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I wanted to buy 3 bottles of Heal N Soothe from the Healthy Back Institue. I previously purchased the LosetheBackpain program and Heal N Soothe as well. This time as I used another debit card my payments were declined as it did not match with the one they kept in their records. This is quite unusual and I wasn't happy about it but I added my debit card details anyway on the company's website. I tried to pay again but my payment was declined. I attempted to complete this 1 payment for USD 158.00 several times. It was declined each time. I have made several payments with the same card in severwal countries in Europe and the card is fine. I noticed that around EUR 450.00 is on hold on my account. Each time my payment failed the USD 158.00 was put on hold on my account. I asssume that is 4 payments. I spoke with my Bank, I also spoke with VISA and they confirmed that because the payments (which is actually 1 payment but they tried to apply it 4 times) never left my account only the reatiler The Healthy Back Institute can release this. I was in contact with 4 operator they all told me different things. They all wanted me to call them on a 1800 number which is only available in the USA. It never occured them to call me even after I requested them. One lady told me that she can release the 2 payments which are on hold. That is USD 158.00 multiplied with 2 which is USD 316.oo However that is about EUR 200.00 and my Bank confirmed that I have EUR 450.00 on hold for the Healthy Back Institue. I explained it to the operators but they did not even try to explain it to me. After the lady confirmed that she can release the payments which could take SEVEN ???!!! days. I received an email from a guy names Wes that they have absolutely nothing to do with it and I need to talk to VISA. VISA confirmed that as the payments have not left the account they cannot investigate this and they cannot do anything about it, only the retailer can release the payments. This has become a nightmare. I spent a lot of time and money on this. I can't use my EUR 450.00 and I cannot but the Heal N Soothe pills whic is a great product though. In my opinion the company should have realised that I tried to make 1 payment for a 100 Euro. There is no reason for them to hold 450.00 Euro on my account. They also should figure out the why their system cannot accept my debit card which is accepted everywhere else. They also need to improve their customer service as they are not helping me to buy their own product and they have not made any effort to rescue their relationship with their so called 'valued customer' I am utterly diappointed and angry.

Laszlo Nagy

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  • Ev
      Oct 19, 2010

    Hi Laszlo,
    I really do apologize that you are having problems with your order.
    Your order was declined because the address that your credit card company has on file did not match the address that you entered on the order form. On the first couple of orders you placed with us you listed your state and zipcode as N/A - this matched what your credit card company had on file.

    Now, the order in question that is declining had a number listed in the zipcode field and also a name in the state field. If your credit card company does not have the same for zipcode/state the order will unfortunately decline.

    I will email you so we can get this order processed and get the hold on the money released.
    Please look for my email with the subject: The Healthy Back Institute - Heal-n-Soothe.


    Eva Klein

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