Hibbett Sportsservice

I walked in returning items that I has purchased that didn't fit the return lady by the name of deondra at the lovejoy ga location embarrassed me to the point that I don't want to shop at another Hibbett was so bad I cryed she looked at the items and said that can't return this u wore this last night which I didn't because it was in kids I thought it was adult so it's impossible for me to have worn it, her and to otter girls was talking about me laughing and didn't care to answer my questions this was the most embarrassing moment of my life they made sure the whole store heard.ok I understand that it smell like smoke because I do smoke and it's fine it she couldn't take the return but she did not have to be rude and embarrassing me with her co workers that is not good customer service

Dec 09, 2018

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