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This bank is insane I have to use it for school and they refuse to release my money. I called in to ask a question a lady was having a bad day and I got mean with her. I was fine and happy when I called in next thing I know she hangs up! And next day I have a hold on my account and I have done everything these people have asked. It's be a month and I'm late on my bills I am a student. They will not release my funds! Who do I go too.

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  • Fo
      Oct 21, 2012

    Why do you have to use that particular bank for school? Do you suppose your current problem was caused by your attitude to the lady you were speaking with? Why did you call the bank to begin with, were they holding your money at that time? Most banks do hold a deposit for a certain number of days before letting a person use it. There is something that isn't being said here.

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  • Aa
      Oct 22, 2012

    Hello! My name is Aaron and I work with Higher One. I'd like to provide additional information on how to have your identity verified and more information on the refund process.

    The hold on your account is likely due to the need to verify your identity. Under the USA PATRIOT Act, the government requires us to verify each person's identity who opens a checking account with Higher One. Please see the following links for more information on the Customer Identification Program (CIP), and how to have your identity verified. The best way to ensure the hold is released is by taking a picture of our ID and attaching it to an Easy Help email.
    What is CIP -¶m=745
    Valid forms of ID:¶m=746
    How to send an attachment (a picture of your ID):¶m=2162

    Regarding the refund process: In order for Higher One to disburse a refund, we must first receive a Refund File, containing a list of names and the amounts due to each student. We must also receive a Refund Wire with the actual money to be disbursed. Until we have received both of these, we are unable to release the funds. Per the USA PATRIOT Act mentioned above, we're unable to allow access to funds until an account is fully verified. Please contact Customer Care in one of the following ways if you need additional assistance on having this done.
    --Call the number on the back of your card Monday-Friday 8 a.m. - 11 p.m. ET. After entering your card number and date of birth you'll be read your balance information. After this, press "0" to speak with an Agent.
    --Tweet @AskHigherOne Monday-Friday between 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. ET.
    --Use EasyHelp's “Ask a Question” feature by clicking on any EasyHelp logo when logged into your account. Simply fill out the information in the "Ask a Question" tab and someone will follow up with you through email.

    We hope this information is helpful!

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  • In
      Jan 26, 2013

    Everything that higher one says don't believe them, it's to cover all the lies and ### they do to student. Higher One has a law suite going on because of there high fees. Again this is our financial aide money. Why do we have to pay fees and ### to get aide. I say every school using Higher One we as students should join together nation wide should get rid of these [censored] tards for good.

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  • Jp
      Jan 02, 2014

    This bank isn't actually a bank and that is what people need to realize. You can't access your own money unless you pay them for it. 3.5% to withdraw money from your account the same way you would withdraw money from a checking account anywhere else. $25 for wire transfers but with a very low limit. Should have known though since it is a MasterCard and not a Visa. MasterCards aren't widely accepted by most places and they know this. It's done so you are forced to withdraw your money by other means. Right now my options are to drive to the nearest HigherOne ATM and spend $150 in gas in the process of making the daily trips, spend $600 on wire transfers, spend $210 for doing a regular bank transfer, or the cheapest option, spent $100 in fees to use local ATMs and slowly, I mean 2 weeks, withdraw money daily due to a low limit on how much you can get out of an ATM. Also, be sure not to check your balance or enter your PIN wrong, at an ATM, because you will get charged for that. Don't attempt to pull out more than you are allowed, because there is a charge for every transaction, even if it fails. HigherOne is not a bank. No bank charges you to withdraw money from your account and says the routing number only works one way.

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  • Li
      Sep 15, 2015

    Higher One is complete crap! Awful business. My financial aid was granted in May, it's now middle of Sept. & I'm still trying to get the card activated. The website is complete garbage. Just keeps navigating you back & fourth to the same 3 worth less pages, none of them are for activating my card. I am logged in & the website keeps telling me I do not have a card and need to reorder one, while I have the reordered card in my hand. I called the automated phone service which had me enter my card # & DOB which is "incorrect" according to the system. I'm not surprised after speaking with the incompetent fools that they employ. Every single person I speak with is completely useless! I'm not sure if they actually speak English or just have a few lines memorized with no idea of what they are actually saying. They just say "I understand maam.." But do they really? Doubtful!

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  • Je
      Nov 09, 2015

    I started school in September 2015, I have yet to see a dime of my money. They say that my DOB AND SSN don't match, and its my fault! impossible! I have sent notarized birth certificates costing me money. I also notarized Social Security Card and ID. The employees of h one are not even in America! I have made over 20 Calls. the list goes on and on I'm so angry I want to sue them and shut them down and never hear from this compa again. scam

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