mr. Becher directly on 10-15-07. At that time I explained to him that I had been conned into entering a 3/27 ARM mortgage with a 5% prepayment penalty 0r $9300 dollars. I knew about the ARM, but was lied to about the prepayment penalty. I contacted Mr. Becher in hopes of invoking his sense of decency, especially in light of the sub prime market and predatory lending practices, to ask that either the penalty be waive or at lease be reduced. Well in his gentle even tone, he stated that I was nothing but a number to them and that all they wanted was my money. He also said he had investors he had to answer to and that he did not want to get sued by them. On Nov. 5, 2007, I refinanced with another company and don't you know they had the audacity to contact me on 10th to ask where my payment was. I had the complete satisfaction in telling them they would not receive another dime from me. Now they are holding my refund hostage which they are suppose to return within 20 day. But according to them they can hold it for 30 days. I will not allow them to make another dime off of me. I'm reporting them to the Calif. Atty Gen'l Office, Calif. Mortgage Bankers Assn., as well as the Federal Trade Commission. By the way, look at how many complaints again them with the Better Business Bureau

  • Rl
      22nd of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    Worst company to deal with they sent $1843 for taxes on my house and the correct about was $340. It took months to correct I refused to pay then they tried to foreclose on my house. These people never make a mistake just ask them. New Century sold my account to them 60 days after I signed papers. They are a joke they loose everything now the just add double insurance on my house out of the clear blue so now it's fight 56 over this problem. Hope someone has a class action against them.

  • Gm
      26th of Nov, 2007
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    I am a real estate agent trying to purchase a home on behalf of a client in a 'short sale' held by this company. It has been a nightmare. It has been 60 days since we put in our offer -- and the company has yet to respond... No wonder there is a housing crisis in the country.

  • Ro
      30th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    THESE PEOPLE ARE ANYONES WORST NIGHTMARE!!!! I can't wait for the day I'm rid of them. What a bunch of PUKES!!!
    They are just DYING to take anyones house. They are the apitamy of manipulative big corporate businees in America and could care less to help people keep thier homes.
    Please keep people aware of any legal action yhat will be taken against them. PLEASE!!!

  • Jo
      9th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    I'm sad to find out after over two years of harrassment by Homeq I'm not the only one! Today I get a harassing call from a homeq Representative (collection servises dept) tell me they can no longer accept personal check for payment, and they are sending back my payments and wanted me to arrange alternate payments, he then proceeded to tell me my home was in forclosure to sell Feb 25th, this put me in a heart attack mode and I almost paid him thousands of dollars over the phone, but did not. TODAY I get a statement (I requested) from Homeq showing we are uptodate with all our payments! When I call the company I get nothing but a runaround, thanks for posting the e-mail address of the SEO. I am not going to let these people get away with this, is anyone else in the process of any legal action against them? please let me know. These people are crooks, and Wachovia owns them they have to be held responsible for Homeq's unscrupulous behavior.

  • Pa
      10th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    Add me to the list of HOME Q haters !!


    Home Q are the biggest bunch of scam artists I know !
    Briefly what happened, we changed Homeowners ins. from Lib Mutual to Allstate-but in Florida Allstate dont write policies for Homeowners -they use Royal Palm, and after giving our check to Allstate they screwed up and Royal palm cancelled us (returned our original check)
    so we was without homeowners insurance for 5 weeks.(back in May 07) Now Home Q are charging me $1000 for 5 weeks coverage !! working out at 12 k a year !!! ( my policy is only 1500 a year)

    Ive had harrasing calls from Home Q collections about this escrow account they "opened for me" without my knowledge.
    Ive had conversations with the escrow dept, customer service and thier right hands dont seeem to know what the left is doing-they are threatening to report this on my credit report.
    -I pay my taxes etc direct to the county not thru them.

    IM not against paying them for the 5 weeks coverage -all im asking for is a common sense amount and not to be gouged but sadly they are all boneheads.

    If there is any class action Law suit-count me in- I want to hurt them where it hurts-in their bank account.

    They are just dying to report me to the credit bureaus as a bad payer.

  • Pa
      10th of Jan, 2008
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    PS Ive reported them to:
    the Florida states attorney
    the BBB
    and the Federal trades Commission

    and im about to talk to a lawyer..

  • Sc
      9th of Mar, 2008
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    Please give me any information on the class action as I would like to participate. Homeq send foreclosure paperwork in on me in a whim. twice within a year.

  • Na
      25th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    This company has ruined my families life, I have my home on the market and received a good offer that I accepted, my Realtor and I both sent all the documents they requested, it has been 45 days with no response and to top it off they say that they never received any documents, I saved all the fax reports to prove that I sent them, well my buyers ended up terminating the contract and putting in an offer on another property, I am trying to do the responsible thing here and they just shot it down. Last week I recieved papers that said my house will sold in a sherriffs sale, they have the time to take care of that paper work, but not mine. How can they do this? I have kids, a wife and I'm sure I'm not alone here!!! If there is some type of lawsuit going on I want to be apart of it.

  • Ka
      29th of Apr, 2008
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    Wachovia sold them off, they belong to Barclay's. They SUCK!

  • Mi
      1st of May, 2008
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    My simpathy to Mr. Naser Bader. I am also in a similar situation. Five months ago unable to meet my payments due to the loss of my employment, I submmitted all the documentation for a short sale.( I have proof ) Home Q never answered me. Instead they took the time to sent foreclosure notes, Sheriff eviction notes. About the short sale? Big silence. I have called almost every week to check the status of my case, every time a different person answer the phone, either one is an ignorant, rude or an IDIOT. I have faxed, E- mail, Post- office my documents (3 times already)and still they can't find them. My potential buyer tired of waiting is looking somewhere else for another house. Is there an Institution, an office Please!! someone that could nail HOMEQ?. This is the worse nightmare for any homeowner in trouble. Why dont we write to our Rep or State Senator? Maybe they will do something against Home Q.If there is a lawsuit going on, I want to participate!

  • Sh
      13th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    I need help also, Hurricane Katrina victim, 9.5 ft of water in house, lost everything, and then my husband passed on 2/27/08, times are very hard.

  • La
      7th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    HomEq people who answer there phone (when ever they decide to) don't have a single clue as to there job.They forclosed on us after 20yr. of never being late on a payment never mind missing one.When I informed the lady at the other end that they couldn't legally sell my home because the extra lot we own (not the bank) has our septic system on it and it is not secured by our HomEq loan.It will not go with the house and you can not sell a house legally without a septic period. She then asked me what is a septic system(Duhh !)I told her no insult ment but they gave her a job she was not trained for, and she agreed.They still won't meet with us to negociate a sale for the other lot with the septic system on it after 7mo.Please put my name at the top of the list of HomEq hatters and put me in with any Lawyer who reads all these complaints and not trip over a gold mind in law suit money from a class action law suit against HomEq Carpet Baggers.

  • De
      3rd of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    my comment about homeq is that they suck, my house has been abadone for 2 1/2 years and iam welling to make a deal and they keep screwing around i guess they don't want there money at all. somebody do something.

  • Jo
      10th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I just reported HomEq to the BBB, OCC, FTC and will be contacting the Attorney General's office. I got stuck in a horrible loan and was not disclosed the PPP until the night of closing and could not say no or I would loose all the money I had already put up front. I have a chronic illness and was advised by their associates that because of my medical hardship I may be able to get it waived and refinance. I was later told only if I sold my home, would they waive the PPP. Does that make any sense? They can waive it, if I sell my home but not if I refinance. I work in the morgage servicing company and I've not heard of such a thing. The worst thing is, that the PPP on my second mortgage expires this month but I have to close on the refinance before then and they still won't waive it. I was basically told that because I wasn't a dead beat and wasn't in foreclosure that there wasn't anything they could do for me. THIS COMPANY SUCKS!

  • Di
      27th of Dec, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I totally agree with all the complaints from this company! I am a victim myself I refied 2yrs ago finding out HomeQ took my mortgage which orginaly was $1648 than misteriously was adj. to 2750 because of forced homeowners ins. and tax escrow. Than after taking on my own ins. again of $890 a yr. they never reimburssed me for the payments of $1800 on there forced homeowners ins. if that wasnt enough my payments went down only to $2376. Tryinf to refi was a nightmare I tried 3xs and because they never cooperated it never went through... Now im in negative escrow for taxes because they take more than they should. I get a letter from the township stating im delinquent with my taxes so I contact HomeQ and they say have no idea whats going on like always I get the run arounds so I pay out the pocket because I get another letter stating my home was going up for sale based on delinquent back taxes... At that point I feel hopeless, helpless and hurt having 2 kids and tring to make it. After getting an attorney involved they payed the taxes but never reimburssed me for what I payed. After a yr passed and couldnt handle the payment because my daughter was very sick and we didnt have health insurance so all expenses came out my pocket after explaining that to them they asked for copies of payments made for the hospital bills and a hardship letter. Those till this day they say they never recieved so about 2mths later I receive a letter of FORCLOSURE at that point it seemed that I had no way out of these theives! They stated if I paid $8600 dollars on there attorney fees court fees and so one I would beable to keep the house well if I had that money I wouldnt be in this situation in the first place. So I filed Chapter 13 and since making the payments 0f the orginal $1648 my attorney asked for a re-analyzed statement and found that they have not been accepting my payments and putting them in account to pay their own fees and nothing suitable to my interest. Im tring my best to get something started against them and have reported them to the BBB. If anyone has something against them in process please feel free to contact me I am willing to do what ever it takes to BRING THEM DOWN!!!

  • Ho
      24th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    In these difficult times, I even tried to work a short sale with them so that they could at least get some money out of it. More like pulling teeth with them. I had a buyer lined up, they refused to return our calls, or work towards getting the property sold. I gave up claimed Bankruptcy. That was last year, and now, I'm getting calls from them claiming that the mortgage is still owed. I even (tried) to read to them the Federal disclaimer that states very clearly they should not be contacting me/calling me since it is discharged.

  • Go
      26th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Please, please, please do NOT give in to these mortgage companies! If you are in foreclosure, near foreclosure, or possibly in modification take action now & you can do many things yourself for very little cost! Research a "Qualified Written Request" & write one to your mortgage company insisting on an itemized documents from the day that you signed your mortgage. Also, insist in the "QWR" that they "produce the note" to make sure that the are the note holder and/or find out who does. Once you have written a "QWR" they CANNOT report any negative activity (if any) on your account during this period. They have 20 days to resond to the request & then 60 days to "fix" your concerns. Make sure that this "QWR" is sent certified mail with return receipt (it is approx. $5-7 bucks & well worth it). In the "QWR" be specific about every document you want including all credits, debits, escrow, absolutely everything possible from the day you signed, even the application & appraisal. If you find any errors they may be held liable for $1, 000. each incident. I am not an attorney but I am going thru this myself. BY MYSELF & my mortgage co. has taken all my money. Many don't want the public to know some of these simple things you can do. Please try this, it may save your home.

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