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This company is listed on Craigslist they only have phone numbers to call for information on property offer you 3 days use for $5.95 and tell you must cancel at the end of the 3 days. I joined on Jan. 28, 2010 and was told that I must cancel by 1/31/2010. On 1/31/2010 there was no one available to cancel as that is Sunday. On the 1st of Feb they had already taken the $39.99 out of my bank account when I called on the as that is when they were finally in and spoke to the customer service dept I told them what had happened and the guy told me I should have cancelled before the 1/30/2010. I said that made no sense since I had 3 days services with them. He never mentioned that they had already taken money out of my bank account on 2/1/2010 for $39.99. This company is a complete ripoff to people who are trying to find a home. All they are doing is taking listings from Craigslist and using them as their own. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! /They do not have any address or phone numbers listed just that they are in California.

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  • Ia
      5th of Mar, 2010

    I highly advise against it. I am in the military stationed in San Diego. I called to figure out how to cancel my trial and the MANAGER called me, and ALL military, unethical warmongers. I was furious and was told I wouldn't receive my refund. After they "lost" the recording, and after I reported them to the Better Business Bureau, and after I called arguing with the most uncooperative staff ever, I got my $39.99 refund. They have no checks and balances with the company and they said they can voice their opinions... Which I agree they can, but it's pretty unprofessional. DO NOT USE HOMESTARSEARCH.COM

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  • Ce
      8th of Mar, 2010

    I called them to cancel my membership because after contacting the people in the homes, one of the ladies in a house that was posted on their site was very shocked and surprised and said that she did not know why her information was on there. she was a very nice lady and seemed pretty upset. so right away I thought this company was scamming a lot of people. I politely called them to cancel my membership and the man on the phone got very upset with me for contactingthe home owners saying, to only contact them by mail, even though I was told that I could contact them by phone in the beginning. when I told him that, he said um let me finish please. so i stopped to think why did he just talk to me like that, and continued on to say just cancel my membership. he continued to cut me off again saying mam you need to listen to me, those people lie to you just let me finish what im trying to say. so i said no i will not listen, i dont care, cancel my membership. Im still waiting for their "confirmation email"

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  • Am
      11th of Mar, 2010

    Omg I just saw all the charges, 2 times a month 29.95 since i signed up in Jan 10, I canceled my account 2 days after i signed up because their website never worked, now they are searching for the phone records. this is insane.

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  • Ni
      16th of Apr, 2010

    These people are definitely scammers. I saw a beautiful listing on craigslist with a local number on it. However, when I called it someone named John picked up and said I would have to sign with the site and pay a processing fee of $5.95 for a ten day trial period. When I logged on to the site, NONE of the properties they had on craigslist could be found nor were there any pictures of any kind of the interior of any of their listed properties. And if you check the information on the properties, all of the last updated information is dated in 2009!!! The information they are most likely "borrowing" from other sources are all outdated. They need to be shut down! And they need to get off of craigslist. I called back not even an hour after I initially signed up and spoke to someone named J who eerily sounded like the John I signed up with. When I asked if I had spoken to him earlier he stated that we had not. I requested immediate cancellation. I received an email promptly stating that my account had been cancelled. Funny thing is, I never told J what my email was... Mmmmmm..

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  • An
      26th of Apr, 2010

    I had a similar experience. I was looking for a street address for a local listing with a local number on Craigslist. The number connected to L.A. Jarrod started with trying to get me to sign up to many services with a nominal start up fee. I said no to everything but the 10 day trial. Because he assured me the contact information for the home. I searched their website, did not find the property and called customer service, their message said call back during business hours, which it was. I called the original number back and got a very young man, Lemont, who kept saying he was new. He transferred me to customer service who answered this time. J. refused to give me his full name but insisted on mine. I tried to tell him my problem during which he kept cutting me off with comments like " I'm sorry you're having a bad day". This turned into an arguement. Finally, I told him if he couldn't supply the information on the property, I wanted my money back. He said I should let him tell me how to navigate the website. I had already done the search, but did it again with him on the phone. We did not find the listing. Surprise! I asked for my money back again and he said it's nonrefundable. I asked for an address for the company and a contact. He said send my letter to J.
    I can only imagine the months of headache in store for me trying to stop charges.
    PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. They will not provide you any service.

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  • An
      28th of Apr, 2010

    Two days ago I signed up for the "free trial" to look at the postings on (funny how the free trial costs $5.95...) and then tried calling back the next day only to be run around and treated with no consideration whatsoever. After hanging up on them twice because I couldn't get anything accomplished, I started to read complaints online about this company. I just want to say thank you for all your stories - I went straight to the bank and put a freeze on my account so they couldn't take out the money. DON'T USE HOMESTARSEARCH.COM!

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  • Ni
      3rd of May, 2010

    I had a similar experience. If you are looking to rent a home or apartment, do NOT sign up for through one of their many misleading craigslist posts.

    I can't say if they could actually help anyone find a house in foreclosure, but they certainly will not help you find a rental.

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  • Yo
      8th of May, 2010

    well i feel pretty stupid right now i just became one more of there victims!!! just minutes ago i sign up for the website and the free trial offer. Now am trying to figure out how to cancel the account and stop them from getting money from my credit card...and the worst part is that my credit card refuses to freeze my account they want me to file a claim every time they charge me!! unbelievable you honestly cant even feel safe with your credit cards helping you in times like these!!!

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  • Yo
      8th of May, 2010

    dose anyone know how to report these types of companies and actually get them shut down or in a big ### lawsuit!!!

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  • Kt
      10th of May, 2010

    Thank you so much! I am sitting on hold with right now... I think I'll just hang up. This sounds like a headache!!!

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  • Oc
      11th of May, 2010

    So I just signed up to this crappy service I was charged 5.95 for a 10 day trial they gave me a username and password. Username is my email and password my phone number. So I go to the website and try to login and it tells me I have invalid password!!! So I called the number again.The same guy who signed me up, Darnell or dornell answered and I told him I was having problems login in and the I D I O T just transfers me to customer service which is closed. He told me himself just minutes earlier when he signed me up that custoer service closes at 5pm. It was 7:30 when he transfered me!!! I wish I had read and research this lame company. I immediately called my bank and had them cancel my card and had them issue me a new one. I do not want to deal with them again. Don't sign up for and do reasearxh first before you sign up for anything. It cost me 6 bucks to realize that.

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  • Ma
      12th of May, 2010

    I live in VT, but I've been looking on Craigslist for an apartment to rent in Hartford, CT. I lived in Hartford for many, many years, and know the area very well. I noticed lots of ads that were "way too good to be true": 2-bedroom luxury apartments (with accompanying photos of very plush rooms) for $700/month--furnished. Oh yeah, sure! Ads that said the apartment was close to the metro or subway (there are no metros or subways anywhere in CT). Apartment addresses listed as being on streets that don't even exist in that city. It was obvious that these ads were spam/scams. I flagged these ads consistently, and even posted on Craigslist to alert people to be aware of this scam. I noticed the ads all had local phone #s to call, with a different woman's first name listed next to each. So today I decided to call some of them, just to try to trip them up with questions about the subway and non-existent streets. Well, all the phone #s (all of them different) were answered at Homestar Search. No actual humans answered, and I was on hold listening to all their announcement garbage for several minutes each time, before I hung up. Scam, scam, scam is right, and I'm very sorry for anyone who was taken in by them.

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  • Ro
      21st of May, 2010

    God I feel lucky, that researched about this company before signing up. God bless my Instinct!!
    I had been looking for apartments to rent and written out 40Ad's... suddenly I noticed that most of them had the same phone Number and sometimes different names posted. At first I thought wow... this offer is too good to be true but then as I found more of them I thought okay maybe the market really offers such great places.

    As I marked all the places and tried the Numbers I was always either connected with a busy tone or it said :"you are currently caller number 40, or 20 or 10, pls stay on the line and thank you for your patience." alot of times I hung up, and got frustrated and though... damn... like are they crazy... who the hell will stay in line as number 20 or so, what kind of service is that and then I thought it would be maybe and agency that offers so many properties and a lot of ppls call, since these are nice places. as I stood in line, that guy wanted to enroll me to and I said I didnt want to give my cc information online so he sent it to my email and my Instinct had stopped me from enrolling.

    Another Number and this is a crazy experience just to spread the word... a very very rude guy was forcing me to give out my cc information and he said the agency charges for finding you a new home and they deal with forclosure homes to rent out while their vacant...and long story short at the end after I refused to give out my information he said, stop blocking my line and why dont you stay in the "hole" you live in right now... OMG!!! I was shocked and hung up... Dude you probably have to scam a billion more people to get to the place I live... OMG::: People Just NEVER give out your CC!!!1. Rule!!!

    Sorry for all the peeps who got into this.

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  • Ma
      4th of Jun, 2010

    Thank you for all the info provided. I, too, called twice and had the same rude experiences...first time, person hung up on me and the next time I told them I would think about the offer. Person today said they are listed with the Better Business Bureau. Yeah, right. Won't be using this service.


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  • Up
      8th of Jun, 2010

    I refused to talk to anyone but a manager and they finally gave me my money back after threating them with calls to:

    BBB Phone: (909)825-7280
    federal trade commision 877-382-4357
    dept of real estate 213-620-2072

    I also to them I would find any and all blogs and rip there company as often as I could.

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  • Mi
      8th of Jun, 2010

    OMG. Sure glad I checked here before calling BACK. Wondered why the guy hung up on me before I could finish my sentence that I was unemployed and ... CLICK. The listing for a 3BDRM in Culver City @ $1225 was WAY too good to be true. I'm not calling back. THANKS to all who shared their stories...

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  • He
      22nd of Jun, 2010

    I found this as I was on the phone with these people signing up. I immediately told the rep "Nevermind, I'll pass, " and hung up. Thank you all for your posts! This could have been quite expensive.

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  • Un
      13th of Dec, 2010

    You may find yourself looking for houses that are not listed for sale or for rent. I'm on the opposite side of this! I am a home owner who had 3 people show up at my house asking if it was for sale, or rent to own. They gave me the name of the web site so I went on and immediately called to have my address removed from the web site. Whether it was entered wrong or there was some mistake somewhere, I didn't appreciate people coming to my house unannounced. I'm not blaming the people that came by, but my address should never have been listed as available. Please do some research before paying money to a web site to find a house.

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  • Ka
      13th of Jan, 2011

    Called this company last week but decided not to trust them right away until i did further research. i am grateful for these post. As someone else mentioned I was also told that they are listed with the Better Business Bureau, which after research I found out is true, they just fail to tell people that their Rating is an "F" which means that their business etiquettes are highly questionable and fraudulant. Sorry for all those that were taken by this company.

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  • Ms
      27th of Jan, 2011

    I also appreciate your posting. I was waiting on hold while reading your post and I've since hung up. Thanx so much!

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  • Je
      15th of Feb, 2011

    The is fraud and scam web site, because they work with Telemarketer that they offer you wall mart gift card and gas card, they scam me for $3.97 plus and the took my time about 45 min over the phone and telling you this a legit offer as i am the winner of wall mart program / or wall-mart has chosen me as the winner. Last year This web site is a Biding Fraud company, and scam biding company, i am 1 of the victim of this biding web site, " Do not !!! put your money to their account if you wanna bid something of their web site, they scammed me for $200.00." never get my money back, no contact nr, just by email. no customer service nr.

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  • Ky
      4th of May, 2011

    Thanks for all the postings!!! I'm sorry you all went through so much. I thought the guy was acting weird and mocking my laugh. I will spread the word on craigslist and stuff.

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  • Ho
      8th of Dec, 2011

    I also tried this company for a 10 day trial I went onto cancel it said it was cancelled and I would get a verification e mail I thought nothing more of it until I saw they pulled 54 dollars from my account I tried again to cancel online then called them where it says you can't cancel online I sent a email heard nothing just got off the phone where they conviently have no record of any of my attempts or my email to them. They said they could only refund me 20 dollars!!! This site is a scam they make it so difficult to cancel

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  • Sh
      16th of Mar, 2014



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  • Th
      3rd of Jun, 2014 - Cancelled within 10 days, but still got charged
    Home Star Search
    United States

    Do not believe anything this company promises. I signed up and within one day I realized the company was complete c*** so I cancelled my membership. I received no confirmation page, instead I got an ad, so I left it at that. I would have printed the confirmation page, as I always do, had I received one. 10 days letter a charge for 58.94 hit my Master Card. I called the customer service number on my statement 888-730-0957, and shocker! They could not find record of my cancellation. At first they tried to offer me a $25 gift card and a free year membership. When I refused, they offered me a credit for half of the charge, $29.99, and I refused that as well, but they processed the $29.99 credit anyway.


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