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Another thing that I forgot to add in the previous complaint "unprofessional IT instructor", if Heald College has the Financial Resources to establish new programs such as Construction Management, Pharmacy Technician and so on, why cannot they institute just one class covering Macintosh Computers? They don't have to invest in a dozen iMac Computers, but rather the Mac mini's.

Even though Mac's only account for 10% of the market, they are still very widely used in University Settings, Professionals, and other areas as well. Myself and other IT Students have asked that a Macintosh Class be taught (one class), however we get the same response as usual; "Research It !!!" Research will not always be of help nor a consistent guidance for those interested in learning about Mac's. There has to be actual hands on involved so the student can apply the knowledge that was received during lecture and assignments.

As far as I can tell, this well never happen since the IT Program Director at the Campus I attended is so very Anti-Mac Biased !!! This is a very good example of an individual who is very arrogant, condescending, and not willing to be open to new areas of Technology.

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      Jan 19, 2011

    I could not disagree with your statment anymore. The reason Heald doesn't offer Mac classes is the very same reason they don't offer Roman Architecture or a Poetry Degree program. There is no placement in those fields. As for Construction Management, the educational board is assuming construction will come back with a more eco friendly approach that will launch a new type of career within the industry starting a new housing boom after recession. I am sure Macs have their place, but Apple and companies that cater to their users do not automatically guarantee placement.Reality is that over 80% if not more of business are using Microsoft and PC. I would suggest moving over to San Francisco and see if you can find a MAC college there.

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      Mar 13, 2012

    I attended Heald College from August 2011 to January 2012. Then I was confronted by an instructor and a campus supervisor at Heald College in Concord, CA who practiced reverse discrimination towards me on in the Medical Billing and Coding course. So I approached Academic Affairs in Concord, CA and found out the educational institution is not a student friendly environment. The upper management approaches issues in a very legalistic manner only to cover their backs. They do not care about the successful completion of the students.

    Here is an example of my e mail I sent to the director of academic affairs and never received a verbal reply. I only received a letter saying I couldn't come back to learn anything again at Heald College.
    My e mail to the director of Academic Affairs.

    I apologize for not showing up to the planned meeting to discuss Ms. Young's extreme demeaning attitude towards as a student in the Health 101 and Health 102 course. An unfortunate event happened to me that landed me in the hospital and I was unable to make it to the meeting as we scheduled to address those concerns in a fair manner I expressed to you about in reference to Ms. Young's extreme undignified attitude while I was in the class.

    I believe that Ms. Young has issues with certain individuals of a the white race who come to her class for instruction and she uses Ms. Barber to side with her in a way to make you think that Ms. Young does not have issues in her demeanor towards a certain select of students. Ms. Young and Ms. Barber are not being honest with you Mr. Kenny and are doing things on the Concord campus that your not aware of behind your back and are not being honest but very inappropriate when your not present to see how they are approaching issues Ms. Young has with her demeanor, attitude and characteristics Ms. Young displays towards students like myself.

    Mr. Kenny I told you that Ms. Young was very hesitate to answer questions in class. I was approached with extreme hostile form of attitude a majority of the time when I tried to express myself, work with other students, ask questions in general related to the course material and move forward in class instruction to learn and finish class materials etc. But I was met with an extreme hesitance like Ms. Young was not going to share anything with me or answer any question honestly or share the correct method on purpose, but Ms. Young had a constant attitude like she was on a path to confuse me on purpose. Ms. Young had no patience whatsoever towards me and even yelled with a hasty smirk on her face like she enjoyed making me feel uncomfortable and intimidated me so I would be afraid to participate in class on any level to the point like Ms. Young had premeditated plan to make it impossible for me to pass the courses. Then during break she ran to retrieve Ms. Barber and lied to Ms. Barber both of which are an African American race then pulled me aside in a room where I was pushed against the wall with Ms. Young and Ms. Barber. Ms. Barber would ask me one thing and would not let me speak for myself while Ms. Young gave me rude looks of hatred towards me while Ms. Barber questioned me to the extreme and would not let me answer any question at all and I started to laugh at both of them, because I realized they were setting me up in a private room so they could cover for their own conveniences and get away with reverse discrimination towards me.

    Mr. Kenny you have two employees Ms. Young and Ms. Barber who are not being honest with you, are hiding the truth to save their own backs. They are practicing reverse discrimination and did so behind your back and utilized preplanned methods away from your knowledge to get away with it and thwart the truth from you to make it seem like they did nothing whatsoever to cause such immature unprofessional-ism on the campus you manage and direct. Then when they did this they brought it to your attention at the last resort to make you believe them solely.
    Mr. Kenny you have been duped by your employees Ms. Young and Ms. Barber and it is quite obvious they are on a path to single out certain people of a certain race like mine to get away with segregated education methods. Ms. Young clearly displayed a character that made me feel like she did not what to share the correct methods to show me the instructions at all then brought Ms. Barber in and thwarted a message to her first then Ms. Barber went along with Ms. Young.

    I have been attended colleges and educational facilities for over 25 years. I have never experienced such immature pettiness from instructors in the many years I have studied. Furthermore I come from a long line of family members who are career instructors themselves. I have witnessed my family members work at Duke University, Iowa State University, New York University, vocational instructional institutions and on the nation wide public school system levels and never once did I witness such a demeanor where they displayed a character like they enjoyed confusing their students to the point of making sure they would not understand the course from the beginning to the end.

    Mr. Kenny I think you are smarter that this and you should not allow this to happen to anyone from any race or ethnic back ground to happen to anyone. I'm clearly embarrassed, humiliated and have extreme anxiety over this whole ordeal. I think there needs to be some corrective measures on the campus part to make sure your campus instructors and course supervisors don't continue to do this on a continued basis in the near future.

    If I was a director of a well know educational institution like Heald College I would be jumping out of my office chair in 2 point five seconds as a upper manager would utilize my authority to make sure the employees know that they should not abuse their positions in their place of employment and cheat their bosses into believing their unethical practices in a reputable college then protect the students on all levels with a public apology.


    A Heald College Student

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      Aug 29, 2012

    Id hate to say it but I partly agree with the instructor. As a student who is looking at heald and other colleges. I can already tell you there won't be classes catering to Macs because the entire Mac operating system is ALREADY ALL OVER THE INTERNET. For free. It's called Unix. Not many people in the real IT industry use Macs because they are not flexible for real UNIX TYPE APPLICATIONS. It is a pain to get them to work like actual Linux computers. Linux is therefore preferred since it just works. Doesn't cost money. And is basically the cousin of Mac. If you want to learn Macs. Do it yourself. Try FreeBSD. Its what Mac os x is based on. the other reason is you won't have any idea how to do anything with Unix until you've used Linux...

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