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i purchase an 02 lincoln ls in july of 07. thank god i got the extended warranty because since then, ive had 3 misfire with the vehicle, the water pump need to be replaced, my passenger side rear knuckle which is over $900 needed to be replaced, & several problems with electrical systems. when they were trying to sell the vehicle to me, some of the windows & the sunroof switched weren't working. i have had to take it to them several time to find problem that they couldn't fix. i have tow coverage in my warranty but since they didnt fix anything i had to pay the tow charge after they held my vehicle both times for over 5 day. they also wouldnt assist me in getting a rental vehicle any time i had taken it to them which is covered in my warranty, supposibly. & at the point of sale i was told that my deductable would be waived if i was to use them to fix the car instead of another repair shop, but when i've taken it to them they said that gentelemen is longer with them & that covergae is not in my warranty. so i was directly lied to about certain coverage that i do not have. so the warranty has paid for itself but the hassle of dealing with them has made it not worth it. i wish i woulda shopped around move & i didnt get the warranty from them. i would say that i wouldnt get the warranty from them next time but there is no way that i will every get anothe vehicle from them again. i hope you don't make the same mistake i have.

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  • Wj
      Aug 11, 2009

    The notice above this box should say "please check text spelling and grammar before submitting a comment. Anyway! Just because you got a lemon does not mean that the car dealership is bad. I've bought a brand new lemon, so don't complain about the dealership when it isn't their fault that they are not car psychics!


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