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HireRight Cost me a Job

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HireRight said I lied about the dates of Employment on a Job. They gave me a short time to disprove this by faxing in 5 year old Tax returns I didn't have when I was out of town on Business. I was given 48 hours to do this.
I requested a copy of the Final Report, It turns out, and that they called the wrong company. By the time I found out and saw the final report, it was too late.
The other terrible thing on the report was that the marked my Masters Degree with a discrepancy. It turns out the end date of enrollment was allowed to be left blank on their form. Although the start date, the Degree date was correct, they said they had to mark it a discrepancy because the last date attended I gave them (blank) didn’t match what they verified. This doesn't sound bad but your degree shows up on the final report with a big RED (discrepancy) mark on it.
If HireRight makes a mistake, you won’t know until it’s too late. You are considered guilty until proven innocent. Also they will mark a big red discrepancy on your degree if you leave anything blank even though the degree is correct, school is correct and date and month is correct. So you better remember what day Grad school started in August of 1996, or your degree will show up with a big red discrepancy on the final HireRight form. Why do they do this? It turns out for every discrepancy they have to verify, they get a surcharge.

How many people are needlessly unemployed because of this company and others like it?


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D  4th of Nov, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Any legitimate background screening company and their clients are bound by very specific requirements around how information is delivered, how it can be acted on, and the dispute process. If you prospective employer decides to not hire you based on the data, then they first must send you an pre-adverse action letter with a copy of the report. They then will follow-up this letter with an adverse action letter after five days. If you dispute the information, you should use this period to raise your objectives. If the employer does not hire you despite you bringing new data to the process, they may be subject to legal liability. If your dispute is relative to the decision, your interaction would be with the employer only. If it also addresses what you believe to be inaccurate information, then you would file a consumer dispute with the screening company. The employer and screening company are legally obligated to follow a specific process to address your dispute. All large screening companies have very clear dispute processes that are focused on addressing any bad data. Finally, no screening company gets bad any differently based on there being discrepant information or not.
N  17th of Nov, 2010 by    +3 Votes
hireright is unprofessional seeking and getting things that are not supposed to get. They even tried to get my first and last payslip that was 3 years ago. I would not recommend them to any organization or company, it would make the employer wait for long and have nothing in the end just because the applicant withdrawn the application due to unprofessional and unethical acts from hireright staff. One more thing they are not well coordinated to each other, the file that you already submitted to them will eventually lost and will ask you again to resend. I resent more than 2 times for the same file. I was so dissapointed, Im thinking to withdraw my application because of unprofessional treatment from HireRight... I Think the better name for them is "HIREWRONG"...
N  24th of Dec, 2010 by    +4 Votes
Were you given 48 hours after giving the final report to your potential employer or before?I am also going through a background check by Hireright thats why i am asking this.
N  27th of Jan, 2011 by    +1 Votes
my DAC report is untrue it states i quit under dispatch never has this happened, i lost a job because of it, and who knows how many others, DAC is a fraud who is liable for this
D  29th of Mar, 2011 by     Best Advice +5 Votes

Hire Right was responsible to do a pre-employment screening for my employer in India. They took a decent time of 2 months to verify all my details (employment history+education+residential status). They always pestered me to give all possible documents and I did this to support them in their process. I even called them every alternate days for the 1st 2 weeks and then everyday after that for sometime. They had a tough time verifying my educational certifications as they were unable to reach my college & the university as their calls were not answered. I tried to get them all source of contact for the same. Finally, one of the officer at the university answered their calls twice and obtained the candidate's (MY) information and requested to give them a call back the following day to ensure they were giving the correct information as it could not be done right away. I was told by the university officials that the Hire Right team did not bother to call them with in the specified time. When they made another call to verify the same info, the university admin dept gets annoyed answering their calls and explains them that no information can be provided over the phone as they wanted a letter stating the reason & provide their identification.

1 week later I call the Hire Right team to hear this story & call the university controller requesting to cooperate with them in getting my details verified. The Hire Right team calls them and gets all the information verified such as: Name of the college, Graduation status (Passed/detained), Level of Degree obtained and the specialization, year degree received... All this information matched with the details I had provided except for the dates attending the college.

This is where I am unable to judge Hire Right teams analytical skills... "Will any university be able to confirm the college admission date/ the dates attended...Will the university be able to confirm the date degree was received?" (I am also puzzled with Hire Right's decision making skills as well!)

When I review my own verification report provided by Hire Right to my employer, It not only made me raise my eye brows in wonder... but also laughed. The Report says:

Information Provided | Information Verified
Dates attended : 9/9/9999 | -
Major area of study : Bachelors (Specialization) | Bachelors Degree (Same Spec)
Degree/Diploma Rec'd: Graduated, Degree Rec'd | YES
Date Degree Rec'd: 1/1/1111 | 1/2/1110

The date I had provided for (Date Degree Rec'd) is the date mentioned on my convocation certificate. However, the date they verified is something they obtained from the year of passing the college. Hence, my employer/recruiter receives a report which states (Note: Verified by applicant documentation with missing information. Unable to verify dates of enrollment. This information could not be provided by the applicant documentation. The information provided by the applicant documentation has been verified with a discrepancy found in the degree date and dates of enrollment.)

They didn't even have the courtesy to call me and verify this information. They don't care for these trivial things and realize this can actually result in a big problem for the candidate. Why can't the employer's give a chance to the candidates to prove this is WRONG?

DEAR HIRE RIGHT TEAM, If you had a chance to read what I have just explained...Then, please do be sure that you '"DO RIGHT" before you claim that you "HIRE RIGHT".

Because, the companies not only want to HIRE RIGHT, but also HEAR RIGHT!!!
A  26th of Apr, 2011 by    +1 Votes
This is amazing!!! I just lost a job opportunity due to incorrect information given to the company by HireRight. I am asking anyone who has any Legal knowledge to please let me know if there is any legal action that can be placed on this company. Please let me now. Thank y0u. Twillrr@gmail.com
N  2nd of May, 2011 by    +3 Votes
I tried for a Job for schwans, stupid i know but i am desperate. They do this back ground check through hire right. I went through all the interviews did the exams all i needed was a good background check. After 4 weeks of waiting i get the DENIED letter from schwans. Then 2 days later i get a copy of my report from Hireright. Turns out I am incarcerated in Idaho for kidnapping. Crazy right considering i am a free man who went to the interviews in person. I tried to dispute this but schwans brass said Thank you any way but we have made our decision. When trying to contact hireright i cant seem to find a english speaking Customer service rep. I dont understand the Indian language. After 2 weeks of trying to get this cleared up with Hireright i went directly to The Idaho Dept of corrections. After the fees, red tape the whole 9 yards, turns out this man which shares my name in on this Kidnapping charge is 53 yrs old. I am 35. My name, birth date and ssn are clean. Hire right cost me a job how be it a bad one, it was a job none the less. Thank you hire right for Tarnishing my name.
A  1st of Jun, 2011 by    +2 Votes
Hireright su**s. They do not have any defined process to do background check, they don't know how to get information from schools and previous employers. We need to provide them every piece of information and on top of that they want as long as 10 years back paystubs, w-2, etc. If we provide them all, what do they do? Employers are just wasting money and valuable time. Crazy world... Next time if any employer says I need to go thru HireRight background check, I would reject the offer then and there... stupid process.
A  11th of Jun, 2011 by    +1 Votes
HireRight is unprofessional. They sit behind a screen and check people's past like known our past. How can they check people back ground if they they only contact people through email or online. They don't even do their job right. I filed University in the application but they ignored it, they did not bother to check the school and did not list the school in the completed report. This program is unprofessional, not recommended for background checking. The female service seem pissed off when she called to confirm and did not list the answer right in the report. What an unnecessary service.
A  23rd of Jun, 2011 by    0 Votes
I am in the process of a background check with Hireright and they said one of my employmers never heard of me. They wanted me to provide information as others have stated which I certainly did not do. I called to find out what the problem was knowing that my former company would verify my employment. I found out that they use an outside company for verification and all that Hireright needed was my employee ID and the company ID to get the information they needed. I supplied Hireright with this information so I will see if they are able to follow through. I also alerted my prospective employer of this. Hopefully they will reconsider using them in the future.
N  23rd of Jun, 2011 by    0 Votes
I am kind of nervous now, I just got a job offer from American Express and they use the same company for the background/drug testing. Hearing these horror stories are really making me feel uneasy because I have a feeling errors are going to come up to me and ruin my chances for employment with American Express. I DO NOT save any of my w-2's and most of that is saved on my old job employment profile sites and even if I have my tax returns those are all in storage. I just hope and prey everything goes according to plan and I leave it up to GOD as he knows what is best for me but I sure hope I don't have any horror stories with this company like most of you guys did. GOOD LUCK to you all!
A  24th of Jun, 2011 by    0 Votes
What gives a company to ask your personal information and they claim it information sent to them, whether via email or by fax, is stored electronically and password protected and is only accessed by authorized personnel for permissible purposes. Who is authorized personnel? It is John Doe who is secretly selling our information to to someone else?

What makes them so secure? Does anyone know if HireRight been hacked? or will be hacked? Sony, Google, CitiBank, Bethesda, CodeMasters, the CIA are some of the companies been hacked lately. Does HireRight provide better security for your information? I don't trust this company and will not provide information and will send carbon copy of my response to the hiring company. I'll send them only if they will allow me to sue their ### incase they got hacked. Based on my knowledge, I can get job somewhere else and I don't have give them squat!! If the hiring company rejects my application, I'll let everyone know publicly how unethical data gathering can cause you to lose job opportunity. Guys listen carefully, I will be in Good Morning America to advocate and bring this subject if I can.
N  6th of Jul, 2011 by    +1 Votes
It's been almost two weeks now and still have heard nothing. I called American Express and they are still waiting they have me on a start date of 7/11 but still no word. HireRight has called me twice in which I've answered to only hear someone from India both times. They already had two of my previous employers wrong with incorrect data. I'm starting to get frustrated with this whole check and company because I've had plenty of background checks before including F.B.I. fingerprinting and never had any issues ever. This is starting to frustrate me now.
N  6th of Jul, 2011 by    +2 Votes
You know for a guy who's had to have tons of background checks with independent agencies. I find myself at a bit of a loss with a lot of these companies. They spout themselves off as a consumer reporting firm on workers for employers folks. How is it right to encourage a further lack of development / laziness upon companies who for whatever reason fail to build or grow employees. Also something that is little known but is a gigantic mess is the varied state's DOL laws. HireRight can skirt some of these things very well and that is one thing that makes me frown about this. Employers do not necessarily need to report to you in all states if what was stated in their reports prevented you from getting hired. Some states you will have to request the reason occasionally in writing. It largely depends on 'if' you live in a state that is a Right To Work state or not. To me however it is just one more obstacle a potential worker has to overcome from what I see as a overbearing community of managers / employers who for whatever reason (some reasons are quite legit - don't get me wrong, ) try to push off their responsibilities, workload, or prejudices upon potential hires. What is further frustrating is what you see the farming of their work outside of the nation. Another all too common practice which reduces the potential buying power and pool of this nation's consumers.

Given the recession and what havoc / hardships it has brought to this nation and it's workers. The questions I pose is. . . Wouldn't it be wiser to grow the pool of potential customers by hiring, working with, and training people appropriately? And thus grow and improve the nation? Even those who have potential 'black marks' upon their records?
N  8th of Jul, 2011 by    0 Votes
Well I just got a call from American Express today they pushed my start date back to the 18th now because they are still waiting. I called HireRight and told them about what my employer said about they are waiting and have not heard anything yet and they informed me that my background profile has been done since the 1st. WTF so now I have to contact American Express tomorrow and tell them what HireRgjt has told me. They even sent me a copy of the report and I looked at it and they messed up the dates of employment on two of my employers. They closed verifying my college degree from my local community college because they were unable to get a response from them in a decent turnaround time. My drug test came back negative and my criminal checks all came out clear. I'm just worried and hope that because of the mix up that they put the incorrect information of my em
N  8th of Jul, 2011 by    0 Votes
Employers and unable to verify my degree that this does not affect them in hiring me now because I am a little upset because everytime I spoke to them they sounded like they were from India at this point I don't know what to think or what to do anyone else run into a problem like this with HireRight and was still hired?
A  26th of Jul, 2011 by    0 Votes
Hireright is currently doing a background check on me. Despite the fact I can hardly understand them due to them speaking very poor English, they are requesting that I do all the work. I thought they were supposed to do the background investigation???? First they said that I had a hold on my college transcript. I called the university they informed me I had no type of holds and they didn't understand why they couldn't verify my info. So I called and tried to explain it to Hireright. Next I get something asking for a W2 from a previous job. I do not get a W2 so I had the company write a letter stating the dates of employment and that they could be contacted to verify. Tonight Hireright calls in broken English to ask for my "BANK STATEMENT"!!! I ask why and she said that way they could tell when I was paid. I told them I was paid in a personal check and it was a small amount and I just cashed it. Then she had the nerve to ask what I buy with the money and why didn't I put it in my bank account. She finally just hung up and said, Okay have a nice day. Now I am here... I decided I should see if this company is legitimate. I can't believe that large companies in the U.S. actually use them.
N  15th of Sep, 2011 by    +2 Votes
I recently had a job oppurtunity with a very good company. They had Hireright do my criminal and employment check. They took an entire month doing whatever it was they did. I informed my potential employer of my criminal history. No violent charges whatsoever and no theft charges. They were ok with that. Hireright reported that I had an active warrant in another state dated 1998, lol. I was incarcerated in that state in 09. No warrants at the time of incarceration. I contacted the state in question and the state warrant officer. He told me there isn't any warrant state or nationwide. I told him the situation and he looked over my record. He said one was issued in 98 and recalled and dismissed. Apparently Hireright just read WARRANT ISSUED. But failed to continue reading two lines below it where it said it was recalled. Cost me a month of waiting and a lot of stress because this job was in the bag. They contacted me and said they were retracting the offer because of an active warrant...

Thanks Hireright for doing a great job at doing a terrible background check. Whos checking the backgrounds of those checkin the backgrounds.
A  24th of Sep, 2011 by    +1 Votes
The DAC Report has become a retaliation tool against the professional truck driver. Help stop false DAC reporting. Sign our petition : http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/falsedacreports/ - and share your story with the DAC Report Class Action Registry - http://www.dacreportclassaction.com/
N  26th of Sep, 2011 by    +2 Votes
I was approximately 2 minutes away from faxing My info to a company for consideration of this truck driving school I was applying to... They stated they couldn't even accept My application unless I signed this Trucking Industry: DOT D/A Disclosure and Authorization form for None other then HireRight "FIRST"... After reading these complaints... I am No longer certain I even want to work for a company that employs HireRight to do their background/DOT Checking as I refuse to have My name out there Sideways... Thank You all for such enlightening information... They just Lost this One! --->

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