Healthcare Recoveries, Inc. / Possible Identity Theft Scam

Louisville, KY, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: (502) 214-1340

I too received the same intrusive letter. What they don't make clear is exactly who wants this information, nor do they explain in human terms anyone can understand, why they want it. Of course we're afraid of giving out our personal medical information, out of the blue, to some company who doesn't truthfully identify themselves.

I refuse to respond to their letters of inquiry because everything they need to know is in my medical record. I've already stated how/why my injury occurred. It's from a lifetime of breaking my back so you birdbrains can get rich. Leave me alone.

Here's something that makes it a bit clearer. It did for me anyway.

Here's some gobbly gook for your edification: "With health care costs on the rise, most employers are looking for ways to better manage their employee’s insurance and medical expenses. In support of this effort, Blue Cross Blue Shield administers a provision that will encourage the reduction of health care costs without reducing health benefits; that provision is known as Reimbursement or Subrogation and applies when Blue Cross and Blue Shield has paid claims that might be the responsibility of another party.

Our partnership with Healthcare Recoveries, Inc. (HRI) will assist in this administration of the Reimbursement/Subrogation provision through the review of paid health care claims that could potentially be the responsibility of another party (e.g., claims processed for a member who had been in an auto accident).
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois Customer Advocate."

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  • Am
      9th of Mar, 2010

    Healthcare Recoveries is a division of Trover Solutions, Inc., a company founded in 1988 and headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. Healthcare Recoveries works in partnership with your health insurance company in reviewing medical services provided and/or paid claims that may have been the result of an accident or injury. In order to effectively administer health contract benefits, we need to obtain detailed information from you to determine if another party is responsible for the medical treatment provided to you. The letter you received is signed by Cheri Hall (not Cheri Hill), the Manager of our Customer Service Department. When you call, the Customer Service Department representative will ask for the event # listed in your letter and/or your health plan member ID number to assist us with looking up your account when you call. For more information about our Company, please visit our website at Thank you. Amanda Hopper, Director of Compliance.

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  • Ch
      10th of Jun, 2010

    Then why doesn't your company identify itself as Trover Solutions Inc. in their mailings? Could it be the name doesn't sound 'medical' enough?

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  • Am
      11th of Jun, 2010

    I believe I can help clear up your confusion about Healthcare Recoveries and Trover Solutions.

    Healthcare Recoveries is a division of Trover Solutions, Inc., a leading independent provider of claims recovery and cost containment solutions. Since 1988, our Healthcare Recoveries division has provided these services for private healthcare payers across the country. Trover also has another division, TransPaC Solutions, which serves the property and casualty insurance industry with similar services.

    Healthcare Recoveries works with health plans to review medical services provided and/or paid claims that may have been the result of an accident or injury. Our company obtains detailed information from health plan members to determine if other parties may be responsible for medical treatments they have received. Your response to Healthcare Recoveries is an important part of your health plan’s cost management program.

    If you are interested in learning more about our company, corporate information about Trover Solutions is available online at I hope these details eliminate any uncertainty regarding our identity and purpose. On behalf of your insurance company, we appreciate your time and attention.

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  • Ch
      11th of Jun, 2010

    I know all I need to know about your company, and mine.

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  • Ch
      10th of Jul, 2010

    Just received "3rd notice" from your company. Listen idiots, I've already given accurate information at time of admission to ER. I, repeat, I, already know WHO is responsible for my care. Kaiser, the company I, repeat, I, pay through the nose for. So what, you want to find a way to make the state pay? Go [censored] yourself!

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  • Me
      16th of Aug, 2010

    I received a similar letter and not going to respond. I am not going to spend any of my time helping health insurance and the

    healthcare solutions get richer. I am not working for you, guys. You are working for me.

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  • Pa
      26th of Aug, 2010

    Okay, here is the solution to take care of these anoying ambulance chasers and get them to stop pestering you: You are going to have to talk to them once. Make everything up, names, places, details of the events in question, do not provide one factual statement. After they go chasing down the rabbit hole, they will get the message full on, and will leave you alone.

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  • Ch
      30th of Aug, 2010

    Nope. I'm not legally obligated to waste my time answering their questions. Not gonna happen.

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  • Ch
      2nd of Sep, 2010

    Well, apparently, according to Gibson & Sharps, PSC, on behalf of Kaiser/Healtcare Recoveries, I am legally obligated to answer the vultures inquiries. I received a letter today telling me so. Frankly, this is extremely upsetting to me. Last March my back gave out, I missed 6 weeks of work throwing me into a financially bog. I'm now making payments to Kaiser because I 'd foolishly opted for their deductible plan through my job. Now: I owe Kaiser $500, behind financially, and they hire firm to bother me about details, details already given at time of treatment of my injury.
    Here's what part their scare letter says:
    "Dear Member, This firm represents Kaiser Northern California and Heathcare Recoveries. You may wish to review your health plan contract to determine any legal obligation you might have to provide certain information in connection with the claim referenced above."

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  • Ch
      2nd of Sep, 2010

    BTW, I no longer have Kaiser. Had to cancel due to money problems. I will never, under any circumstances, use Kaiser healthcare again. I'd rather die. P.S. Cheri Hall, I have zero intention of answering duplicate questions to your company or any other firm you deal with. What? Am I going to be arrested and sent to jail failing this?

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  • Ch
      2nd of Sep, 2010

    Interesting. Just googled the law firm, found an interesting tid bit:

    "I got the same letter. This is purely speculation on my part!
    I don't think they are actually hired by BCBS. I suspect that they found a loophole in HIPAA that allows BCBS to sell contact information that a claim was paid out but not give details of the medical condition. Healthcare Recoveries probably pays BCBS a fee to obtain the list in hopes that they can receive a bounty for any recovered funds. A recovery may not come from the individual, but maybe a insurance payout for workman comp.

    It seems similar to 3rd party debt collection efforts.

    The wording of the letter is slickly crafted to make you think you need to take action. I'm sure that BCBS verified they are "legit" because Healthcare Recoveries pay a fee and is a customer of BCBS.

    Very creative but still slimy."

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  • Ed
      9th of Sep, 2010

    This was very helpfull. I too have been getting letters from Health care recoveries. I sent all my info to the insurance company and I do not Know why they would have to use a second party. I also received the letter from Gibson & Sharps Law Firm. I do not plan on calling them. I would like a copy of my plan that states I have to give my info to another campony. No where on the letter does it have my member number. I think that is strange. Don't you?

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  • Pa
      13th of Sep, 2010

    Gibson & Sharps, PSC, is located in the same building as Health Recoveries and Trover Solutions. What legitimate business would troll complaint sites and respond to complaints?

    All in the same building is just to cozy. They are simply ambulance chasers.

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  • Br
      20th of Sep, 2010

    Got my "3rd AND FINAL NOTICE" two days ago from Ms. Hall. It states that my cooperation might be required by my contract with BCBS. If Healthcare Recoveries doesn't hear from me within 10 days, they will "refer this matter" to BCBS "for appropriate action."

    I agree that their letters are slickly crafted. Their tactics should be given as much publicity as possible, and reputable firms like BCBS should be pressed not to cooperate with organizations (to the extent that they do cooperate -- the letters says that Healthcare Recoveries "represents" BCBS) that employ such tactics.

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  • Ky
      21st of Sep, 2010

    I Just got a letter from "Humana c/o Trover Solutions Inc".. They seem to know about a medical procedure I had done on a certain date, but not what in particular. They also do not have my Humana ID or group number.

    A note at the bottom of the page: "Inquiries made by Trover Solutions on behalf of your health care plan are in full compliance with HIPAA." Well, I've had to pass a HIPAA training course in order to prepare for a research class. And so I know, just 'cause you say you're HIPAA don't mean you're really HIPAA. HIPAA could be used as lever to pry Trover open, or a club to beat them down: there are a number of awfully ugly and inhumane historical facts that drives modern HIPAA laws and compliance.

    Another amazing fact: The telephone number they ask me to call, 1-800-765-5247, identifies with a voice greeting of "Thank you for calling Humana Healthcare", then asks me to fill in the event number of the letter. The REAL Humana Healthcare service number can recognize you by your incoming phone number, birth date and zip code. Trover's answering machine is lying.

    So Trover Solutions is really troving around. Their company name means "to find". I wonder if they are trying to find trouble? These guys are suspicious to me.. I'll see what Humana has to say.. Maybe they're in bed with these dogs, maybe Trover is tying to insert themselves into the situation. I would not put anything past Humana, though.. I had to sic a lawyer after them once after they denied a claim. At my place of work, we have legal insurance, believe it or not! I wouldn't *think* of dealing with Humana without a legal pit bull on a leash..

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  • Ri
      30th of Sep, 2010

    What a bunch of ambulance chasers.
    I have submitted a complete and detailed report to my pcp during my appointment. My pcp turn sent me to the hospital where again i submitted a complete and detailed intimate report to the technician upon admittance to the hospital.
    Both of these agents submitted a complete and detailed reports to blue cross blue shield. These reports contained no accident information or reports because "i was not in an accident" so why in the h_ll do i need to send even more information to some agency that i know nothing about and that blue cross blue shield refuses to acknowledge. I have sent 5 emails to my blue cross blue shield provider through the website that i have to log into with my account number. They have not acknowledged you www. so that tells me you are a fraud.

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  • Ch
      12th of Oct, 2010

    Yes! Spread the word!

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  • De
      20th of Oct, 2010

    Received my letter and landed on this page searching for info on the company. Contacted them and inquired why they would need additional info if they are working in conjunction w/ my service provider. Got a canned, scripted response that those records remained w/ the provider, but they need to VERIFY details they are not privy to to begin with..?

    I told the rep "great - thanks for the info, it's obvious you have not been contracted by my SP. Remove my name from your data base, and do not contact me again." The rep thanked me for my time and said I would be removed.

    I made this call from a VOIP phone, and gave only my first and last name and city of residence (they already have our mailing addy's).

    A URL is also given Feel free to go there and give them all kinds of ficticious info;)

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  • Ch
      28th of Oct, 2010

    [censor]... Don't give them any of your info!! They, along with your healthcare provider, are not out to help you... they are in it for the $$$.

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  • Sk
      14th of Dec, 2010

    We have received these letters for years. We have never responded and they shred just fine, like all the credit card offers we receive. :) The treatment dates that they list refer to regular check up appointments with our primary care doctors. No ER, no accident, no reason I would want to sue someone! So we ignore these . Go ahead and refer "this matter" to my local BCBS, they barely have time to answer real questions, much less come after us for "appropriate action". Frankly, I'm relieved when I receive the "Third and Final" letter, that means you won't be bothering me anymore.

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  • Na
      29th of Dec, 2010

    actually worked for them, and this is what they are all about. say you fall and break your leg. If you're lucky, you have health insurance, go to the hospital, get treatment, and get better. Your health insurance company, even tho' they paid for your care, wants to know, WHERE did it happen. see, if you broke your leg at a friend's house, then your insurance company, say blue cross, kaiser, all the big ones do this, well, your health insurance company would like to sue the homeowner's policy of where you broke your leg...since technically they are liable. and GET BACK THEIR MONEY! say you broke your leg at a business, cha-ching. fall on the city sidewalk? healthcare recoveries would like to sue the city, on behalf of your health insurance company, and get their money back. even if you fell at your friend's house who rents a trailer and doesn't have homeowner's, much less any insurance...who is liable? subrogation is basically the process of WHO CAN WE MAKE PAY FOR THIS! Health insurance companies hire healthcare recoveries to get back money for them. so yeah, gone are the days when you had health insurance, something happened, you were covered, and life went on. so, that's what they're after, hence the forms and asking for information. your insurance company, and darn near all of the major health ins companies do this, flag certain claims/treatments, and then has healthcare recoveries "check it out" and see if they can get the money they paid out on your claim, back. seems ridiculous, but unfortunately seems to be how it's done these days.

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  • 1a
      17th of Feb, 2011

    Let me add to your disgust, dear readers. I actually work for my insurance company (medical) and support their systems, dealing with the people one on one...daily. Why would a 3rd party company send letters to me at home, asking for insurance information about my medical insurance coverage (regarding a family member i support from a mid-1990's divorce event)...on behalf of the company i actually walk around in???

    My employer IS my insurance company! Do you really think my employer needs to find out what their own insurance information is, to give to themselves, and can't figure that out. BTW, i got trapped in a phone call w/ "Healthcare Recoveries" and didn't realize the problem with them at first, and sent them paperwork with legal information proving insurance responsibility and court paperwork for the joint-custody divorce of the mid-90's...and declared everything openly to them. Months later i got the ole' "2nd Rquest for Claim Information" letter that many of you here have gotten. Imagine...i sent them EVERYTHING, legal documentation with judges signatures, and they still contact me with "we need more information."
    By the way, the person on the phone at that time, was very elusive and threatening at the same time, that legal action could be taken (which i see some of you refer to in your postings as well).
    I think something fishy is indeed going on here, and now i'm sad i didn't think about it at first that my own insurance company wouldn't need to use a 3rd party company to get my insurance information...and i panicked that i'd missed something along the way in the final years of my divorce decree going null/ending. Oy veh...i say stay away from Cheri A Hall and Healthcare Recoveries, because i don't believe they are being honest but are gold-diggers (well, ambulance chasers is a better term, like others have said repeatedly in their postsings).

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  • Sc
      22nd of Feb, 2011

    I received a letter from Healthcare Recoveries and decided to check them out on the internet. So glad I did... I felt the same way...why are you asking me all this information again...this happened a year ago...I too have mailed, faxed..etc everything to my BCBS provider...why again..why now!! It was totally frustrated.. I am so glad I didn't respond to these people... so glad I checked out the internet before being pulled in by these ambulance chasers.

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  • Mi
      9th of Mar, 2011

    Thank you everyone for clearing this scam up for me. I received my 2nd notice yesterday and decided to do a little research before calling them. Now I won't have to. GFY Cheri Hall!!!

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  • Te
      22nd of Mar, 2011

    I just got a letter from same company. I'm calling Blue Cross Blue Shield to answer any questions they may have. I will not give out my health information to a company that does not have a member ID or any information to confirm this is not a scam.

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  • Ab
      19th of Apr, 2011

    My suggestion is to call your insurance company directly and ask them if this is a legal letter. That is exactly what I am going to do!

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  • No
      5th of May, 2011

    I caleld my health care insurance provider (Aetna) & confirmed they use a third party, HRI, to review claims for subrogation purposes. Subrogration is when one insurance company reaches out to another party (usually another insurance co) and shares the cost of the claim. This is most commonly seen when insurance your health insurance company has claims related to a workman's comp claim or car accident.

    The # Aetna provided for HRI was different than the one provided onthe letter from HRI. I called the Numberfrom Aetna, the event number pulled my records & I was asked a few simple questions regarding my DR appts. Where did it happen, did I file with any other insurance companies, what is work related, etc. At the conclusion of the call I asked what happens next & was informed she updated my records & determined no third party responsibility. I asked for something to identify the call if necessary down the line & received the reps name & reference #.

    It took less than 5 minutes for the call.
    All in all it seems this is a reasonable way for the insurance companies to confirm everyone is not over paying for services.

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  • Dl
      6th of May, 2011

    I just called Healthcare Recoveries and they are a company (subsidiary of Trovis) retained by your healthcare provider to audit the claim to see if anyone else (auto insurance, other third parties, etc.) can be brought in to the mix to save your healthcare provider some money. In the end, they are paid by savings provided to your HC company. Not a scam but not really a business I would be proud to be in either. They are essentially trying to find someone else to pay what they’ve already said they would pay.

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  • 4t
      8th of Jun, 2011

    Where there is a demand, there will be a supply. HRI is the nation’s largest vendor for subrogation services to the private payer industry.
    There are insurance fraud investigators on both sides but HRI does something different and essential to the whole insurance industry. They don't investigate fraud, they investigate responsibility after the payment of insurance has been approved and paid. If you were BCBS and a company like HRI returned 200 million to you for legally finding the resposible party you would worship HRI. HRI is no threat to the consumer (unless you lied and there is fraud) and they have a large impact on keeping insurance rates down. I know of this company and they do the same thing for property and casualty insurers. If your driving and a tornado throws your car into a house...who is reponsible? Your main health provider will usually pay but legally your injury may be the legitimately responsibility of your car insurance or the homeowners insurance or the states catastophic insurance. If subrogation was not available to the insurance industry, and trust me on this, your insurance would delay payment for untold perids of time until they were sure they were responsible, causing you serious problems from the doctors and hospitals that treated you. So unless you are commiting fraud, just tell them where and how your injury happened on behalf of your insurance that just paid 50 grand or more to fix you back up in exchange for the 1 or 2 grand you pay them per year.

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  • Tr
      14th of Jun, 2011

    I can assure you that NOTHING HRI does will keep your healthcare costs down. Subrogation is a very, very, very, small part of the insurance industry. And of that small part that they recover from... they (and companies like them) usually keep up to a third of what they collect. I also suspect that "4the record" is actually a company employee posting comments here to try to maintain the high moral ground in what they do.

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  • Sm
      27th of Jul, 2011

    Obviously, all of you are complete idiots who are so blinded by your own ignorance. Have any of you ever once thought about how much money your health plan pays out for your treatment!?! Um, it's nothing compared to the monthly payments of however many hundred dollars you may pay for your health insurance... One treatment you receive may cost over $1, 000 or more depending on what type of tx you may get. ER visits are damn expensive! I wouldn't want to pay that completely out of pocket! I would be thanking your health insurance for covering your treatment! With this being said, your health plan has a RIGHT to know if the treatment you received is a resut of another party's negligence...that's all they want to know. Yeah they ask you to verify your privacy info to make sure there not speaking to some crack pot old fool that picked your letter out of a garbage can somewhere and wants to discuss YOUR medical treatment. And they ask for a few brief details of your treatment to get a clearer picture of what caused your treatment. They only see a select few treatments your health plan has sent them to go over, NOT your entire medical history! Seriously, if someone else is responsible for your treatment don't you think, as an ethical human being, that the negligent party's insurance should cover your treatment cost? Uh, yeah. Why the hell should your medical insurance have to pay if someone else is responsible!?! Seriously. Don't be so completely ignorant! If you don't like the proper procedures your health plan uses to keep your insurance costs down, then shut your mouth and get another insurance company! But beware, because sooner or later all insurance companies will be using these subrogation services. A: It keeps insurance costs down, big time. Because naturally, if your insurance paid for everything all the time, they would have to keep raising your monthly bill, by other responsible companies paying for the correct treatments it keeps the system regulated. And B: your health insurance is so freaking busy working on going through all your claims and paying for them, member services, etc. That they don't have the time or resources to handle subrogation in their own company. So, outsourcing to a different company basically is the easiest way to keep the process simple and efficient! If you don't like it, perhaps you should have read the fine print in the contract you have with your health plan before you agreed to pay for it. Being ignorant is no excuse, do the damn research before you ### about something that saves you money in the end. Just saying. Healthcare Recoveries rocks! (oh, and p.s. Healthcare Recoveries is a branch if Trover Solutions, whoop de do if they don't list every single branch of the company in your letter! It's not fraudulent, what difference does it make!?!) get the hell over it, ###.

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  • Cu
      28th of Jul, 2011

    Hi, I received a few letters from Healthcare Recoveries regarding a chiropractic visit. I thought this was strange as I go to the chiropractor every week and have done so for the past 4 years. I did not understand why they would be singling out one visit. I went on line and found this complaint site & decided to ignore the letters based on others' experiences. Then I got another letter but this time it was from Gibson & Sharps Attorneys at Law. The letter stated that I was obligated to respond to the inquiry. I decided to call my insurance company. I was told by Keystone's customer service that the inquiry was legitimate. Instead of calling I went to their website. There was a form to fill out. I was required to qualify the nature of my condition - whether it was work related or not. I do not anticipate any negative fall out from this experience, but if there is I will update it here to keep people informed. When I called my insurance company, the representative I spoke with understood my concern about phishing scams and identity theft. I think if any of you are really concerned, you should contact your insurance provider. I hope this post helps alleviate some of your concern.

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  • Sd
      16th of Aug, 2011

    You guys are seriously getting worked up over a legitamate business.
    4 months ago my 4-year-old was wrestling on the bed. He hit a corner and got a cut on his face that needed minor stitches in the ER. I have Kaiser.
    I got my letter from Healthcare Recoveries and was suspicious. After reading this thread, I went ahead and called the 1-800 number as requested, but I was cautious.
    They asked me identifying info, but not complete info. Just my street address, but not the city/state/zip. My name, but not the name of the patient (my son). They never asked for anything sensitive, like my SSN or medical number or what-not. That implies that it really is for verification, not for identity theft or scamming.
    Anyways, after that, they asked what happened, which I explained in two sentenses. They asked where it happened. My house, in the bedroom. They asked if there are any claims related to this incident with other insurance companies. I said No.
    She thanked me and that was all there was. The whole thing took 2 aminutes.
    It is not a scam. As others have tried to say, your healthcare provider is in the medical business, not the legal business. So they hire a 3rd party to cover their bases and make sure they are not being taken advantage of by paying for things that other insurance should be paying for.

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  • Ig
      25th of Aug, 2011

    just ignore the letters. the idea that Healthcare Recoveries keeps costs down is not right . endless lawsuits with everyone suing everyone Increases our rates in the end. of all the megacorporate industries, the healthcare industry is one of the ones i'm least sympathetic towards. and i'm not spending one second calling kentucky just to help them increase their profit margins even more.

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  • Tr
      7th of Sep, 2011

    Bottom line here is you simply DO NOT have to tell them anything. Yes, they may be "working" for your health care provider, but they are doing you NO service. Ultimately their goal to to take any settlement proceeds (or insurance payout) you may be entitled to as a result of an accident, or injury, and forward those monies back to your health care provider (after keeping a percentage for themselves). In practical terms, it does VERY LITTLE to keep costs "down" and simply is just another source of revenue for your provider. In "some" instances they may contact your employer group who MAY (or may not) force you to cooperate with HRI... and if that occurs, they you'll have to grudingly cooperate, but until that occurs (if at all), simply ignore them.

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  • Jw
      19th of Sep, 2011

    I heard from Cheri as well. Called my provider (Highmark). Highmark does employ Healthcare Recoveries to try to recover costs from third parties they believe might be responsible for costs. HOWEVER, the Highmark subrogation rep I talked you said that NO ONE was going to "come after" me for not responding to Healthcare Recoveries' letters.

    My letter states, "If we do not hear from you within ten days, we may refer this matter to our Legal counsel." (I like how "Legal" is capitalized, though it shouldn't be.)

    The Highmark rep laughed and said, "There's nothin' to come after you for."

    Here's what I did. I think it would work for anyone who recd letters from Healthcare Recoveries:
    1) call your provider
    2) ask for the Subrogation Dept
    3) tell the rep that the claim did not involve any 3rd-party liability (do not go into details. simply tell them that the party was injured)--unless you believe that another party was truly negligent or culpable
    4) ask your provider to update your information and tell Healthcare Recoveries to leave you alone

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  • Ch
      27th of Sep, 2011

    IGNORE THEM!!! JC, did some of their weasel employees find their way here? Honest, hardworking Americans have no time for money grubbing shenanigans like that. Vultures!

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  • St
      13th of Oct, 2011

    I also received my letter. You know I pay enough for insurance, I am so stressed about this medical mumbo jumbo anyway. I gave all of my info to the hospital. I just hate thinking that all the money I spend a year for medical insurance is going to companies like this. As I said before I gave the hospital all the information. I know what happened. If someone else was involved in my accident I would be the first person to get money from the other person to pay my medical bills not my own insurance company. Where does it end, and how do we make it stop. GOD help us all...

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  • Ma
      15th of Oct, 2011

    I received a similar letter. I agree with the previous posts. They specify a treatment date but not what it is for. BCBS has all the info they need and with what we pay in premiums they are crazy if they think I am going to do their work for them. Ok Gibson and Sharps attorneys at Law, please tell me what crime I am committing in not responding to a company I've never heard of and not giving them my personal information? If an injury was due to an accident it would be on file with BCBS and they wouldnt be asking me what the injury was for.

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  • Ra
      2nd of Nov, 2011

    Ahh... just got my Gibson & Sharps letter after ignoring all the previous letters for the most part. My wife is all panicked about them so I actually did try to call after the 2nd letter and they wanted me to hold for them. I waited approximately 5 minutes in the queue waiting for someone to take my call. No thanks, I'm not wasting my time sitting on hold so I can help you. Gibson & Sharps, meet my trash can.

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