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Hard Rock Hotel / Very stressful and a big disappointment experience!

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Out stay at the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando was a huge disappointment. On our arrival on 7 October Saturday we were informed that the Hard Rock Hotel didn’t have any rooms available to honor our reservation. Our desk attendant was nice and wanted to be helpful but it was very difficult to understand him since he spoke very broken English. After the manager came out to help us with the problem, he saved the day by finding us a room with a garden view. Having paid in advance for a non-smoking with a pool view, I was rather upset to find my view was the back of a bush on the first floor and a room filled with cigarette odor. After returning to the hotel front desk, the manager gave us a $75 credit and moved us to a pool side non-smoking room the following day.

On 8 October we were moved into a nonsmoking room with a pool view on the 4th floor which matched our reservation and expectations. We were not particularly happy with the new paint odor but it was
certainly better than the smoke smell from the previous room. The next morning I asked the front
desk why they had a vacuum cleaner running throughout the night. The noise was as annoying as a person snoring. I was told that this was not a vacuum cleaner but a carpet drier and that the floor was
being renovated. Regardless, the hotel ran the machine throughout the night without regard for those
(if anyone else was on this floor other than us?) trying to sleep.

On the morning of the ninth, a crew of several Spanish speaking men arrived at 6:50 am probably to begin renovation work. We wouldn’t have known this except for their loud talk, shouts and laughs which carried on for several minutes.

I wouldn’t be going to the trouble to write this complaint had it not been for the grand finale at
checkout. After all, the manager had given us a credit and the other noises throughout the night were
an annoyance that we were able to ignore.

The desk attendant at checkout gave me a bill that defied common sense and was not even explainable by her. The bill listed many credits and charges. Only a few of the charges had a description such as The Kitchen (hotel restaurant). The other credits and charges were simply listed as Visa and the balance due was approximately $585.30 (on the first printout, more to follow). Having prepaid for the hotel this was very much more than what I expected and, as stated previously, had no description on the bill for what the charges were for. The desk attendant explained, with much confidence and enthusiasm, that this was probably just the rollup for the day of all of the charges I had and that the hotel accounting system just worked that way and, as much as she hated it too and many other customers had the same complaints, that’s the best she could do.

Still on the bill. When I asked her why there were so many credits on my account she explained that these were actually charges and the charges were actually credits. When I asked about the credit for $75 (reference para. 1 above) she explained that it was shown on the bill as a credit and that it really was a credit. At this point she printed out a second bill that separated the credits from the charges to try to clarify things. I won’t continue the play by play, but I kept my composure through 30 minutes of the hotel’s attempts to explain to me why credits are charges and charges are credits unless they are really credits and then they aren’t really charges. Throughout the conversation the desk attendant
provided six different printouts of my bill attempting to explain the charges. Each time, the balance due
was for a different amount: $585.39, $185.30, $0.00, $188.59, 47.03, and $556.42CR. Although I admire her persistence, after 30 minutes I gave up and asked the simple question, what amount will show up on my credit card bill? To this she replied, all of the charges and credits and after you balance them out it should come out to $185.30. The nightmare is sure to continue.

In summary, this is not at all what I expected from a Loews owned hotel. If it were not for having retained the copies of the six bill’s provided at checkout, I think it would be more believable to describe a UFO sighting. An American hotel should hire people to work the front desk who speak English well and use a billing system that doesn’t require an accounting degree in reverse gibberish to interpret. Our Hard Rock experience was very stressful and a big disappointment.


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      11th of Mar, 2010
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    hard rock staff are sucks and thay look like thay didnt take a shower since a mounth, i was in interview should be at 10 am i call as proffisional and i informed that ill be around 10:30 - 11 am when i arrive no one welcomes me, the rock shop hiaring manager was very ruuuuuud she treat me like am a colleg wich he start his job and she start to punesh him and her way like she is the owner of the shop very aggrissive and non respectful her way was like got out from the store like am busy, i dont have time, in the end just to informed (( love all serve all is not avillable in the hard rock if thay have a person like her .

  • Gd
      11th of Jul, 2013
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    RE: Hard Rock Hotel stay -07/03/13 to 07/09/13
    These are the problems experienced during our stay at your hotel.
    07/03/13 – During check in the front desk associate was rude and condescending while explaining the room and amenities and said in these words, ”the refrigerator is not for your personal use.” If you touch it a sensor will go off and you will be charged for whatever is in the refrigerator”. He talked to us like we were stupid! Or maybe it was because we are African American. We were charge a $22.00 a day fee for things we were never going to use (we stayed here because it was part of as Jet Blue package) we do not gamble or go to Rock concerts). Plus $300.00 deposit for incidentals.
    07/03/13 – The room was very dark (poor lighting) and was overlooking the roof of the rest of the building below that had someone’s underwear lay of the roof and no view of anything. Bed was very sloppily made. It actually looked like the room had not been serviced at all. The air conditioning did nt work well. I need to mention that the temperature outside at the time was 111° There was no body wash in the bathroom either. Tired from the flight had to take a nap. Woke up sweating because it was so hot in the room. Tried to adjust the temperature which said it was on high at 65° but very little cold air was coming out of the vents.

    07/03/13 – While in the room right after we checked in housekeeping knocked and then just put the key in the door and walked in. She did not wait for response. I could have been unclothed. I felt unsafe there at this point.
    07/03/13 – Only four hangers in the closet (not enough for a week’s stay). Had to call front desk The housekeeping staff that showed up expected a tip and stood at the door to wait for it and we had to give him $20.00.

    07/03/13 – No shower cap in the bath room Had to go down to front desk to ask for one and the person there did not know what I was talking about and someone else there had to direct her as to what to do and where they were behind the desk. She tried to get me to go back to my room to have someone bring it to me because she said there were none at the desk. I insisted that I should get it from the desk because I was not going to pay another tip for a shower cap to be delivered. Then someone else behind the desk said they can have it brought to the front desk. I agreed and said I would come back in a few to pick it up. When I came back for it the woman I was talking to was not there so I had to ask again and the this person walked right over to the same draw behind the counter and took out a shower cap and handed it to me.
    07/04/13 – Left $20.00 tip for housekeeping for cleaning of the room Not enough towels and wash clothes in the room for two people for a day. I had to call down to front desk again for more towels.

    07/05/13 – We left our room at around 3:00pm and the housekeeping staff (an Asian gentleman) was cleaning the room 2 doors down from just before our room and He did see us leave and we said to him we were out of the room now and he said ok. When we returned at around 11:30 or 12am the room had not been cleaned/serviced at all and we had to call for front desk for towels and wash clothes again. They did not bring up any washcloths just towels.

    07/07/13- A call was made to my husband’s cell phone at 9:18pm, but they did not leave a message. We did not see the call until later that evening and did not recognize the number. We returned to the hotel around 11: 30pm and called the number and it was the hotel and at first they did not know why they called and transfer my husband to the front desk and the front desk then transferred him to a manager. The manager explained that we had to move to another room (in the middle of the night) because they had to do some construction and would be making noise with drills. (Question: they did not know this until 9:30pm?). So, I had to repack all our belongings and in the middle of packing our belongs not even 10 or 15 minutes after we were told we had to move housekeeping knock on the door (at around 11:45pm) and AGAIN did not wait for a response and came right in to the room. They did not even allow enough time for us to leave the room or for my husband to return front desk with the new room keys. The front desk did not even offer to help us move our things to the new room which by the way was all the way on the other side of the hotel moving us from the Casino tower to the HRH tower. The front desk was again not being very accommodating but the manager told them to upgrade us a suite. We carried it all through the casino clothes on hangers and four suitcases to suite 10414. The front entrance too dark where the closets were (very hard to see your clothing even with the lighting provided). Rain Shower Head did not work. We had to use the handheld shower head. At this point we were too tired to call the front desk again. This was another unacceptable event!!!

    07/09/13- Feeling that this stay was the totally unacceptable and we had been inconvenienced in ways that no hotel patron/customer should have experienced my husband spoke to the concierge desk during check out and explained in part some of our challenges during our stay at the Hard Rock Hotel and all she offered us was $44.00 which was an insult after all we had been through. She went on to say the if we want to request anything more we needs to go back over to the other side of the hotel and to the front desk and speak to a manager there. We did and the front desk at first did not want us to speak to a manager and again was very rude and smug and condescending. Then she spoke to another woman at the front desk who came over to us and at first was cutting me off and would not listen to what we were trying to explain to her about our problems with our stay. She then said to us (after I had to ask her to stop cutting me off and listen) I heard you but all I came offer you is another $54.56 of fees credited to your card. So for all we went through we were only offered $98.56 for 6 days of poor service and accommodations.
    Then after all that the money is still not back in our account! We feel we should get a full refund of all charges and fee for our troubles.

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