Holland-Barrett / Complaint of Holland-Barrett Product Integrity


I am writing in to share my experience with health supplements purchased from Holland-Barrett underlying a product integrity problem.

Stored on the cool-dry shelves in my study-room where direct sunlight is not within reached, the bottle-caps of Holland-Barrett Effervescent Vitamin-C and Zinc tablets “popped” by themselves, thus far breaking the cap-seals. Surrounding air is further seeped into the bottle causing the tablets becoming oxidized, hardened and changing of color. The expiry date is still more than one year from now, in Mar-2016.

This is clearly a product integrity issue; the bottles were not adequately vacuum-sealed which entails air within the bottles to oxidize the tablets and further creating carbon dioxide aiding the “popped” of the bottle-caps.

I went down to a Holland-Barrett branch @ Jurong Point wanting to point out the problem, however only get to be served by 2 plus-sized Filipino staffs who claimed they’re the Store Supervisor and Manager. Their attitude weren’t very nice though and they aren’t really attentive towards my complaint. They had asked for my receipt in order to facilitate a good exchange, ironically a 7-days refund policy. My question here is: “Who would retain the purchase receipt for some health supplements which in most cases the Customers wouldn’t be opening them straight away to check for their physical condition, unless they’re ready to consume?”

If every Customer has to keep the receipt for health supplements in fear that the product would have gone bad before the expiry date, then I would strongly suggest the whole public not to buy anything from Holland-Barrett. After all, here are so many health product Stores in Singapore to choose from, why should one sticks to Holland-Barrett if Customer Satisfaction isn’t achieved?

To date I have totally lose confidence in Holland-Barrett products; not to mention that I’m utterly disappointed (based on my experience from Jurong Point branch) with their Staffs’ attitude towards the Customer as well.


Feb 18, 2015

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