Homechoice / hisense fridge not delivered

My name is helgaardt de lange [protected].
I ordered a fridge online
Sunday morning 19-01-2017 everything was fine I received a order confirmation with my address. In that week I received a sms stating that my address change was sucsessful. I did not change my address. I called home choice and they said I don't have to worry every thing is fine and I let them change my address again. Three times that week I called same story to change my address and they didn't change my address final they said ok all is fine the fridge is rerouted to my address. Saturday 25 th january
The courier company called and said they are on there way to deliver my fridge but still at my old address I said no there has been a mistake they must bring it to my address they asked for my address and said its to late they will come next week. I phoned home choice again and confirmed my address again and it was still wrong. The operator changed it and said all is fine the fridge will be delivered at the latest tuesday 28-02-17. I phoned yesterday and the said sorry my fridge is going back to the wearhouse and that I should re apply for the fridge due to the address mix up that homechoice made I explained everything to the operator and she said she will see what she can do and after that I asked please to contak me and don't keep me in the dark like the whole time now. They didn't phone me back, I phoned again only to hear that home choice doesn't deliver furniture in my area and that I must give them another address so the can deliver the fridge there and I must go fetch my own fridge at that address. I asked why cant they deliver at my address but she said she is not allowed to tell me...

This service is not good at all
You tolled me I am getting my fridge
You change my home address with out my knowledge
You promised to deliver my fridge again
You send it to the wrong address
You gave me no feedback whatsoever
You want me to give another address to deliver my fridge and let me go fetch it there on my own
And then you tell me you don't deliver furniture in my area after I already received 2 deliveries (bedding and cell phones) at my address

I am a good customer and I would like this problem to be solved and I would like to be contackted please

Mar 01, 2017

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