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G Nov 22, 2017 Review updated:

I know that this website is the only place where Hip2Save won't able to ban me for the truth I tell.
Many times I tried to warn everyone that these guys post fake deals, but they always deleted my posts. Somehow they found my account on their website and disabled it as well.
It only shows how painful any kind of critics is for you and that you're well aware of all your disadvantages.


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      Nov 22, 2017

    Hip2Save will ban you on Facebook and the Website if you try to inform their followers (via comments section) that a deal they post is bad, such as an item at Amazon that receives a D or F rating on The only reason I can think that they would remove these comments and block the user, would relate to possible loss of affiliate commission they receive from posting the item/deal. This is SHADY. I used to love this site so much, but I can't back a site that wants their followers to be ill informed so they can profit themselves from the sale. Do yourself a favor, any Amazon item they post, grab the Amazon URL for that item and plug it into first before buying.

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