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During my attendance in 2009 at Heald College. For the Final for one of my classes, we were required to give an Oral Presentation on any topic that is geared towards our major, for mines it was on "Mac OS X Snow Leopard".

When I had completed my oral presentation and was leaving the classroom, one of the IT Instructors I had the previous quarter raised his arm and pointed his finger at me and began to ridicule at me in a very loud unprofessional manner on the Visual Aid ( iMac Box ) I had brought in. He was doing this right in the middle of the hallway in front of other students as well. He also continued to state on how Mac's / Apple Products are complete crap & sh**ty products, etc ...

I felt completely disrespected and got very offended as well!!! What kind of an a**hole IT instructor would have the guts to do this to a student ???

If you have an absolute major problem with a Student who is a Mac User:
1) you lack the knowledge nor even know a thing about Macs
2) you are a complete biased idiot!
3) you would rather enjoy insulting other Mac Users/making up your own facts and opinions about Apple products, in addition to encourage others to stay away from Mac's!
4) you used a Mac for 5 seconds then gave up!

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  • At
      Nov 16, 2010

    I am interested in exactly what he said?
    Too many variables omitted to be able to make an assessment.

    Being an IT professional, it is easy to not like Macs with their security issues, stability problems, lack of interoperability, enterprise support and worst of all their backwards UI... but that neither here nor there without additional information

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  • Ma
      Oct 28, 2011

    Question...If you favor Macs and Apple Products so damn much...then why the hell are you even enrolled into a PC support program in the first place? Second, why the hell did you perform an oral presentation on an Apple product within a Windows I.T. class?! You could have chose anything to perform an oral presentation on regarding I.T. products and you choose MAC/APPLE?...LOL

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