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My mom purchased a door for the back of the house and she waited a long time to get it delivered and installed and it wasn't installed properly and it was warped cause my mom had three door companies come and look at it and they said it was she had to wait a long time again for the owner to come out and look at it and the guy he brought said it was warped but the owner said no it wasn't but he had someone come out and replace the door but used the glass from the other one but my mom was charged again for another door and to have it installed. The second time it was done they had to cut my moms flooring and it looks horrible so why can't she get her flooring replaced and she was told again that she got another warped door. Now my mom doesn't like to make waves but it isn't fair that she has to pay twice to have one door installed and she has given this store a lot of business but the problem is that we have known the owners for a long time but my mom is a senior and can't afford much now as far as renovations go and certainly doesn't have the money to fix the issues that they messed up.

Dec 11, 2018

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