Home hardware Rimbey / rude and not caring and outright unprofessional

On Thursday June seventh 2018, at exactly 3:13 pm I called rimbey home hardware to inquire as if they had a rust paint that could be tinted to silver.

They informed myself that they did have one and could accommodate my request with no issues.

I arrived at there store around 4:30 pm the same day.

I had to wait about five min before the lady came over to assist us.

The lady did know in what I was referring to but when I asked her to mix it she informed myself that she did not have the paint code.

I used my I-Phone to look it up via the home hardware website and located the paint code and proceeded to give it to her.

She then informed me that the computer wouldn't except the code because I needed a different brace paint

So I changed the colour slightly to one they had in a premix colour code witch I also got from the website; called "Silver Grey" code number 1855-647

She typed it into the computer and it worked with the clear bace line

But she then told me that she wouldn't do it because the had in stock that colour in the porch and floor paint

I asked why not because the computer says it will work

She never answered just walked away

A few minutes later she returned and told me to go to sylvan lake. And said she was done her shift and left.

I was then approached by a man who I asked to see the manager. Who replied "I'm the manager today"

In which I replied today? Are you the manager?
Or just a temporary one?

He replied that the manager had not been there in months and wasn't going to be for some time and that he had to do it.

He then said in a condescending tone "listen we can't help you. Go to Castle" (known as rimbey builders)

I straight out told him that I wasn't happy with what had just happened

He just shrugged his shoulders and chuckled.

I then called what I thought was the home hardware corporation. Turns our home hardware isn't owned by the corporation but I s independently owned.
So there is nothing they will do other than implying I'm not being truthful.

Needless to say I went to Castle and had the paint I wanted within ten min

Jun 08, 2018

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