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We purchased a remodel home 6 months ago, no one was living in the house at the time. All appliances are new including wall heater unit. There was no gas in the property at time of purchase, once gas was installed gas company came to check all appliances including, wall heater unit, (gas valve only) working december we tried to turn on the wall heater and were told by the gas company that it had a weak millivolt system on heater, to call hwa to repair that and call them back. We called hwa and were told that it was covered, we only had to pay $60 to the repair guy, which we did, now hwa is claiming it wont cover repairs, because there asking for home inspection that heater was working at the time, but there was no gas in the home, but heater unit is brand new. This is a rip off and we want our $60.00 back to make repairs ourselves, we have been at this since january 9th, first we were referred to a repair guy that is no longer in business, then we were told by the second repair guy that er needed a new gas valve, but we have a new gas valve (tested by the gas company in working condition, tested on 1/17/2015) this company is a rip off

Feb 10, 2015

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