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HomeComings Financial / loan modification

1 Waterloo, IA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 1-800-799-9250

In December of 2008 we were informed we qualified for a loan modification with Homecomings. They said they would send the papers to be signed and told me we did not need to send a payment until February 1, 2009 that is when our first modification payment was due. We had not received the papers so I called back to see what was going on and they said that they had sent them. They then said they would send them again and if we did not receive after 5 days to call back. At that time I ask "should I send a regular payment" they said " no you don't need to make a payment until February 1st. We did not receive the papers so after a week I called back. They said they sent the papers. We did not receive them. They then said they would send them next through FedEx. We did then receive the papers and we signed them and had them notarized and sent them back to Homecomings. We made are first modification payment on January 29 and then sent the next month before the due date for March. I now received a phone call last week from Homecomings that we are many months behind now and have just gotten a letter of foreclosure. I contacted Homecomings to see what was going on and they said, although we they had already let us pay 2 months on this modified loan and the interest rate had been lowered on both months statements, that it had been denied. No one had contacted us to tell us that and they continued to except the payments. Now we are moths behind on our mortgage due to their negligence. Can they do that approve you for a modification and then deny 2 months later? I thought a loan modification was permanent.

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  • Pi
      22nd of Apr, 2009
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    This is by far the worst company on the planet, service ir non existant and they do not care about people.

    They need to be investigated by the Better Business Bureua an put out of busines after they repay the 10000'ss of dollars they have ripped off from their customers!!!

    I ahve had 4 payments returned for NO EXPLAINED Reason, payment went from 800 dollars a month to over 1400 a month.

    Nobody desrves to be treated this way.

    Only in AMERICA can these thugs get away with this, I have hired an attorney and I am going to drag them into court, NOT THEIR LAYWER I want a HOMECOMINGS represenative on the carpet with me in the Judges office, and let the chips falll were they may!!!

  • Up
      9th of Jun, 2009
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    My husband is in the real estate industry, and we all know the industry is not going so well. We contacted Homecomings, to let them know that we were having financial difficulties. The sent us a package to fill out, it was sent mailed and faxed to them several times. After sending it to them, and repeatedly contacting them to see if they received it. They finally did- the temporary modifcation was accepted- we paid all three of our payments, the cashiers checks were cashed very quickly. We then received an approved letter letting us know that we were approved and our monthly payments were reduced. When we looked at the paperwork, it appeared that since our property taxes were lowered due to the decline of value property - this was the only reason that our monthly payments were reduced. A notary was sent to our house- the paperwork was sent out. I spoke to Homecomings Financial several times, who advised us that our payments were not due until June 1st with the new payment structure. In an attempt to make the payment agreed upon on time- i was unable to do this online, so i contacted them and they advised me that my modifcation was on hold, and my property was still in foreclosure. I spoke to representatives that did not appear to know what they were talking about- they did not know anything- all they mentioned was that they were going to send an email to the loan specialists- and i would receive a reply within 24-48 hrs- no response, so i called back. Had to explain my story again, and again, every rep explained a completely different story. I asked to talk to a supervisor, a manager- they all said they were going to all me back. Still no response.. and no one know what is going on with modification that was approved.

  • Jw
      14th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    The customer service agents in Loss Mitigation are incompetent. I realized after calling today that all they do is read off a script and are nothing more than Collectors disguised as "Customer Service" or "consultants". This is very irritating...

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