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Another little hydrophonic scam. there's enough reports about them on google. simply walk away or lose all your money. a lot of the posts about this website on scam-review sites (such as scam warners) are faked from the scammer himself. be warned.


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  • Zb
      8th of Jul, 2014
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    Hello all, if your ordering from them International please don't, or email them for quote BEFORE you place an order.

    what happened :

    Tried to order from site directly but had problems with check out. went to live chat place the 2 orders there and I repeatedly asked if postage was included, Phil ( the person i was talking to) said yes multiple times. after both orders where placed I asked him to Bill me ( Paypal) he quickly did and I responded and payed that same min.

    3 days or so later I got an email saying that shipping will cost extra 600 Pounds, I quickly went online and to live chat explaining how and why the extra 600 if I have already Paid shipping, he then stated if you read our TOS it states that shipping cost may vary. I understand that but why would you bill me before knowing the exact shipping cost to start with ? then I kindly asked him to please cancel the order I am not willing to pay 600 pounds extra for these items.

    He got all defensive and stated that they will not fully refund and that they worked hard and paper work etc to get shipping costs and that they will charge me a cancelation fee. I agreed and asked how much would the fee be ? he said he will ask the manager and come back to me. days pass and no response I email them back asking what happened? got a email back saying Wed/Thur please contact us if you don't get the refund back. Sat Morning I logged on the site asking about what happened his response was

    " it will be processed in the next day or 2, we have customers who are in the same position as you, we cant put you straight to the top.
    HG Staff"

    in my opinion that made me a bit hesitant that they will refund the amount. after thinking about it I logged on Paypal and made my first ever dispute case. not even 10 mins after I made that case I got an email from them stating

    "Please explain to us why you have opened a paypal dispute when you was advised a refund would be taking place today?

    Because of this it now won't be refunded today due to the mountains of paperwork caused and we have 2 weeks to refund the amount "

    so you can see from the responses that they are not someone you want to deal with. I have everything logged form emails and chat logs.

    at that moment I logged back to paypal and escalated to them knowing that this is my only option at this point. its more like a challenge for them then customer service.

    2 days later I got a dispute ticket from Paypal saying that they reviewed the case and have refunded me fully on both orders ( one was for 283.31 GBP and the other for 585.69 GBP)

    I then got a threat email from them. :

    Seen as you have completely wasted our time and tried your best to circumvent the fees and charges for wasting our time we will close the disputes and seek payment through the courts for the fees incurred.

    you opened 2 x paypal disputes 10 minutes after speaking to a member of staff, your quiet happy to waste our time have us run around weighting and wrapping parcels doing hours of paperwork for you then to decide you are unable to even pay for these costs or shipping completely wasting our time and yours.

    On stating there would be a fee for this you have opened paypal disputes to circumvent this, you have left us know option to invoice you outside of paypal and should the fees not be paid within 28 days we will start legal proceedings, i hope you understand we are not a charity or hear for a free service, we are a business.

    so there you go this is what happened with these people.

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