Holiday Mood Ltd. / dodgy booking system

Middlesex UK, United Kingdom

I booked an airfare from Glasgow to the Perth last Sunday and was sent a confirmation that they received the payment. On this confirmation there were no details about the flight, when it was leaving on what day, time etc. Many days later I received an email from them along with e-ticket. The departure time was wrong and my son was suppose to be travelling on the same plane as myself to Perth as it is a family holiday. He booked with a another travel agent and had no problems at all and was leaving on the times he had requested. I phoned Holiday Mood telling them they had booked the wrong flight with Emirates for me and they denied this asking me for proof. The proof should have been on the confirmation they emailed to me but nothing was on it. They are a bunch of crooks and now they are asking for another £175 to change back to the flight I booked in the first place. They have ruined my family holiday. I was suppose to be in Perth Saturday for a family get together and now my son will be there but I will only be arriving on Sunday. These guys are a joke and shouldn't be in the industry selling airfares.

Jul 02, 2016

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