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Holiday Mood provides a terrible and truly dreadful customer service, I strongly recommend to avoid this travel agency.

After I booked my tickets with Holiday Mood and the payment was processed, I was told that I had three days to send them a positive identification i.e. credit/debit card statement or a utility bill together with signature and the full credit card details (with security code) in writing confirming the purchase, or I could lose the ticket and the money I already paid for. The fact that I was working abroad at the time and did not have these documents or facilities to send these over at hand was not of their concern, nor was my personal concern to send such personal information together in these times. (Holiday Mood insisted that it is the airline’s requirement, which I found out later to be untrue after speaking with the airline directly).

Trying to communicate with Holiday Mood proved to be extremely difficult: Majority of the stuff at Holiday Mood were very hard to understand over the phone and when asked to repeat the sentence they would get very irritated. I have asked to cancel my booking since I couldn’t and did not want to send sensitive information insecurely, and even though it was only a couple of hours after the initial purchase, I was told that cancelling the booking in that stage would result in the loss of the £1, 500 I had just paid. In addition, their service seem to be highly inefficient and they are never able to give you alternative flight schedules and availability straight away over the phone, it is like they only have one department – sales. When you call them up they will tell you that you need to write them an email for any query on reservations that has already been made, but when you do email them they either will not respond, would take days to do so or eventually ask you to call them back on their premium rate number. By agreement with the airline, Holiday Mood is the only one authorized to make amendments, and their on their side are not willing to make any: I was trying to make several amendments in the course of 3 weeks due to unforeseen work circumstances, and after hours of frustrating phone calls, waiting around for emails and call backs (I was waiting for them to respond for over a week at one point) and being put on hold on a premium number, none of my queries were answered in a positive manner. Employees at Holiday Mood were very unhelpful, and at times extremely rude and annoyed, as if once your money is transferred from your account to theirs, you are no longer a customer but a bother. For instance, when I inquired them if we could postpone our flight from the stop over city to final destination in the US to make some visits, I was told that it is not possible and received the following advice. “Ma’am, just DO ME A FAVOUR and don’t get on the flight from the stop over city.” (which would result in the rest of the multiple destination ticket and the return to the UK to become invalid).

I cannot regret more that I booked my flight tickets with Holiday Mood, you pay a high price for the ticket and even a higher price for the service. It is such a shame that something as good as a holiday became so frustrating after having to put up with their customer service for 3 weeks and wasting valuable time and money.
One thing for sure is that Holiday Mood’s customer service certainly does not put you in a mood for a holiday.

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  • Do
      Nov 08, 2011

    I have had the same problem with this company. I eventually received a letter from them to say I would be reimbursed my flight cost less cancellation fee and that it would take 10-12 weeks. It is now 5 months since I booked the initial flight and still no money. I also phoned them and a friend did on my behalf as I am still overseas but still nothing. These people need reporting.

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  • Ho
      Jan 31, 2013

    these guys are so horrible i feel i was stupid to book my tickets without reading all the reviews. I have noticed that the company has been posting some positive reviews about itself. but pls stay away. they 'booked' my tickets, that is they took my money thorugh paypal but did not confirm the tickets. when i called them up they shouted at me like i was an animal(i mean it, i was in tears and had to hang up) and i found out through the airlines that my ticket was not even booked. had to go to another agent and book all over again...STAY AWAY FROM HOLIDAYMOOD IF YOU DONT WANT TO LOSE YOUR MONEY!!...i have learnt from another review forum that these guys have been cheating all their customers so now we are going to take some legal action.

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  • Le
      Nov 04, 2018
    Holiday Mood - I booked a flight to Guyana since the 17.1.17 and still waiting for my ticket
    United Kingdom

    It's very difficult to get through to these people, some of the staff rude and 3 months later being told that my ticket is still in the que. I contacted the airlines and being told that they have not paid for my ticket. I emailed them and now waiting for a response .

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