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I recently was interested in the Heald college in Modesto. My sister and my boy friend were as well. I made a phone call to them informing them that we were interested in the school and would like to make an appointment to check out the school and ask a couple questions. So we made an appointment with an advisor named arlandis. He sounded very nice and respectful over the phone and was glad we were interested in the school. So we made it fifteen minuets early to our appointment and saw arlandis. He explained some things about the school, why its a good school, and why we should attend it. We then went on to take the tour of the school with him. Towards the end of the tour he shows us the computer lab and asks us if we want to take the assessment test, when we had told him that we were only there to learn about the school to see if we wanted to go there. We then told him that we would like to make another appointment for that and he told us that the only way we would be able to talk to a financial aid advisor was if we were to take the test. Which was a lie because when we did decide to take the test and see a financial aid person she never once looked at our scores. Arlandis just wanted us to take the test to make sure we were able to pass the test to even be able to go to the school so that they didn't have to waist any time on student that weren't even smart enough to go to their school. So after we took the test arlandis then took us back to his office and had us sign a bunch of papers. He didn't even ask if we wanted to attend the school. So after signing a bunch of papers (which we shouldn't have even done) we got to talk to the financial aid person which showed us that the course we wanted (which was medical) was really expensive. Arlandis really pushed the school on us, he didn't even give us a chance to make up our minds. He really pressured us to sign papers and get everything done in a couple of days. He informed us that we should still take a look at other colleges but theres "none out there better than theirs". So at the end of our days of appointments with heald, arlandis told us that there were seats saved for us. So we went on to look at other colleges. We went to talk to kaplan which we didn't have to sign a single paper the first 2 appointments of talking to an advisor. We did the tour, found out some facts about the school, and didn't even have to talk to a financial aid person to find out how much our course cost. Were very satified with kaplan and sent arlandis an email telling him that we were no longer interested. His attitude from then on changed dramatically. He was very rude, slouched in his chair as if he were irritated. He started telling us all these bad things about kaplan. He then had one employee come in that had worked at kaplan before, Amanda. She then went on about how kalpan isn't good for us. Arlandis then had us write a letter stating why we weren't interested in the school anymore. We are now receiving many calls from different people from heald asking why we are not interested in attending their school. I then called arlandis to ask them to stop calling us and he again he was rude and said theres nothing he can do about it. I then asked him if we were enrolled anymore and he did this really rude laugh at me and told me we were never enrolled at "their school". He then said "all i can tell you is that your kaplan material" in a stupid way. I took that as an insult and asked him what was that supposed to mean, and he answered by saying i was going to kaplan. I wish we never went to talk to that school in the first place. ALL THEY ARE TRYING TO DO IS GET MONEY AND MAKE THEIR QUOTA.

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  • Ve
      Apr 27, 2011

    Something similar happened to me at Heald College in Stockton CA. Danica one of the advisors didn't really explain anything to me, I signed a bunch of papers, took the test, talked to financial aid, then me and my husband decided that it wasn't a good idea for me to attend since we were both unemployed. I gave Danica a call saying I was not going to be able to attend and her attitude changed completely with me, at first I thought she cared but really none of them do. All that Heald wants is your money! I felt like I was pressured to attend this school. They didn't even hive me time to even think about it when they were already giving me documents to sign. I also received a call from a lady there and she was really rude. She started out asking how I was and if I was excited to start school, after explaining my situation to her she started going off in a rude tone saying that we can work it out, that me and my husband should move in with my in- laws to save money. She also stated I was making a wrong decision, I had never talked to this lady ever and she was already judging me saying Im just being lazy. That I could go to school despite our financial issues. What???? Hello I'm not going to get into debt with a miserable school who doesn't even care about me. Anyway that was my experience with them.

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  • No
      Dec 19, 2012

    I have submitted online application to learn about Heald College. It was 3 years ago. I got my first call from them and found out that the school is not for me. Since then I am getting calls from Heald college every week. Now their tone changed and they started to talk to me very rudely with upsetting tone as if it is my fault that I do not want to go to their school. Should I change my phone number or there is a place to where I can submit my complain? Please advise.

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  • Ju
      May 10, 2013

    Hi all,
    I am currently going through the hiring process to become an Admissions Advisor at Heald College. Naturally, I like to do my research before committing myself to a company and came across these comments.
    Two things I have learned for reading these comments:
    1) I have definitely learned from your experiences on how NOT to act towards prospect students. It isn't about the money (they don't pay based on commission btw), but they do focus on "pushing" the importance of education. You contacted them because you wanted to make a better future for yourself, the advisors are there to help keep you focused on that path. Many people change their minds on a daily basis and its encouraged to remind you why you contacted them in the first place. Unfortunately, you all came across advisors that were way too pushy and way too personal on the matter. They should be encouraging, understanding, sympathize and above all, respectful of your choice.
    2) (and this one you may come back at me at cause it's very blunt) You can tell them "take me off your list", its that simple. I have found that in this world (I have been on every side of business you can think of, customer service, buyer/purchaser, negotiator, trainer, ect) there are some out there who get somewhat of an excitement over drama. It is very natural. It is why most of our population watch dumb shows like Jersey Shore and all those random Housewives reality shows. But if you can't just step up and tell them "take me off your list" (and its illegal for them not too, once you've requested that) then you're just keeping that door open for those "pushy" advisors to keep bugging you. IF they DON'T take you off the list, contact an executive/head of the department...they do record these conversations and will regulate appropriately. Which, they screen their advisors on a BI-WEEKLY basis, so how these few are getting away acting as you said (without dramatizing the actually occurrence ;) is beyond me.

    Anywho, hope you all will have better luck with them and others in the future. Just remember, once you've requested info about anything, expect people to "push" to give you that info until you tell them to stop.

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  • Sl
      Feb 19, 2014

    Shout the hell up! People are here for valid reason, not to read your low life opinion. Get back to reading radoronline, tmz, and watching your reality shows.

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