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Wa Amherts, NY Review updated:


I heard their commercial on the Sandy Beach show and I made a big mistake and called them.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Amherts, NY They bait and switch. They dragged an easy case for months just to get the billing hours.

Once I realized it it was too late and they already billed me thousands of dollars. They use scare tactics to keep on the hook.

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  • Ho
      Dec 28, 2011

    Hello Watching4u - I am very sorry that you had a negative experience with HoganWillig. We take pride in our customer service and making sure our clients are satisfied. Please contact me at [protected] to discuss your complaints specifically and we would be happy to review them with you.

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  • An
      Dec 29, 2011

    You believed Sandy Beach you ###. He is getting paid thousands of dollars to say good things about HoganWillig and the likes.

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  • Wa
      Dec 30, 2011

    [protected] thanks but no thanks. It is too little too late. By the way why are you anonymous.

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  • Nt
      Feb 04, 2012

    Do not email them. They will find out who you are and they will sue you.

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  • Bf
      Apr 28, 2012

    HoganWillig and Diane Tiveron are thieves thieves theives. They ripped me off.

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  • Sh
      Nov 13, 2012

    My name is Sheila Ryskalczyk and I am the customer service manager from HoganWillig. Please call me at 932-6624 so we can discuss your concerns -- should there be any. We want every client to be well satisfied -- that is our goal and our mission so I am the person to talk to.

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  • Sh
      Jan 13, 2013

    I have been ripped off by HoganWillig and Diane Tiveron. I wish I did google them before I used them. Very unethical lawyers. Diane Tiveron is the thief in chief. The HiganWIllig laywer robs you and Diane Tiveron is the enforcer. Diane Tiveron will stop at nothing. Diane Tiveron will not talk to you if you have a complaint about the lawyer unless you agree she bills you for her time. Diane Tiveron is the most unethical lawyer in the Buffalo area. Watch Out.

    Sheila you area a sham. You are trying to get people to contact you so you can sue them.

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  • Co
      Jan 14, 2013

    The HoganWillig law firm handles about 6000 new matters per year, and our complaint rate is less than 1%, which in the service industry is considered exceptional. We are striving to eliminate every complaint, and one of the purposes of the customer service person is to find out where we may have messed up and how we can fix any problem or concern.

    We have found that some of the most vocal complaints are from individuals who have not paid their bill, despite a separate department that works with clients to set up affordable payment plans for those who need such assistance. Our bills are typically itemized and set out who worked on the file, what that person did, and how much time it took. We also bill monthly so our clients are not surprised by what we are doing and the time we are spending.

    It is said that you can't satisfy every person, all of the time, but at our firm we are trying our best every day to do so. Thanks for the chance to respond.
    Corey J. Hogan owner

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  • Be
      Mar 16, 2015

    Do you love how he states "why are you remaining Anonymous " mean while he is posting as WATCHING 4 U! This just shows you how PROFFESIONAL they are NOT!

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  • De
      Sep 02, 2015

    I am a client of Hogan and Willig and am sorry to see some unethical low life making unfounded allegations against what I have found to be one of the most competent and ethical firms I have ever encountered in my 36 years of doing business with virtually every law firm in Western New York at one time or another. I hate to see such vitriol played out in an arena where allegations are made without any information regarding the circumstances.The liabled party is guilty by slanderous generalizations by a disgruntled client who probably couldn't pay his bill nor reveal the circumstances leading up to his/her cowardly attack without facts or circumstances or even giving the slandered party the opportunity to present their side of the story. The same thing happens in the newspapers and media every day. People slander others and there are never facts presented or an even playing field presented to allow all of the facts to be presented. It is a shame that when honest, ethical, hardworking people are liabled without the presentation of the actual circumstances and the accused is rendered guilty simple by slander and insinuation. Disgraceful! I am on the record as a client who has had nothing but the most professional and competent representations by a firm I hold in the highest regard. This opinion is based on my experiences with this firm. I hope the reader gives the same credence to a positive opinion as a negative one, although negativity always seems to win out in our society whether it is supported by fact or not. Sad commentary on the state of our society today. I stumbled upon this
    nonsense while doing a totally unrelated internet search on another matter and my response is spontaneous and non solicited.

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