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They offer a free book, just pay shipping. WATCH OUT. If you order it they charge the shipping charge and then start this 19.95 a month charge for a tiny newsletter. They saidIi agreed to that! The say they will cancel future charges but wont go back and refund their unauthorized billings they made. I went back to website refilled in an order and it didnt say anything about agreeing to this charge.<br />
<br />
They also go by LIVE PAIN FREE, the title of newsletter and webiste is<br />
<br />
CAREFUL...RUN! Just yet another scam.

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  • Mi
      Feb 07, 2010

    I got my 19.95 charges refunded today! Hooray.
    Someone who works there saw my post, THANK YOU!

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  • Bo
      Apr 16, 2010

    I ordered the 7 day back pain cure today before we read your comment that explained I would be recieving a newsletter I did not order for $19.95, and I am very upset. I am on social security and cannot afford a newsletter I didn't order. How do I go about cancelling this newsletter?

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  • Mi
      Apr 16, 2010

    Call Healthy back and tell them to stop your subscription NOW that should stop future billings...
    Tell them you will dispute that first one with your bank...then do that...they usually wont refund it voluntarily
    then post what they are doing again on this board...someone from their company does read it...good luck!

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  • Tr
      Jun 01, 2010

    I responded to an offer from Rob Poulos's Fat Burning Furnace newsletter by Zero to Hero for a 'FREE' copy of the book 'The 7-Day Back Pain Cure' by Jesse Cannone. I did not subscribe to the newsletter, in actual fact I unsubscribed to the 'Free Trial' newsletter several days before the 30 day trial period was up. As a result they have stoped sending the newsletter via email, but began sending it via post and charging my credit card accordingly without permission!

    The first charge appeared on my credit card statement on 28/2/10 being for a transaction of US $11.95 (Aus 13.72) on 25/2/10 for the shipping of the 'FREE' book. The second charge was on 31/3/10 for US $24.95 (AUS 28.11), transaction on 27/3/10. Then there was another on 30/4/10 for US $24.95 (AUS 27.80), transaction on 27/4/10. There was also another at end of May. I will be going to bank tomorrow to fill in form to block any more payments! Additionally I would like them to refund the unauthorised payments on my credit card immediately.

    I would have responded much quicker, however, I don't actually have a credit card and was using my mums card. I have received no receipts or invoices - tho I checked their website today and tried to sign in. I didn’t even know I had an account; there was no mention of this in any correspondence with them. Once my password was reset, I could see the invoices listing all the payments charged. I tried to remove the credit card details to no avail! I have only received 2 newsletters, but have been charged for 3 as well. Makes the 'FREE' book very expensive!

    I have attached correspondence with the HEALTHY BACK INSTITUTE customer service department to the email I sent them which confirms when I unsubscribed. I did this via their email contact service as I live in Australia and it is not feasible for me to call their office.

    If the unauthorised payments are not refunded I will look at taking further action.

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  • Tr
      Jun 06, 2010

    After three days of emailing several contacts at the Healthy Back Institute I finally reached someone who was willing to assist me in obtaining a refund for the unauthorised payments charged for their newsletter.
    They asked for confirmation as to how I had unsubscribed so they could ‘improve’ their customer service and prevent this kind of event from reoccurring.
    I offered all the information I could to assist them in rectifying their system breakdown in the hope no one else would be unwittingly charged for something they didn’t want in the first place.
    I am yet to receive confirmation of the refunded unauthorised payments on my (mothers) credit card.
    I WILL, however gladly advise as soon as the confirmation is received.

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  • Ev
      Jul 23, 2010

    Hi MikeATL,
    Thank you for updating your posting. Glad that you are happy with the refund and that you and I could sort out how you ended up being billed and mailed the newsletter.

    Thanks again!

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  • Tr
      Jul 24, 2010

    Unauthorised payments REFUNDED! Confirmation has been received from my mother’s bank that all three unauthorised payments have been repaid. Additionally, confirmation has also been received from Eva at the Healthy Back Institute that my account has been inactivated and no further charges can be processed.

    My advice to anyone in this situation is to be persistent. Continue emailing or contacting the company concerned until you receive your desired outcome. Posting comments on online complaints boards such as and in as many chat rooms as you can also generates results – companies don’t like negative postings.

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  • Ev
      Jul 28, 2010

    Hi Traker,
    Glad we could resolve the misunderstanding that opting out from receiving further emails from us does not stop any standing monthly memberships.
    I appreciate you updating your posting and that you are happy with the outcome.

    Thanks again and have a great day!

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  • Cu
      Aug 02, 2010

    I also ordered the free 7 day back pain book, but did not want the additional items. It is very obvious that you can choose whether or not you want any of the additional items. C'mon people read before you place an order online. I always do and you should not criticize a company for offering products, especially when they let you try them first.

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  • Ez
      Aug 09, 2010

    I love it when people say that if the info they have works, they should just give it away for free. I'm sorry but I went to law school and as much as I love helping people, I have no problem charging people for my services. I'm pretty confident they offer guarantees so if you don't like the product, ask for a refund...

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  • Ca
      Dec 06, 2010

    I was going to order this Healthy Back Book, but have also been caught by a scam in the past by unauthorized charges (Proflowers) so I'm glad I went on this website to check out Healthy Back. It helped me avoid another scam. My instinct is to never order anything that "looks too good to be true, ie 'free'" and now I will definitely stick to that. Thank you to those who posted the info. I will also inform the magazine that I trust, where I saw this link, that these people are scammers.

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  • El
      Dec 13, 2010

    The exact same scam was run on me. I have spent a total of about two hours trying to get my money refunded.
    When I first called them, The Healthy Back Institute said I ordered a free copy of "7 Day Back Pain Cure" and agreed to
    be charged $24.95 a month (for products I never have received--a newsletter and some ab-burning Cd or something).
    I was blissfully unaware that I have been automatically charged this amount for 6 months. When I found out, I hit the ceiling.
    The second time I called, their customer service people were incredibly unhelpful, reeling off products I "have received"--none of which I've received.
    I actually ordered their $100 Cure the Back Pain system and didn't ask for a refund after it did not work for me. Now they rip me off for another $150. I really think this is close to fraud. I'm writing to the Attorney Generals of Illinois, California and the USA and every web complaint page I can find. This kind of thing really shouldn't be allowed.
    These guys specialize in online scamming. I'm finished buying anything online. THESE GUYS NEED TO BE STOPPED!!!

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  • Si
      Feb 17, 2011

    Has anyone ordered the rub on relief from this company? I have just placed an order today, and paid for it. There was no mention of a book or any ongoing other words, I just want the one jar of rub on relief...want to try it out...and do not want to be charged for any future purchases unless I come back and choose to do so.

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  • Gu
      Mar 18, 2011

    Same old story wherever u go on line. Rip-off after rip-off... Until their countries get to grips with these people who are ripping customers off on line, it will go on and on. Fair play to those who stand up and fight back and keep on fighting. I fully support u all and totally agree on the last complaint of reporting them to the legal authorities. If everyone who is ripped off done this, they would have to investigate and take appropriate action. Just because a product is bought in one country and posted to another does not make that company exempt under their own country's laws! Plus any excess payments or irregularities by the company on Ur credit cards is also covered by law, as well as, not receiving any goods. So please keep up the good work of reporting all scams on line so everyone can see for themselves before they participate in another scam on line.
    Eveyone buying online should first check out the scam/complaint issues surrounding that product through Google. Its a quick way to find the truth and stop alot of anxiety and stress in their lives.


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  • Co
      Apr 01, 2011

    I just ordered the free 1-month supply of Heal-n-Soothe but they never asked for any financial info so I do not understand how the people above had money taken from their cards ?

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  • Ga
      Apr 11, 2011

    I, too, was (still am) involved in the scam for the 7 Day-Back-Pain Book Cure by Jesse Canonne. I was told the book was free, but I had to pay shipping costs by charging it. That's how my credit card no. was obtained. I found $24.95 taken out of my checking account for 2 months. To my knowledge, I did not order anything. When I called the no. that was on my statement, it was to a gun and holster shop in Ohio. The man who answered the phone said he has been getting calls all day every day from people about charges to their accounts from a Health and Fitness group. I finally found the no. to the co. The person who answered the phone had obviously been coached to only say certain sentences, so my questions were never really answered. When I asked to speak to her supervisor, she responded with one of her coached statements. I am now trying to get negative comments out to the public, so this co. does not continue to operate and scam people.

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  • Pu
      May 27, 2011

    I don't have any comment, but I would like to know about the pain killers - those five dangerous pain killer medicine. Yes, I understand that consuming of one of those pain killers cause several fatal diseases. Could you tell me that the amount of dose being consumed per day/week/month may cause the fatal diseases. For instance, if someone consume let's say 200mg occasionally or when headache occurs or once in a month - this is also the same as consuming regularly. I would be so glad, if I know about it. Best regards.

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  • Li
      Sep 15, 2011

    This doctor may have some credentials, but his company and ordering system is antagonistic and confrontational. I will be watching my credit card carefully to see if they exceed the $5.96 shipping charge and I DID NOT order anything else. We will see. If I have to, I will be protecting my
    seniors to see this company cannot hurt them. I very much dislike the order takers./

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  • Te
      Feb 25, 2012

    I ordered the "Rub on Relief" three times already, mainly because I keep giving it to my friends to try. My left knee was in extreme pain for 10 years. I tried chiropractors, massage therapists and bought about 10 pairs of orthopedic shoes for $500.00 per pair, but nothing worked. I hated myself almost immediately when I ordered the Rub on Relief because I thought there was obviously no way it could possibly work. After all, how can something that you apply topically take away arthritic pain under a knee cap? However, imagine my surprise when I received the stuff and applied it and almost immediately it worked and the pain went away. I kept applying it morning and at night and it continued to work, although I was in denial for the first week or so thinking that I was imagining it, or the weather changed or whatever. I have used it now for over a month and I continue to be pain free and I am now trying to reverse the "gimp walk" that I have developed to try and lessen the pain I had in that knee for 10 years. I am finding that I am relaxing the knee while walking now, mainly because I am not in constant pain. So I don't know about all these other things these guys are doing to bug people, but they are my heroes at the moment. I have had positive feedback from the half dozen other people I gave this stuff to, to try it. It seems to work for everyone so far, and they all are planning to order it asap. So if I were you and you have arthritis based pain, I would definitely not hesitate to try this Rub on Relief stuff, because it totally works!

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  • Ev
      Mar 07, 2012

    Hi Lisa 36,
    I really truly apologize that you find our ordering system antagonistic and confrontational!
    All of our customers that are offered an additional product such as a free 30 day trial of our newsletter has the option to either decline or accept the presented offer. The billing terms for the presented offer is clearly listed before you add the presented offer to your existing order.All we ask is that if further issues/shipments are not wanted we be contacted within 30 days so we can stop the billing/shipments - this is clearly stated along with the billing terms as I mentioned above before you add to your order.
    The Healthy Back Institute would never charge/ship a product that a customer had not included with an order.

    If you have any questions or concerns please let us know and we'll be happy to assist you!

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  • Sl
      May 26, 2012

    I ordered the pain relief cream for my husband on March 15th...I have never received an order confirmation # or a shipment, but they certainly took their $79.95 through PayPal. I tried to contact, but the URL was not valid. I tried looking up my order, using each of our different email addresses in case I didn't use our usual record...but my money is still gone. Not too happy...hopefully someone will respond when I call.

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  • Fa
      Nov 28, 2012

    I had recently ordered Dr. Hulda Clark's "The Cure for all Diseases" through Jesse Cannone's website AKA The Healthy Back Institute. When I received the book to my surprise I find out that it was an abridged version, I was hoping for the original UNABRIDGED edition. The website does not mention anywhere that it is the ABRIDGED version of Dr. Clark's original written work. Jesse Cannone seems to be an advocate of Dr. Clark's methodologies, if that is the case why would you leave out relevant information concerning Dr. Clark's studies?? If someone is trying to spread the author's message ACCURATELY, why not convey it exactly as the author would've intend it to be?? I was duped by Jesse Cannone's website into thinking I was getting the the complete info on Dr. Clark's studies. It sounds as if is just another scam website trying to offer you a FREE book by advertising that they only have 278 copies left out of 500 and nickel and diming every potential customer by making a profit of someone else's work even though they claim that it's "FREE". I ended up getting the original/ almost new UNABRIDGED "The Cure for all Diseases" at Amazon for a couple of dollars more then what I paid for at the website. After reading the other complaints I will be staying away from this website. I recommend that everyone before ordering any books through the website, research any books that you find interesting at another online bookstore especially if you want one that is complete with all relevant info by the original author. If customer service wishes to respond to my comment let me know that you are willing to reimburse me fully for your deceptive marketing and that you will pay to have the book shipped back, otherwise I do not want to hear any apologies, justifications or excuses, thanks.

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  • St
      Mar 02, 2014

    I ordered super joint support 3 bottles used 2 the pain is still there didn't help at all had a 0ne year money back warranty thay said would only refund for unoped bottle poor warranty

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  • Gr
      Jun 17, 2014

    I have requested twice via email to STOP sending me any further product Heal-n-Soothe and today find another bottle in my mail box. What does it take to STOP this company or how can I spell it out anymore clear than to PLEASE STOP sending product and charging my credit card. Is there a controlling government body I can contact to report this behavior?

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  • An
      Jul 19, 2014

    Change your credit card details in the site and continue to request a cancellation.
    That's what I did.

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  • An
      Jul 19, 2014

    In addition to this, they are offering 50% off their joint product with free shipping.
    I was extremely tempted, even after last time: ordered trial heal and soothe with scam subscription( there is no opt out button on the website) and to top it off, product doesn't work,
    I just wanted to take a look at how much it would actually be after the 50% discount and if the free shipping applied to Australia and the link automatically orders it straight from the email.
    That's some dodgy practice.
    It does say it's automatic order from the email, but it should give you an option to view the price before accepting.
    I could offer you a bottle of water for 50% off with an automatic order and not tell you the original price is $100.
    Get your act together

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  • Ja
      Nov 08, 2014

    I found the Healthy Back Institute website during an online search, when my husband was suffering from severe sciatica pain. Since then I received regular emails, which was no problem.

    However, recently those emails have turned very opinionated (subject lines that talk of God and exposing Obama "finally", etc.), and have NOTHING to do with back pain. Be careful of this site, and UNSUBSCRIBE. Cannone is a partisan wolf in sheep's clothing. If he has political and religious views, then he should express them on another site. The Healthy Back Institute is not an appropriate place to espouse one's own personal feelings - especially if the goal is to help as many people as possible with their legitimate pain.

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  • Ws
      Nov 12, 2014

    l ordered one bottle of trial pills for9.95 shipping only.I received 1 bottle of pills and 1 tube of heal-n-soothe cream which i did not order. They billed my debit card for 92.23 I called 3times and E.mailed 2 times they would refund 20, 57 cents 3 times on my card starting 5 to seven days from now. will see they canceled my pass word i couldnt e.mail them. My bank said to call there fraud dept. and cancel the card.Why cant they mail the refund to me? i dont want to lose any more money is this a scam?

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  • Du
      Nov 23, 2014

    This company evidently is not a trustworthy company. To bad, the idea of what to do for a better back was interesting, but evidently is not something that is truthful. Why do people always try to scam others...especially something like this.

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  • Mi
      Dec 29, 2014

    On 11/13/2014 I placed an order for 12 bottles Heal N Snoothe supplements for $399 which I received. I never signed up nor agreed to any automatic monthly Smartship program.
    Just 11 days later on 11/24/2014 I was shipped another 9 bottles of Heal n Snoothe. I haven't even finished 1 bottle yet. I never placed this order and requested an immediate refund to my charge card of $249.
    This Company wants to hold me responsible for all costs to ship their products back on an order I never placed! The customer service department is a joke. I explained the situation and they agreed it their was an error, but still wants to me to come out of pocket to return the items. I requested to speak to a manager on two separate phone calls. The manager came to the phone. They took my number and never returned my call.
    This company is operating in a fraudulent manner. It a scam. Once they get your credit card monitor it as you might get charged for an order you never placed like I did. I filed a complaint with my credit card company and will some file one with the U.S. Postal Inspector. The Postal Reorganization Act of 1970 incorporates these protections for American consumers and makes the mailing of unordered merchandise unfair methods of competition and unfair trade practices under the law.

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  • Da
      Mar 07, 2015


    I too gave them a try. Same basic experience. The only difference is; I used a PREPAID card (Same As Cash) with only 50 dollars on it that WASN'T linked to me or my other cards or any of my bank accounts or my financial Institution IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM!!! As soon as I completed the transaction with these scam artists, I took out all the money on that card except what they promised me (read that as lied to me) they would charge me. When they tried to charge me more than what I authorized, THEY WERE OUT OF LUCK!!! I Always Do this And Never Get Scammed Anymore!!!
    GET YOURSELF SOME PREPAID CARDS!! Come on now, we've all given prepaid cards out as gifts to our kids and grandkids and nieces and nephews. We all know how to do it. You can buy them at the grocery store or pharmacy, and pretty much anywhere else, so there is really No Excuse! You should keep a few at home with small amounts on them that ARE NOT linked IN ANY WAY to any bank that you have an account with or any other card you have. And use them when ordering ANYTHING online or over the phone.

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  • Ki
      May 20, 2015
    HEALTHY BACK INSTITUTE - Payment taken from Bank account without authorization
    Healthy Bacl Institute
    4610 Prime Parkway
    United States

    I asked for a product to be sent as a one off sale and now months later find this company have been taking monthly payments for a magazine/DVD which I did not order and do not want.

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  • Je
      Jul 29, 2015

    Watch out with Lose the pain System! I ordered and paid for it on line version. they charge my credit catd, send me a link and password. When I entered "my account" and tried to download all the wrritten files and the audios, there were not there, DONT EXIST, no attachment. I tried from 3 different devices and same happened. At my computer as soon as I tried to open the file a message emerged " Page not safe (in red and with no https URL) maybe your bank information is trying to be stolen for cyber hackers". OMG. I got scared and call them as soon as I can, I sqid "i want to cancel my order becasue it doesnt exist, i am not interested any more, I dont trust this website". So without anymore questions they said OK your order is cancelled, as if they already now this is a fraud. They send me an e mail with my charge return, It has been two days from now I am just waiting that the money was not charged and checking my account until it is refund.
    after reqding all thiis comments, I have to be aware of any future charge Since they have my information.
    I hope this people stop playing with honest people feelings and stop scamming, people who just are really looking for a solution and trying to find soMe hope for our health issues, we didnt deserve that. Get an honest job!

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  • An
      Aug 14, 2015

    I live in the UK I suffer with fibromyalgia and I was sent the sooth the back pain link from another health site when I saw it was free and needed only postage so I could try it out, I started to order however I came out of the screen and decided not to go ahead as it was asking me to autoship . when I did I was bombarded with emails saying why havn, t you ordered properly shipment waiting for you I still left it.then next day same email saying what is putting you off from ordering . they then offered me options I opt out of any automatic payments shipments and newsletters I've tried the heal and soothe and its not for me. Not working with other things I take for my health. Still they have taken not just the free sample shipping but newsletter and another shipment of heal and soothe which I did not ask for my bank have cancelled any more payments. I have emailed 3times and I to Jesse Cannone and no one is getting back to me my husband has gone mad as the money is for other things not this . if I do not get satisfaction I will be letting every complaints site and Facebook and twitter know I've been scammed if you as a company ate reading this please refund my money [protected]

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  • An
      Aug 14, 2015

    They are not getting back to me sent several emails and tried phoning and saying no longer in use. I never signed up for extra supplements or newsletters but so far they took £35 and 13.95 over what I said I'd pay for a free trial supplement heal and soothe .my bank have cancelled the payments I have not authorised and if money not refunded will be putting name and complaint on all websites that complain and Facebook and twitter which obviously I won't if I'm refunded and then taken off their emails I see that some have got their money back so please refund me ASAP thank you Ann

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  • Ge
      Aug 31, 2015

    I have been using Heal n Soothe herbal pills and rub on cream for a while now, and I cannot speak highly enough for these products. I suffered from chronic back pain and migraines and despite many treatment attempts and spending huge amounts at chiropractors and prescription drugs, the only product that REALLY WORKED for me was Heal n Soothe. I take just to pills every morning and use the cream as back up now and again if a local topical pain appears - it works nearly immediately for local pain relief. It is the pills that work on an ongoing basis, but you have to maintain the treatment daily. I need to say that most of those negative reviews of this company are written by people who did not understand or carefully read what they were ordering. Sure there are many offers that pop up in most online sales but READ THE TEXT fully to understand what you are clicking!
    I avoid any auto ship options as this can cause complications if you forget to cancel or modify your order. Simply just ORDER WHEN YOU NEED IT.
    The offer of free book was genuine, and carries only a freight charge. If you get charged duties by your local Government that is also described in the website and you should have been aware that this may happen. The book was very helpful and of course it contains prods to order products after all there has to be some financial incentive to publish a book and offer it for free. Would you publish a book and send it out for free without expecting some compensation??
    Sorry for the long winded reply just thought this company needed some positive feedback and a reality check on the unfair negative comments. I am in no way connected to the Lose the Back Pain company nor have consulted them about this reply.

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  • Be
      Sep 30, 2015

    I faced the same problem as the ones listed above. In July this year I ordered Arthritis Reversed for $9 and paid shipping charges for a free CD set and a free trial membership for a month. During that period I wrote several mails to their customer service stating that I did not want to continue the subscription once the trial period was over. I must have sent out more than 12 emails to them but to no avail. They charged me $19.95 in August and in Sept in spite of the numerous mails.Finally when I raised a hue and cry by writing to a network of people related to this field and attaching the mail trail i finally got a response. They have agreed to cancel future subscriptions but there is no mention of refunding the total amount of $39.90 charged thus far.I think it is my right to get this amt refunded. I live in India and every dollar counts for us. I had even written saying I cant afford this amount being deducted as it works out to more than Rs 1300 a month. I hope somebody in this fradulent company will see this and refund the same
    Rebecca George

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  • Be
      Sep 30, 2015

    The file of emails( mail trail of more than12-14 emails) sent to the Healthy Back Institute and to Jesse Cannone cannot be uploaded. I wonder why

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  • Ha
      Oct 20, 2015

    I fell for the website's strong recommendation, that you order a 3-pack of Super Joint Support. I used the product faithfully according to the instructions but didn't notice any improvement in my knee joint pain.
    The company is adamant that they are committed to "helping you feel better than ever before" and that's why the [product comes with "the assurance of of a 90-day Money Back Guarantee"!
    However, when I contacted the Customer Support to request a refund, I was told that only the UN-OPENED bottles would be refunded. When I asked how on earth a customer would know that the product works or not if the can't open and use it, I was told that "the company doesn't really recommend that a new customer order more than 1 bottle - which would be refunded if it didn't work! That sure isn't the case on their website.
    This is a case of clear misrepresentation = scam!

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  • Ag
      Jan 28, 2016

    I am being charged US$19.95 every month on my credit card. I want this stopped with immediate effect

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