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Today August 21, my husband went into HH to purchase some copper pipe and sharkbite fittings. While at the til the lady was trying to charge us 15 for our 5.99 pipe. My husband corrected her telling her that no that wasnt the right price and she snapped " Shut up and let me do my job !" He said pardon and she repeated it. He said well he could take his business elsewhere and she replied " Good!" He spoke to the manager who was apologetic but it doesnt speak so highly of the store. We are renovating the bathroom and have been there more times than we can count this week!

It would be great if you could pass on the message to all stores that customer service matters! Whatever happened to the customer is always right? And even if he were wrong, there are proper ways to speak to someone.

Thank you
Brandi Satterthwaite

Aug 21, 2018

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