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I have a Higher One Card because my campus Financial Aid office told me it was the only way to receive my refund. But the company is a SCAM they CHARGE outrageous fee's to retrieve my refund money in addition to the fee the ATM charges. I can't use the campus ATM that's free because there is never any money in it for 3, 000 plus students to use one ATM. They also charge fee's to use the card as DEBIT. This seem to be against Federal Regulations of a Federal Refund to have all these fee's this is the first time I had to use this card when i transferred to the University in GA I was not aware I had to use this card to receive my Refund or even loans back I will be leaving this school because Higher-One is a ripoff and they don't protect your privacy because they use WORK at HOME workers to take their calls and in order for these ppl to look at your account you must give them your SSN and DOB and card number talk about invasion of privacy and who knows who they hire they could careless about college students. They just want money for their card fee's.

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      Jun 21, 2012

    Dear Miss V,
    -It is disappointing to me to hear of your experience. I hope we can help you with any questions you may have, please contact us at your convenience and/or login and submit an inquiry with "Connect with Casey".
    -We offer several ways to access your funds for free, including using your Debit Card to purchase with Swipe & Sign & Zero Liability.
    -We are committed to fee free cash access for accountholders using our ATMs and offer a committment to reimburse accountholders up to currently $5 a day to access cash at another ATM, should our ATMs on campus be non-operational for any reason.
    I hope we can find a way together to answer your questions and resolve any open items.

    Thank you,

    Terry Daley, VP of Higher One Customer Care

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  • Mi
      Aug 22, 2012

    Dear Terry Daley, VP of Higher One Customer Care

    The issue is not "all of the free ways to use the card". The complaint is that a student has to "learn" your rules (which are hidden in tiny text) in order to get "free" access to federal student aide money--much of which are loans already steeped in fees before it gets to your clutches. Not to mention that your company was not a "choice" of your consumer--it is pathetic that companies such as yours are taking advantage of young people, the majority of which do not have the financial savy to know they are being ripped off until it is too late. For instance, those that are sophisticated enough should opt for direct deposit into their own bank or credit union accounts. However, they will not be using your card but 2 times a year and there is that pesky "rule" about being charged $19 if your "forced" customer does not use the card in a 9 month period...hmmm January (direct deposit; don't use card until September a coincidence...9 months...just in time for Higher One to charge $19--even from the forced customer who never wanted your checking account/debit card. And one other thing...who controls when the money is disbursed to the student? HighOne does...again coincidence? or just great timing?

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